Pronunciation: Lat-ee
Pet Kind or Specie: Rabbit
Date Introduced: 9th February 2007
Description: The Lati is a Limited Edition rabbit pet that first became available through Valentine's Day 2007 Account Upgrades [1], then in the February 2009 Cowboy/Valentine, August 2011 Gnome, March 2016 Easter, July 2016 Pixie, February 2018 Minipet, May 2019 Spring, and August 2020 Goblin Sets. It was revamped on 25th January 2017 to fix some perspective problems with its legs. The tail was also enlarged to make it more prominent.

Official Description: This pet will do anything for a carrot. Some have been known to perform tricks such as leaping through a ring of fire if their favourite vegetable is the reward.

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Lati (No. 39)

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