About the Huthiq

Pronunciation: Hue-thik
Pet Kind or Specie: Alien
Date Introduced: 24th September 2005
Description: The Huthiq is a limited edition alien pet from the planet of Enpiah. You earn a Huthiq upon completion of the Ublish mission. Its revamp on 15th January 2017 turned its alien antennae into that of an ant. Their normal pose is right, but when wearing certain costumes (such as the Digital Costume), their pose would be left instead. Also, with the Huthiq's forms beyond 2019, their torso marking is missing.

Official Description: Coming from far across the galaxy, these aliens are the scientists of Marada and can be found staggering out of labs with yelling "Eureka!" in Enpiah.

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Huthiq (No. 25)


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