Fairy Flight


Marapets Description: Whenever it rains in Marada, the fairies are stuck. Their wings get wet and they can't fly around. This isn't good enough! The Royal Fairy encourages them to practice their flying skills so they're not stuck again. Fly each fairy through each doughnut, without missing a doughnut, flying too high or falling to the ground to earn points. If you miss any doughnut you will lose a life. If you crash into the top of the screen, you will lose a life and bounce towards the ground. Don't hit the ground, as this will lose all lives and end the game. Earn 35MP per point. You can only earn up to the maximum of 2,000MP each play.

You can play Fairy Flight up to 3 times per day for FREE. Here is the Prize List.

Additional Comments: Fairy Flight is the first of many new Arcade Games since it was released 24th January 2020. You can get some Avatars from scoring 25 or 100 and sending score.



High Score Rewards

Win one of these rewards each time you send these scores in Fairy Flight




Level 1

Score 25 or more

Fairy Flight Cupcake

Level 2

Score 50 or more

Green Doughnut Plushie

Level 3

Score 60 or more

Doughnut Tambourine

Level 4

Score 70 or more

Fairy Flight Game

Level 5

Score 80 or more

Orange Doughnut Plushie

Level 6

Score 90 or more

Fairy Flight Potato Chips

Level 7

Score 100 or more

Pink Doughnut Plushie

Level 8

Score 110 or more

1 Level Stat for a random pet

Level 9

Score 120 or more

Fairy Flight

Level 10

Score 130 or more

1 Charisma Stat for a random pet

Level 11

Score 140 or more

Purple Doughnut Plushie

Level 12

Score 150 or more

1 Magic Stat for a random pet

Level 13

Score 160 or more

Fairy Flight Flakes

Level 14

Score 170 or more

1 Health Stat for a random pet

Level 15

Score 180 or more

Sweet Apron

Level 16

Score 190 or more

1 Strength, Defence or Speed Stat for a random pet

Level 17

Score 200 or more

1 Coordination, Stamina or Balance Stat for a random pet

Level 18

Score 225 or more

Fairy Flight Glowing Egg

Level 19

Score 250 or more


Dukka Trove


Marapets Description: Dukka Trove was an Arcade Flash Game on Marapets.

Instructions: Oh, Shiny... Oh no, spiky! Watch out! Use your mouse to direct the Paffuto around the obstacles. You only have three lives though, so make sure you pick up as many Dukka Coins as possible!

IMPORTANT - This game is really old and a big file size. You will need to wait to make sure the game loads fully before playing.

MP Ratio: 5MP per 2 points scored


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