Pet Name: Gobble
Pet Kind or Species: Turkey-Dragon
Date Introduced: 12th November 2010
Description: The Gobble is a restricted turkey pet first released as part of the 2010 Thanksgiving Account Upgrade. It was unique because it was a one-off celebration as the majority of the site do not celebrate it. Strangely, two years after it was retired, the Gobble had became a part of the new Underwater Account Upgrade. It was also unique because you would NOT receive an Underwater Costume with this Account Upgrade. The Gobble was redrawn on November 27th 2012, making it more appealing. It had received a major face-lift on August 13th, 2014, making it a strange bird-dragon. Later on, a random assortment of Enchanted Gobble Plushies were put on sale until December 12th in very limited amounts. It was last released in the November 2016 (Doll) AU. The Gobble received its final revamp on April 1st 2017. Almost every Gobble costume had been updated to match the new style. For a list of costumes available for this pet, go here. Every Thanksgiving, Talon sends a replacement Gobble for you to battle due to a Gobble shortage. Restricted pets from Account Upgrades like Gobble are released less often than limited edition, usually a maximum of once every year or two years.

Marapets Description: These pets can be found running around Maradan fields and have a fear of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Trivia: Its name comes from the sound turkeys make and gobbling, eating something quickly.

  • AnimeGo to Anime Costume
  • AutumnGo to Autumn Costume
  • BabyGo to Baby Costume
  • Black
  • BurntGo to Burnt Costume
  • CheckeredGo to Checkered Costume
  • ChibiGo to Chibi Costume
  • Cotton CandyGo to Cotton Candy Costume
  • DefectiveGo to Defective Costume
  • DollGo to Doll Costume
  • FairyGo to Fairy Costume
  • FireGo to Fire Costume
  • HalloweenGo to Halloween Costume
  • InsideoutGo to Insideout Costume
  • InvisibleGo to Invisible Costume
  • LeopardGo to Leopard Costume
  • LightningGo to Lightning Costume
  • MaroonGo to Maroon Costume
  • MinipetGo to Minipet Costume
  • MummyGo to Mummy Costume
  • MutantGo to Mutant Costume
  • NativeGo to Native Costume
  • NegativeGo to Negative Costume
  • NinjaGo to Ninja Costume
  • PamperedGo to Pampered Costume
  • PartyGo to Party Costume
  • PastelGo to Pastel Costume
  • PlantGo to Plant Costume
  • PlushieGo to Plushie Costume
  • PrisonGo to Prison Costume
  • RainyGo to Rainy Costume
  • RedGo to Red Costume
  • SkaterGo to Skater Costume
  • SketchGo to Sketch Costume
  • SlimeGo to Slime Costume
  • SnowmanGo to Snowman Costume
  • SparkleGo to Sparkle Costume
  • StarryGo to Starry Costume
  • StoneageGo to Stoneage Costume
  • SwampGo to Swamp Costume
  • ThunderGo to Thunder Costume
  • TornadoGo to Tornado Costume
  • UnderwaterGo to Underwater Costume
  • VampireGo to Vampire Costume
  • VoodooGo to Voodoo Costume
  • YellowGo to Yellow Costume
  • ZombieGo to Zombie Costume
Gobble (No. 62)

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