King Baspinar XIII

King Baspinar XIII

King Baspinar XIII

Marapets Description: King Baspinar has been in control of Marada ever since the previous King was killed during the Minipet Island War of 2007. Since then he has been rewarding his Maradan citizens for their loyalty. Below is a list of prizes that he will give to you when your account reaches a certain age. If your account is already 12 months old, for example, you will get every prize up to 12 months. Only one prize is processed every new Marapets day. There are many other Collections that you can complete for even more Rewards.

Loyalty Prizes
Account Age Prize
5 days
Mp (2)
7 days
Dukka coin1
One Dukka Coin
14 days
Basil superhero
1 Level Stats for all of your Pets
30 days
Mp (2)
60 days
Mp (2)
90 days
Mp (2)
120 days
Voodoo mordo
Mordo Voodoo Doll
150 days
Dvd kingfeliz
King Feliz
180 days
Mp (2)
210 days
Cd moonlightkidlet
Moonlight Kidlets
240 days
Mp (2)
270 days
Mp (2)
300 days
Black Kidlet Pot
A random Kidlet Potion
330 days
Sumo Feliz Trading Card
1 years
Mp (2)
390 days
Basil superhero
1 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all of your Pets
420 days
Mp (2)
450 days
Mp (2)
480 days
510 days
Ticket dentist
Dentist Coupon
540 days
Dvd loyalty
How to be Loyal
570 days
Mp (2)
600 days
Mp (2)
630 days
Book loyalty
Book of Loyalty
660 days
A random piece of the Ice Caves Treasure Map
690 days
Gauntlet poison
Poisonous Gauntlet
2 years
Blood white
White Blood
750 days
Bp (2)
780 days
Dagger poison
Poisonous Dagger
810 days
Spaghetti pizza
Spaghetti Pizza
840 days
Octopus Tentacle
870 days
Rainbow Swirl Ice Cream
900 days
Mp (2)
930 days
Booster orange
Magic Booster
960 days
Rp (2)
990 days
Bake strawberrymount
Strawberry Mountain Cake
1,020 days
Basil superhero
5 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all of your Pets
1,050 days
Cd balloonparty
Balloon Party
3 years
Mp (2)
1,120 days
Sewersmission pearl
Sewage Pearl
1,150 days
Bp (2)
1,180 days
Balloon islandmis
Island Balloon
1,210 days
Mp (2)
1,240 days
Dukka coin5
One Hundred Dukka Coin
1,270 days
1,300 days
Mp (2)
1,330 days
Apple Pizza
1,360 days
Dvd maraaddict
Marapets Addiction
1,390 days
Rp (2)
1,420 days
Summerevent3 weapon
Bone Breaker
1,450 days
Stamp ripped
Loyalty Prizes Stamp
1,480 days
Hippie Wig
1,510 days
Shield loyaltypr
Steam Shield
1,540 days
Cd weddingmus
Wedding Music
1,570 days
Flowery gumball
Flower Gumball
1,600 days
100 Olympic Points
1,630 days
Dvd weddingvid
Royal Wedding
1,660 days
Sword loyaltypr
Steam Sword
1,690 days
Basil superhero
6 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all of your Pets
1,720 days
Royalwedding book
Royal Wedding Book
1,750 days
Bp (2)
1,780 days
Syringe loyaltypr
Royal Booster
1,810 days
Basil superhero
7 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all of your Pets
1,840 days
King Baspinar Trading Card
1,870 days
Baspinar snowglobe
King Baspinar Snow Globe
1,900 days
Carnivorous Plant
1,930 days
150 Olympic Points
1,960 days
Deepfried icecream
Deep Fried Ice Cream
1,990 days
Magic Hand Book
2,020 days
Mp (2)
2,050 days
Warm bread
Warm Bread
2,080 days
Legendary mini
2,110 days
Rp (2)
2,140 days
Magictricks dvd
Magic Tricks
2,170 days
2,200 days
Basil superhero
10 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all of your Pets
2,230 days
Doublerainbow potato
Rainbow Potato
2,260 days
Loyalty musicCD
Loyalty Music
2,290 days
Contacts baspinar
King Baspinar Contact Lenses
2,320 days
Bp (2)
2,350 days
Basil superhero
12 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all of your Pets
2,380 days
Royal Waistcoat
2,410 days
Dress gothic
Lace Neck Dress
2,440 days
Mp (2)
2,470 days
Wig summer
