Marapets Description: The City of Marada is huge, a bustling metropolis that relies on cars and buses. 50% of all transport here is done by car. When things go wrong, there's only one place for these vehicles to be fixed, and only one mechanic, a Feliz called Cooper. He's really overworked and needs your help getting the parts he needs. Bring Cooper the Car Parts he asks for, and you will be rewarded...

Additional Comments: Car Parts are a bit costly, so we recommend spending 8,000-13,000 MP on this quest. If you're lucky, there are rewards of 14,000 MP and 26,000 MP available.

Average Reward: 5,000 MP



Garage Quest

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You get this from completing 150 Garage Quests.

Mechanic av

You get this from completing 300 Garage Quests.


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