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Welcome to the Marapets Games Arcade! Games are another big part of pet sites, and Marapets has their own share of great games! You may have found some of these places already while you Explore the virtual worlds of Marada. Each feature will give you bonus MP, items, pet stats or currency. As a new player, you can earn MP playing Games for your first 30 days. After 30 days, you will earn 50% less MP but you will start earning Score Points that can be spent in the Games Shop. You can get rewards worth thousands and even hundreds of thousand marapoints and if you're persistent, you can even make millions and get featured on the High Scores List! The Arcade Fairy rewards you for the number of games you have played. This total includes Arcade Games, Free Games and Pay to Play Games.

ANY activity that doesn't involve exchanging communication, such as Maramails, Marasites, MaraTalk, Forums, Trades, Blogs, etc. can be considered a game.



This tumbleweed will pop up if you don't win a prize when your game finishes.

Game Selection

Once a game is added to the site, their name's link will show up below. If it is red, then the page does not exist yet, which means we need someone like you to create it! To create a new game page, click on the existing red link, type this into the page {{Subst:Game}} and then save. As you can see, you have activated the game template! Now you can go back to edit the page and include the details; mainly all you need to do is change the generic terms and the words in apotheoses, then add the name of the images of the game you want to talk about. The game's images are easily found here. If you mess something up, you can begin the page once again by deleting everything and typing {{Subst:Game}} again.
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Other related things to Games

Avatar and Giftbox


You get this from winning 1000 marapoints from playing any game.


You get this from visiting the Games page after you have played 1000+ games.

Giftbox arcade

Arcade Giftbox

Use this item and you will earn double Score Points when you play games.

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