Guess the Flag


Guess the Flag

Marapets Description: Back in April 2014, a computer virus infected the city of Ziranek. It quickly spread around Marada, even corrupting the Snowman. Ziranek was upgraded and the virus was traced back to a little toddler Huthiq called Trojan. He was sent back to Enpiah and is never allowed to leave. Trojan needs your help leaving Enpiah! Try and guess the flag of the country he is trying to visit. If you guess correctly, he will reward you. If you are really lucky, he may even reward you with a Shirt of that country for you to wear.

You can play Guess the Flag for FREE once every 12 hours.

Additional Comments:  There are currently 53 World Clothing shirts available to win, based on the Top 53 countries that Marapets players come from. You will get an avatar randomly while playing!

Average Reward: 1,000-4,000MP and occasionally a World shirt.

Link: https://www.marapets.com/trojan.php

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