Summer Wig
2,500 days
200 Olympic Points
2,530 days
2,560 days
Basil superhero
15 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all of your Pets
2,590 days
King Baspinar Beach Ball
2,620 days
Gold Telescope
2,650 days
Carrot Cake
2,680 days
Marada Globe
2,710 days
Bp (2)
2,740 days
Fashionable Dog Collar
Dog Collar
2,770 days
Autographed King Baspinar Trading Card
2,800 days
King Baspinar Key Chain
2,830 days
Tattered Scroll
2,870 days
Rp (2)
2,900 days
Pancake Birthday
Birthday Pancake
2,930 days
Basil superhero
15 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all of your Pets
2,970 days
Blade Of Light
3,000 days
History of Baspinar Castle
3,030 days
250 Olympic Points
3,060 days
Bottle of Moat Water
3,090 days
Chocolate Chip Willa Cookie
3,120 days
Mp (2)
3,150 days
King Baspinar Crown Stamp
3,180 days
Chibi Lorius Plushie
3,210 days
Doughnut purple
Sprinkled Purple Doughnut
9 years
Rp (2)
3,270 days
Capsule Machine Token
3,300 days
Pawprint Oven Mitts
3,330 days
Basil superhero
19 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all of your Pets
3,360 days
King Baspinar Gumball
3,390 days
Mp (2)
3,420 days
Chibi Snookle Plushie
3,450 days
MP Plushie
3,480 days
Bp (2)
3,510 days
Party Booster
3,540 days
Mp (2)
3,570 days
Basil superhero
22 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all of your Pets
10 years
Pinata Pieces
3,630 days
Decade Hat
3,660 days
Marapop floral
Floral Marapop
3,690 days
500 Olympic Points
3,720 days
Armoured Glowing Egg
3,750 days
Basil superhero
25 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all of your Pets
3,780 days
Bp (2)
3,810 days
3,840 days
Punk jeans
Punk Jeans
3,870 days
Mp (2)
3,900 days
Interesting shirt
Interesting Shirt
3,930 days
Rp (2)
11 years
Dukka coin6
One Hundred And Fifty Dukka Coin
3,990 days
Baspinar Potato Chips
King Baspinar Potato Chips
4,020 days
Metalic zipper dress
Metallic Zipper Dress
4,050 days
Mp (2)
4,080 days
Metalic bandeau top
Metallic Bandeau Top
4,110 days
Mp (2)
4,140 days
Krikill Trading Card
4,170 days
1,000 Olympic Points
4,200 days
Basil superhero
10 Coordination, Stamina & Balance Stats for all of your Pets
4,230 days
Mp (2)
4,260 days
Game kingbaspinar
King Baspinar Video Game
4,290 days
Bp (2)
12 years
Basil superhero
12 Coordination, Stamina & Balance Stats for all of your Pets
4,350 days
Rp (2)
4,380 days
Pho kingbaspinar
King Baspinar Photo
4,410 days
Mp (2)
4,440 days
Fake Royal Costume
4,470 days
King Baspinar Sugar Cube
4,500 days
Dukka coin6
Two Hundred Dukka Coin
4,530 days
1,500 Olympic Points
4,560 days
Mp (2)
4,590 days
Basil superhero
15 Coordination, Stamina & Balance Stats for all of your Pets
4,620 days
4,650 days
Bp (2)
13 years
Capsule Machine Token
4,710 Days
Balloon king
King Baspinar Balloon
4,740 Days
Sugarcube king
Battle Sugar Cube
4,770 Days
Mp (2)
4,800 Days
Book king
King Baspinar Book
4,830 Days
Basil superhero
10 Level Stats for all pets
4,860 Days
DVD ThreeBaspinarMinis
King Baspinar Followers
4,890 Days
Bp (2)
225,000BP Days
4,920 Days
CD king
King Baspinar Ballad
4,950 Days
Murfin superhero
6 Charisma Stats for all pets
4,980 Days
Glowingegg king
King Baspinar Glowing Egg
5,010 Days
Mp (2)
14 Years
Soda king
King Baspinar Brew
5,070 Days
Snookle halloween
Magic Stats for all pets
5,100 Days
Gumball king
Sword Gumball
5,130 Days
Rp (2)
5,160 Days
Icecream king
King Baspinar Ice Cream
5,190 Days
Mp (2)
5,220 Days
Pearl king
King Baspinar Pearl
5,250 Days
Fakedukka coin9
Fake One Thousand Dukka Coin
5,280 Days
Pancake king
King Baspinar Pancakes
5,310 Days
Kujo jinn
8 Health Stats for all pets
5,340 Days
King Baspinar Party Crown
5,370 Days
Mp (2)
15 Years
Time Machine Token

