Bubble Pit


Marapets Description: South of Jenoa lives a mermaid named Pleon. She is very spiritual and is one with the water. With her use of the magical power of the bubbles in this pit, she may be able to heal your pet for the Battle Arena. She is always extremely busy so if you ask her too often, she may ignore you for a long time...

Did you know that if you have the Battle Giftbox in your collection, all of your pets will automatically heal to full health after every battle?

Additional Comments: When Pleon is busy, she will tell you to come back tomorrow. This was an original feature of the Bubble Pit but the odds of it happening were so rare that it hardly ever happened. Players who battle often also have the Battle Giftbox which automatically heals their pets after every battle so have never noticed/reported that the Bubble Pit was in fact broken for so many years. If you are timed out from the Bubble Pit, you can now use a health tonic to restore your pet, add the giftbox to your collection, or wait until the Bubble Pit resets at midnight.



Pleon's Healing Bubble Pit

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