Date: 13th February 2015



The Marapets team is sad to say that they lost a very special team member. Some of you may already know, but Fwidman (Frank) passed away last month. It came as a shock to all of us and he will be sadly

missed not only as a staff member, but also a friend to Marapets. As a tribute to him, they have released a very special minipet in his honour called the Fwidman. Our condolences go to his wife and daughter who also play. We all hope the minipet will be a fitting memorial to him. It resembles a grey squirrel with a pair of tiny wings, toupee, and goatee. 

The Fwidman was a Vault prize via entering code 'FWIDMAN' to receive this minipet and 10,000MP. Enter "fwidman" in the Auctions Search if you want to contribute to his memory. Buy a Fwidman, get a Fwidman plate, and remember him fondly. Rest in Peace Frank.


  • Fwidman Easter Egg
  • Fwidman Poop
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