is one of the 46 Flash Games on Marapets.

Site Description: Click on a Xoi and then on a white space next to it to make it multiply, or a green space to make it jump. Moving a Xoi to the space next to a Yakubi will convert the Yakubi to a Xoi. Win by filling the board with more Xois than Yakubis.

Fun Fact: This game is based on a game in real life called Reversi (a.k.a. (to gamers) Othello).

MP Ratio: 2MP per 2 points scored

Bonus Prizes: You may randomly win one of these prizes when you play this game.

Game of the Day wins a prize each time! Hexxagon Computer Plushie, Hexxagon Player Plushie, Hexxagon Sound Track, Glowing Hexxagon Egg, and Hexxagon DVD.
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