Kamilah Codes


Marapets Description: For centuries the Kamilah Traveller has been finding Kamilah Codes on his journey through the Kamilah Desert and rewarding them to all who complete his quests. Kamilah Codes are an ancient language lost in time, needed to navigate through the Kamilah Pyramid.

You will see these ancient symbols on the walls inside each level of the pyramid. Tap and clear all of the matching Kamilah Codes to proceed to the next level. You will lose a life whenever you have a Kamilah Code remaining that you cannot match.

Earn 1MP per 3 Points. Earn up to the maximum of 2,000MP each play.

Additional Comments: Kamilah Codes is the thirteenth Arcade Game since it was released on 19th April 2020.


High Score Rewards

Win one of these rewards each time you send these scores in Kamilah Codes



Score 1,000 or more

Hump Candle

Hump Candle

Score 1,250 or more

Cupcake kamilahcodes

Kamilah Codes Cupcake

Score 1,500 or more

Jelly kamilahcodes

Kamilah Codes Jelly

Score 1,750 or more

Gumball kamilahcodes

Kamilah Codes Gumball

Score 2,000 or more

Pancakes kamilahcodes

Kamilah Codes Pancakes

Score 2,500 or more

Potato kamilahcodes

Kamilah Codes Potato

Score 3,000 or more

Sugarcube kamilahcodes

Kamilah Codes Sugar Cube

Score 4,000 or more

Mummy Echlin Plush

Mummy Echlin Plushie

Score 5,000 or more

Code 0

Kamilah Code 00

Score 6,000 or more

Stamp kamilahcodes

Kamilah Codes Stamp

Score 7,000 or more

Gumball Machine Madness


Marapets Description: Gumball Machine Madness is a Strategy Flash Game on Marapets.

Instructions: Click on a piece of candy to knock over all the candy leading in a line from it and smash the gumball machine before the time runs out. Earn extra time for knocking over all the candy.

MP Ratio: 3MP per 2 points


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