Marapets Description: Everything grows faster and bigger in Gigantic Paradise but land is very expensive. If you have any Seeds you can plant them here at the garden centre. You will need to come back and water your plant with water you have gained from The Lake. If you use Fertiliser your seeds will grow into a special Organic Minipet
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Organic Minpets


Marapets Description: Organic Minipets are plants that are grown in Gardening and can be fully identified by their names; they're often corrupted versions of their real-world counterparts (Brocklee, Bananey, Peppa, Pee, Cohnonut, Cherii, and so on). However, Cactus is distinct from the smaller Cactoo, Wiik is just Leek with a speech impediment, Rosette is a fern, unlike Rosie the rose, and Marguerite is a dandelion.

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You get this from killing a plant.


You get this from watering a plant.

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