About the Figaro

Pronunciation: Fig-ar-o
Pet Kind or Specie: Leopard/Cheetah
Date Introduced: 6th November 2009
Description: The Figaro is a restricted big cat pet that can only be created via Potions and Enchanted Plushies* bought at the Olympics Shop in Lush Lake. Despite sharing the leopard's short hind legs, the Figaro is faster than the normally long-legged cheetah (the highest speeds that one can attain are 50 to 80 mph); on top of that, it shares the species' signature black streaks, and on 28th January 2017, its spots turned into rosettes.

*Also available at the Enchanted Plushie Machine.

Trivia: Its name is likely based off the Disney pet of the same name.

Marapets Description: The Figaro is known for its extreme talent at running. It is the fastest Marapet and can run at speeds up to 90 mph.

Figaro (No. 59)

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