Pronunciation: Fe-lis
Pet Kind or Species: Bear
Date Introduced: Site opening
Description: The Feliz is a rotund standard bear pet that is notorious for being affectionate. From selling Costumes to eager Maradans in the Costume Boutique to Sumo Sally's battle quest and handling the mail at the Stamps Shop, these bears are one of the busiest pets in the entire site! It was revamped on 14th January 2017, making it even chubbier.

Official Description: These cuddly bears like nothing better than a soft bed and a hot honey drink to curl up with.

Trivia: Feliz and Azul's names came from Ian's trip to Portugal.

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Feliz (No. ??)


Feliz around Marada

Feliz featured around the site: Costumes/Minipet/Stamps Shopkeepers, Sumo Feliz, Sumo Sally, Double Education Marapets Elections, News Stand Agent, and Boot Camp Cadet.

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