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Marapets Description: There are 46 Flash Games you can play for Score Points and MP. You can play each game as many times as you like but only send score a maximum of 3 times a day per game. The higher you score in a game, the more MP you will receive, depending on the ratio. You earn 1 Score Point per game, while the Game of the Week pays 5 Score Points per game. You can also earn prizes from the Game of the Day.

REMINDER: To play another game, you must only have one window open of Marapets; otherwise, both pages would refresh, resetting your progress! You should not use the back button, but load the game you want to play again. You cannot submit the same score twice for the same game on the same day, and do not wait too long to send score.

Additional Comments: In case you missed the news, at the very end of 2020, Flash will become completely obsolete as Adobe Systems will officially stop updating and distributing it. As a result, any Arcade Games nowadays have been accommodated to fit the mobile crowd as Flash is not compatible with most browsers. Flash Games have served us well for the past 13+ years, but there have been no plans to remaster them as of late. (Well, not many adult Maradans played them in the first place, but anyway...) These were discontinued at the beginning 2020, sadly meaning that they no longer award any MP, Score Points or item prizes. The arcade will be moved from City of Marada to a Museum in Simeria after the world gets revamped. The 2 levels of Candyland Goals and the level of Undying Woods Goals have both been changed to remove the flash game requirements. The Monthly Checklist also does not require you to play these games this month either. Now that our new Arcade Games are being released, we can finally reveal some of the changes intended for the old flash games without ruining the surprise! The 46 Video Game bonus prizes that could be won from each of the flash games will remain as items on the game but now restock at the Video Games Shop for Score Points. The 29 Stamps and 20 Glowing Egg Flash Game Bonus Prizes that could be won from our old games are now restocking in the Stamps and Glowing Egg shops.

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Description: Click any Flash Game cartridge to be taken to the Flash game displayed on it.

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