Marapets Description: High above Biala, in the cold and frozen mountain ranges, lurks the Krampus. Leering down upon the village, he waits every year for his chance to kidnap naughty Marapets! He watches pets all year, keeping a list of the naughty and the nice. As Christmas draws closer and closer, the Krampus reveals himself in the month of December. He offers gifts to especially well behaved Marapets. If you're feeling brave, you can ask him for gifts for your pets. If your pet has been naughty, he might just punish them...
Pets wearing an Advent, Angel, Blitzen, Christmas, Christmas Tree, Elf, Gingerbread, Ice, Ice FairyPolar, Seasonal, SnowSnowman, Tundra or Winter Costume can visit Krampus every 15 minutes. All other pets can visit every 30 minutes.

Additional Comments: Krampus has a 50% chance of giving MP and a 25% chance of giving your pet a stat rather than making them sick if they're naughty.


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