Pronunciation: Nut
Pet Kind or Species: Squirrel
Date Introduced: Prehistoric
Description: The Knutt is a mischievous standard squirrel pet. Its targets include the Nino, who gets easily scared when a Knutt is in its field of view. There are so many characters and such that are Knutts, including Elger, McDoogle, Chippy, and the Staff Knutts. The pet was revamped twice: on 31st April 2014 and 12th January 2017, making it look more realistic (the biggest differences being the ears and tail). There are 4 DNA Minipets (Chutt, Jessutt, Knoro, and Knuzul) that can be cloned with this pet.

Official Description: Knutts are tree dwelling pets who love to hide in branches and throw horse chestnuts at anyone who dares to walk under their tree.

Trivia: With its name being pronounced 'nut,' it can be associated with acorns, the stereotypical food of choice for squirrels.

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Knutt (No. ??)

Knutts around Marada

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