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The Forums are for our members to talk to each other and to make new friends, whilst playing mara pets. Please remember that the site is viewed by people of all ages and from all over the world. Posting more than one message in a row is not allowed - there is an EDIT button so please make use of that. Starting new topics and posting can earn you up to 250MP. There are strict forum rules for you to follow and failure to do so will result in a forum ban and penalty. Spamming will lose you access to all forums except for the 'SPAM Forum' which pays no MP and does not increase your post count.

Additional Comments: As of April 17th 2017, Forums now have a Mention feature where you can tag any player by their many usernames on the forums. You can mention up to 10 players per post. Simply enter @user with user being their username. It will automatically add their username and a link to their profile on your post and send them an alert, linking them to the forum where you mentioned them! To make it even easier, there is a clickable @tag of all players who have posted a reply on the topic before you reply. If you want more control over who can or cannot mention you on the forums, you can edit your setting at your Signature page. You can show an image of your doll on Forums, Blogs, MaraTalk and Clubs Chat with the tag [DOLL] or [doll]. If you have a Default Pet you can easily use the new [PET] or [pet] tag to show an image that links to your default pet's profile. The emoticons have also been updated with the new and improved Maramojis! The same here applies to News comments, except if the news post is over three months old, you can no longer post.

Link: https://www.marapets.com/forums.php

Marapets Forums

New Players Forum

This is where you belong! Any questions you might have about the game can be posted here. A person is more or less a "newbie" where they have less than one year of experience. Other people can post if they just don't know where it's best to ask their questions. Usually, members here are always looking to help. You can also post to introduce yourself as a new user. However, anyone spamming, harassing, or basically not posting anything that has anything to do with being new can be reported.

URL: http://www.marapets.com/subforum.php?id=31

General Chat

Discussion, Giveaways, and Word Games

Spam Chat Forum

This is the most popular Marapets forum, but don't take it lightly! People in Spam have their "own thing" going on and if you're not ready you could be made fun of. As a newbie, avoid SPAM until you get a feel for how things are done there.

Random Chat Forum

And second most popular forum, is where people talk about random things. Even though some people like to SPAM in "RC", please don't. Make sure your posts are at least interesting in some way to post here. All things random are welcomed, not SPAM.

Errors and Bugs Forum

If you encounter an error or a bug, this is where you want to post. If you're not sure there is an actual bug post here first before you decide to fill-out a report (aka. support ticket).

Help & Assistance

Need Marapets help? If you've got a question, this is the place to get answers.

Marapets Chat

This is where users will make posts pertaining to pets, collections, worlds, games, avatars, missions, quests, pets, restocking, and any other announcements they want to make, because we can.

Price Check

Look for rare, unbuyable items here on this forum. Users can buy, sell, and swap items.


All the messages in this forum have to be in character. If you don't abide by the rules, and enough people complain, Marapets reserves the right to freeze your account!

Programming & Graphics

Share your art, tips and tricks for creating art, and ask for advice for making layouts, Fashion Show entries etc. (Remember, you can only advertise or start topics regarding YOUR OWN entry!)

Adult Chat

Strictly 18+ Adults Only. £3.00

If you choose to buy access if you are under 18, Marapets fully reserves the right to freeze your account!

Click here for more information

Restricted Chat

Questions, comments, discussions... have at it.

Good news! If you reached level 25 of Progress Goals, you have access to the Restricted Chat.

Notice Board

Advertise Clubs, Marasites, Shop or Auctions/Find good deals on the item you've always wanted. Each notice automatically deletes after 14 days. Spend MP to boost your advertisement.


Have a favorite TV show? Movie? Song? Discuss it here!

Dress Up

Post here to discuss the latest trends in fashion and style. You don't want your character looking so last season.


Want to chat about current site events? Discuss the latest goings on here.

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