Marapets Description: Your gallery is where you organise and show off your item collection. You can change the number of each item to change the order otherwise all items will be shown alphabetically. Tick the divide box for your items to show on a new level. The Greedy Fairy rewards you for items in your Gallery.

Additional Comments: If you want your gallery to hold more items, you can upgrade it. Galleries won't show without a name! All of the items in your gallery are here. You can store unlimited amounts of items in your Gallery. You can order them or remove them here. Change the ordering with numbers to decide the order that they load in your gallery. If you would like to divide up your items even further once you have ordered them, select the divide box and items after it will move onto a new row. If you do not make any order changes, all items will be automatically ordered alphabetically. You can browse your Gallery to see a certain group of items in your Gallery. Or you can search your Gallery to find the item you need quickly. Or you can explore the Gallery to see all of the items in your Gallery.

Link: http://www.marapets.com/viewitems.php


Other related things to Dukka Dash

Avatar and Giftbox

Gallery av.gif

You get this from having 32+ Newth items in your Gallery then go explore your gallery.

Col gallery.gif

You get this from having 10+ pages of items when you view your gallery then go explore your gallery (avatar alert will appear at the bottom of the page).

Gallery Giftbox

Use this item and your Gallery will be able to hold double items for life.

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