The Goblin Costume is a retired costume that was released in October 2008 along with the Undying Fairy Costume for the Maraween Account Upgrades and re-released nearly 12 years later for the August 2020 AU Set. Goblin pets are blue-gray with dark purple markings, gold jewellery, elongated heads, hog-like tusks, clubs or spears, loincloths, and spiky armour. They have various temperaments and appearances depending on the type of pet they are.

Goblin Pets


  • I love how angular and chunky they look.
  • Great job whoever drew these, they’re so unique. I love them!!
  • These goblins are so sweet, I can tell they are friendly behind those tough exteriors!
  • The old Goblin Costume's base color was so vibrant. It was the most beautiful of the "ugly" costumes, going by base color alone. Aside from that, I am glad to see this costume get some attention. The Knutt, Nino, Snookle, Sindi, and Yakubi are my favorites. And I feel like this costume really suits the Huthiq. It has a cool Cyclops look to it. If the color scheme were different, the Huthiq would fit right in with the Simerian pets.