Pronunciation: I-dee-us
Pet Kind or Specie: Eurasian badger/Wolverine
Date Introduced: 16th December 2005
Description: The Ideus is a standard pet that was released after the Viotto and is one of the first two pets to wear the Burnt Costume, along with the Jessup. The Ideus' appearance is chiefly based on the wolverine, with them sharing the face mask, stout build, bushy yet short tail, and crampon-like claws.

Origin: "Ideus" is derived from anise and Meles, the genus of European badgers.

Revamps: It received two revamps: on 27th September 2013 and 12th January 2017.

Official Description: Ideus live underground in a network of caves only appearing at sunset to forage for anis.

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Ideus (No. 28)


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