The Underwater World of Jenoa

Marapets Description: Deep under the Maradan sea, offshore of Minipet Island is Jenoa - a world of marapet mermaids and fish. Jenoans are peaceful and care very deeply about the safety of their world, and try to prevent any littering or polluting of their environment. You can bring your wounded marapets to the healing pit here, and perhaps play a few games of keno or write in your journal before a trip to the sushi shop to feed your hungry pets. Finally, intrepid Maradan explorers have discovered where all those missing Paffutos and Equilors vanish to - Jenoa!

Additional Comments: Jenoa is likely named for the Italian port city of Genoa, known for its central role in maritime trade for many centuries.

Link: http://www.marapets.com/water.php

Old Jenoa Maps

Outdated Map 1 Map 2


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