Pronunciation: Gonk
Pet Kind or Specie: Pony
Date Introduced: 1st April 2006
Description: The Gonk is a pony pet that Ian and Laimay thought would be fun to make into an ugly pet with a silly tooth as an April Fools joke. There were no intentions about releasing it as a pet, but with the hundreds of support tickets and forum topics from people claiming they wanted one, they decided to release it. [1] It's not sure why people wanted it, but it was SO ugly, they removed the tooth to improve its look. It helped.

Laboratory: There are 3 DNA Minipets that can be cloned with this pet.

Official Description: These pretty ponies love to gallop although they will only allow those they trust to ride them.

Trivia: The Gonk was originally designed as a minipet to be given away with an Email Newsletter.

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Gonk (No. 31)

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