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Goals are one of the most important parts of Marapets. Progress Goals are what every player completes to help the world of Marada to grow and prosper. There are also goals for every different world inside of Marada for you to complete. Each level gets harder to complete but you will receive a prize for completing each level. Unlike quests and missions, there are no time limits for goals and each level can only be completed once. The higher you go, the more special features you will unlock! The Earth Fairy will also reward you for completing goals. For a prize list visit this Goals Guide.

When you complete a level, you will receive a cool shield on your profile, showing everyone what level you have completed in the goals! Also, whenever you complete a level of any of the different goals, you will receive an alert at the top of the page reminding you to collect your prize. Many of you might've log on and notice this alert when this update was added - this basically means you completed a level days/weeks/months/years ago without realising and did not claim your prize (this also applies to Monthly Checklist and Magic Carpet). If you get a level in which it states "You need to complete level # or higher at the mission" and have already completed a level of this mission in the past, it will not count towards this goal.


Goals Selection

Once a world's goal is added to the site, their name's link will show up below. If an already existing goal page is plain, which means we need someone like you to modify it! Click on the existing link, type this into the page {{Subst:MaradaGoals}} and then save. As you can see, you have activated the goal template! Now you can go back to edit the page; mainly all you need to do is change the generic terms and then add the world name and level/prize list of the goal you want to talk about. If you mess something up, you can begin the page once again by deleting everything and typing {{Subst:MaradaGoals}} again.
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