Keno: Re-released on 21st March 2020

Marapets Description: Keno is the game all Jenoans play. You simply select between 1 and 10 different numbers from between one and eighty and between between 10MP and 500MP per game. The MP prizes will change depending on the number of balls (Jenoan bubbles) you select and how many numbers you match. You can then play either one game or five games at a time. The bubbles will then appear and mark off any numbers you match. Pick and match 8 or more numbers and you'll earn Score Points. Pick and match 10 numbers with a bet of 500MP and you'll win 5,000,000MP!

Additional Comments: You will get an avatar if you match 10 numbers! Playing Keno does not count towards your 'Games Played' total.


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