Description (Minipet Island War) 2007: With the dark side's shops closed for all of the light siders, the ongoing war is causing huge economic problems for the light side, which relies on many of the goods on sale in places such as Ziranek and the goods smuggled from the Dukka Caves. To help give his troops the goods they need to fight this war, King Baspinar is giving out quests for items that are sold in the dark side. If you bring them to him, he will reward you with War Points. If the light side is to win this war and save Mini Pet Island, we need YOUR help!

Additional Comments: (2020) His Palladium Jubilee consists of him celebrating 75 years on the throne, meaning that he has to be very old. It's so important to the King that every citizen is having fun, he's willing to do whatever is necessary to make this happen! With any mention of Vortex Park from the pets, the King will either badly injure them, or worse, send them to the guillotine to have their heads chopped off.


Trading Card

King Baspinar's Specifications:

  • Base Health: 150
Card baspinar

You can get the King's trading card by sticking around for 1,840 days on Marapets.
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King Baspinar XII

King Baspinar XII
Old king

King Baspinar XII

Custom Description: You really couldn't visit this king's page, just the inside of the castle. It is hard to understand why this king would suddenly go missing after Queen Eleka appeared. As you can see, with the way the inside of the castle was set up, there was no way that this king would go missing just like that. The whole news story is fishy. *rimshot* Apparently, according to the news he was killed by Eleka Minions, yet he had no scratches, nor bites; his body was sliced and tossed into the Maradan River. Unless they had extremely sharp claws, there was no way they could perfectly slice the king. They could have cornered him, and somehow frightened him. We will never know the real truth!


10th January 2007 Minipet Island Land War - Part 1

OLD king vacant throneplot1

King Baspinar XII went missing on January 10th 2007

Naturally, mention of Queen Eleka concerned us greatly, and so several more newths were sent south from Dukka Caves to investigate the ruins of the Dark Castle. Unfortunately, although 24 hours have now passed, we have not heard back from them. We can only hope that they have run in terror and have not met some terrible fate. Of course by now I'm sure you are wondering why, if all this has been happening, there has not been some proclamation from our King, Baspinar XII, to reassure us of his protection. We regret to have to inform you that an hour ago we were contacted by a palace aide who told us that Baspinar has now been missing for over 12 hours! The castle and grounds have been searched thoroughly, and the search is now widening into Puchalla Village and the foothills of Biala. We would like to assure you that there really is no need for panic at this time. Although the King's location is not yet known, it is possible that there may still be some simple explanation for all of this. We'll keep you updated on any new events as they happen.

29th January 2007 - Minipet Island Land War - Part 3

The King is dead! Long live the new King!

We regret to inform you that our beloved King, the renowned Baspinar XII has perished. The castle was in mourning last night after genetic testing was completed by the Enpiah DNA laboratory proving that the remains that people have been fishing out of the Maradan river did in fact belong to our missing King Baspinar XII and not his great great multi-great grandfather Baspinar I as was formerly believed.

News has reached us that the new King, Baspinar XIII was immediately crowned during the night in an emergency ceremony at the castle. Not wanting to delay in these worrying times the normal public ceremonies and celebrations were set aside in order that Marada should once again have a King to protect us. As I'm sure every Maradan is aware, Baspinar XIII is the (rather unfortunately uglier) identical twin brother of our former handsome king the late Baspinar XII. Born just nineteen seconds later than his brother, he was naturally next in line for the throne.

A proclamation has been issued this morning from our new King:

My fellow Maradans, I bring to you this morning the sad news of my brother's death. He is believed to have met his end at the hands of evil minions of the false Queen Eleka. This dreadful witch is sure to bring nothing but harm to our peaceful kingdom, and we do not recognise any claim by her to the Southern lands!

The question now remains as to what shall be done about this threat to Marada. As I believe in modern methods, and fairness for all our subjects, I have decided that the question of action against this traitorous interloper should be handled by the Maradan parliament rather than by myself. All Maradans are therefore called immediately to vote at the castle in a special referendum on the subject of war!

You can now vote in the Election inside the castle for what should happen next.


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