Fruit Machine



Marapets Description: Spin the reels of the Dukka Town Fruit Machine and see if you can win. If all three prizes match in the middle, winning line, you will win a prize. Prizes include a Capsule Machine Coin, Green DNA and up to 50,000MP. If you're really lucky, match all three of the MP bag symbols and you will win the current jackpot.

You can play the Fruit Machine for FREE once every 24 hours.

Additional Comments: You will get an avatar if you win the 50,000MP prize! With the profits the Dukka Town pirates have made in the past 24 hours just from the launch of the Dukka Treasure Slots, they were able to buy the Fruit Machine from the Newths in Biala Mountain. This means that Frozen Food can no longer be won from this game.



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