Gumball Machine



Gumball Machine

Marapets Description: In the corner of Candyland sits a giant Gumball Machine. Once an hour, you are able to put 150MP into this gumball vending machine and it will dispense a gumball to fill your hungry pet. Why is it here, you ask? It's Candyland! With over thirty flavors available, some a lot rarer than others, it is a complete mystery as to which gumball it will dispense! Here is the Prize List.

Additional Comments: Sometimes instead of a gumball you might get Marapoints. The amount is totally random but it's possible as many as 1,400 marapoints out of the machine!  In May 2014, the Gumball Machine had been revamped, along with 40 of the older gumball items in addition to 17 gourmet Gumballs that have been added.


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You get this from refreshing in your inventory when you have all original 43 Gumballs in it.

Gumball av

You get this from getting a gumball from the Gumball Machine.


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