About the Kronk

Pronunciation: Krawnk
Pet Kind or Species: Lobster
Date Introduced: 7th July 2006
Description: The Kronk is a limited edition lobster pet that is earned as a prize from completing the Clam's mission. It was an anthropomorphic crustacean until its revamp on 3rd November 2017, giving it an appearance very similar to its real-life counterpart. (Its design was touched upon 4th February 2014, making it slimmer, but its core design was still the same.) The Kronk is also the last pet to be revamped.

Official Description: Kronks have incredibly strong claws. They also love to hug, but once they get hold of you, they may never let go!

Trivia: Disregarding the newly discovered Wallop, the Kronk is by far the least popular Marapet, with only 73 costumes to its name.

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Kronk (No. 34)


Kronks around Marada

Two Kronks are featured around the site: Contact Lenses and Poison Shopkeeper.

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