About the Hump

Pronunciation: Hump
Pet Kind or Specie: Camel
Date Introduced: 23rd June 2010
Description: The Hump is a restricted camel marapet that is built for the driest, remote areas of Marada. The Kamilah Traveller rides on his pet Hump throughout the desert and needs many different supplies along the way; he may reward you with a rare Kamilah Code he randomly found, which are needed to get through the Kamilah Pyramid [1] to obtain a Hump of your own.

Revamp: The Hump received one on 19th February 2015, giving it a bigger build and fixing its leg proportions.

Official Description: Humps are another desert pet, faithful to their owner they will transport them anywhere as long as they have a never-ending supply of giant fruits.

Trivia: Its name comes from the hump on its back that it uses to carry travelers. Its Mutant form also makes it resemble a Bactrian camel.

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