Fortune Teller


Fortune Teller: Introduced 27th November 2009; Revamped 14th May 2020

Marapets Description: Fairgrounds have always been a place to find Fortune Tellers and Slater Park is no exception. The mysterious Anastasia has just arrived and is eager to pass on her words on wisdom to you. Anastasia can see into the future and will share this information with you. When will your pet be offered a promotion at their job? When will you win a prize at the Tombola or climb the Jackpot Pyramid? Anastasia knows and she will tell you when it'll happen. Remember what she says and when to do it and see how right she is...

You can visit the Fortune Teller for FREE once every 3 hours.




Visit the site when she gives you an exact time and you will (most likely) receive a Random Event. Depending on her hints, these could be good or bad but they are usually better than normal Random Events you will receive as you play. She can also predict when you are next going to win from certain a feature or game. These predictions can be between tomorrow and two weeks into the future - you will need to remember when and where and visit those days to win! These are a great way to pass those random levels for Goals - she will predict when you will win a Tombola game or climb higher than normal in the Jackpot Pyramid for example. She will also help you know when your pet may next get offered a Job Promotion.

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