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Kaala_seasonal.gif|Seasonal|link=Seasonal Costume
Kaala_seasonal.gif|Seasonal|link=Seasonal Costume
Kaala sewers.gif|Sewers|link=Sewers Costume
Kaala sewers.gif|Sewers|link=Sewers Costume
Kaala_shaved.gif|Shaved|link=Shaved Costume
Kaala shaved (1).png|Shaved|link=Shaved Costume
Kaala_sketch.gif|Sketch|link=Sketch Costume
Kaala_sketch.gif|Sketch|link=Sketch Costume
Kaala slime.gif|Slime|link=Slime Costume
Kaala slime.gif|Slime|link=Slime Costume

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Pet Name: Kaala
Pet Kind or Species: Himalayan cat
Date Introduced: July 7th 2013
Description: The Kaala is a standard Himalayan pet. Since this is a newer pet, the potions and enchanted plushies for this pet is quite rare. The pet received a minor refresh on March 21st 2017.

  • AngelGo to Angel Costume
  • AnimeGo to Anime Costume
  • ArcadeGo to Arcade Costume
  • BabyGo to Baby Costume
  • BeeGo to Bee Costume
  • BlackGo to Black Costume
  • BlueGo to Blue Costume
  • BreezeGo to Breeze Costume
  • BritishGo to British Costume
  • BrownGo to Punk Costume
  • BurntGo to Burnt Costume
  • CalicoGo to Calico Costume
  • CartoonGo to Cartoon Costume
  • CheckeredGo to Checkered Costume
  • CheeseGo to Cheese Costume
  • ChibiGo to Chibi Costume
  • CoralGo to Coral Costume
  • DaylightGo to Daylight Costume
  • DefectiveGo to Defective Costume
  • DigitalGo to Digital Costume
  • DollGo to Doll Costume
  • EasterGo to Easter Costume
  • ElekaGo to Eleka Costume
  • FrostfireGo to Frostfire Costume
  • GothicGo to Gothic Costume
  • GreenGo to Green Costume
  • GreyGo to Grey Costume
  • HeadlessGo to Headless Costume
  • InsideoutGo to Insideout Costume
  • InvisibleGo to Invisible Costume
  • LavaGo to Lava Costume
  • LeopardGo to Leopard Costume
  • LoveGo to Love Costume
  • MinipetGo to Minipet Costume
  • MummyGo to Mummy Costume
  • MutantGo to Mutant Costume
  • NavyGo to Navy Costume
  • NegativeGo to Negative Costume
  • OliveGo to Olive Costume
  • OrangeGo to Orange Costume
  • PartyGo to Party Costume
  • PastelGo to Pastel Costume
  • PinkGo to Pink Costume
  • PrincessGo to Princess Costume
  • PrisonGo to Prison Costume
  • PunkGo to Punk Costume
  • PurpleGo to Purple Costume
  • RadioactiveGo to Radioactive Costume
  • RainbowGo to Rainbow Costume
  • RedGo to Red Costume
  • SeasonalGo to Seasonal Costume
  • SewersGo to Sewers Costume
  • ShavedGo to Shaved Costume
  • SketchGo to Sketch Costume
  • SlimeGo to Slime Costume
  • SnowGo to Snow Costume
  • SparkleGo to Sparkle Costume
  • StarryGo to Starry Costume
  • StoneGo to Stone Costume
  • StrobeGo to Strobe Costume
  • ThunderGo to Thunder Costume
  • TigerGo to Tiger Costume
  • WhiteGo to White Costume
  • YellowGo to Yellow Costume
  • ZombieGo to Zombie Costume

Kaala (No. 69)

Official Description: None.


  • The Kaala was originally created as a commission for the Marapets user Toyboks. Its design was so beloved by the artist that it was made into a new species altogether, with the commissioner's approval, of course.

For a list of ALL costumes available for this pet, go here.

Kaalas around Marada

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