Grave Robbing


Grave Keeper is awake

Grave Keeper is asleep

Marapets Description: When a pet dies they are taken to Undying Woods. Many of these are buried here. This graveyard is guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the grave keeper. Grave Robbing is a problem here. Every 3 hours when he sleeps he leaves the whole graveyard unguarded. Then you have the chance to rob one of these graves to try and find a rare bone or MP. If he wakes up and you get caught, one of your pets will go to Prison.

You can go Grave Robbing for FREE once every 3 hours when he sleeps. Here is the Prize List.

Additional Comments: Are you wondering what you can do with these bones? Apart from letting your pet play with them, you can create Undying Minipets with them. Bones are also very useful for Quests and they are one of the primary items for the Rubbish Dump mission!


Grave Keeper sleeping schedule:

  • 00:00 MST to 00:59 MST
  • 03:00 MST to 03:59 MST
  • 06:00 MST to 06:59 MST
  • 09:00 MST to 09:59 MST
  • 12:00 MST to 12:59 MST
  • 15:00 MST to 15:59 MST
  • 18:00 MST to 18:59 MST
  • 21:00 MST to 21:59 MST

Example of Undying Minipet Bones

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You get this from going Grave Robbing and picking up some bones.

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