Pronunciation: Gob-all
Pet Kind or Species: Turkey-Dragon
Date Introduced: 12th November 2010
Description: The Gobble is a restricted turkey pet that was released as part of the Pilgrim, Underwater, Doll, and Origami AU Sets. Occasionally (close to Thanksgiving), a random assortment of Enchanted Gobble Plushies and Potions will be put on sale until mid-December in very limited amounts.

Laboratory: There are 2 DNA Minipets (Gobro and Spobble) that can be cloned with this pet.

Revamps: The Gobble was redrawn on 27th November 2012, making it more appealing. It covered up the patch, its feathers are more refined, and its wattle looks smaller. It had received a major face-lift on 13th August 2014, making it a peculiar bird-dragon. The Gobble received its final revamp on 1st April 2017. The changes are rather minor: it has more feathers, its legs have been straightened out, and one tooth has been omitted.

Official Description: These pets can be found running around Maradan fields and have a fear of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Trivia: Its name comes from the sound turkeys make and gobbling, eating something quickly.

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Gobble (No. 62)


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