Knutt Knight


Marapets Description: The Knutt Knight lives inside Baspinar's Castle and wants you to battle. Just like King Baspinar, he wants Marada to have a strong army trained and prepared for war. Accept one of his battle quests and he'll ask you to add a certain Trading Card to your battle deck, battle the opponent in the Arena and if you win, you have completed his battle quest. He will reward those who manage to complete his battle quests with BP and Diamonds, for use in the Elite Gym at Lush Lake.

Additional Comments: The Knutt Knight quest is the only quest that has certain timing limitations. For example, due to Baspinar's Castle experiencing night time every other hour (real life time), the doors to the castle are closed so there is no access to the knight. Instead at night time, you can visit the Troll under the bridge of the castle. The Knutt Knight will keep asking you to battle enemies as long as you keep visiting, but most people have found that some of the Trading Cards he can ask you to battle are either inaccessible or just too expensive to finish the quest sometimes. In that case, failing the quest is the only solution; luckily there is no penalty for failing.


Knutt Knight


Knutt Knight Avatar:


Complete 500 Knutt Knight quests to get this avatar.

Items From Knutt Knight


Double Diamonds Giftbox

Double Diamonds Giftbox - Use this item and you will earn twice as many diamonds from Knutt Knight and Sumo Sally quests for life.

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