Jinn Costume is a retired costume that is the feminine counterpart to the Genie Costume. It was available from the May 2019 Account Upgrades. Putting this on your pet will turn them into a jinn! Jinn pets derive their appearance from the titular character from the 1960's sitcom I Dream of Jeannie.

Jinn Pets


  • Jinns are spirits who could appear in animal form and influence men.
  • Masculine vs feminine (Genie vs Jinn):
    • one is blue, the other pink
    • one has the pets with longer hair, vs a hat
    • one has pets with a veil, which is a female-only costume accessory.


The Jinn Costume was received fairly well: most players said that the pets were adorable, while very few complained that they were too bound to squared, coloured outlines.

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