About the Kujo

Pronunciation: Koo-jo
Pet Kind or Species: Hamster/Guinea pig (Calico)
Date Introduced: 9th October 2010
Description: The Kujo is a cute Limited Edition pet that you get from Account Upgrades. It was introduced in the October 2010 Sleepy AU and since released in the January 2012 Winter, June 2015 Killer, September 2016 School, December 2017 Gingerbread, and October 2020 AU Sets. It has been redrawn twice: around mid-2014 and on 21st September 2016, where it gained a stockier build, more erect ears, and a stubby tail (which is not visible in certain costumes).

Official Description: The Kujo can be occupied for hours by running circles in a wheel. It is said that one hundred Kujos produce enough wheel-running energy to supply the entire Maradan Power Plant.

Trivia: The first version of Kujo had a lower lip that was removed in further revamps.

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Kujo (No. 61)


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