About the Leido

Pronunciation: Lee-doe
Pet Kind or Specie: Tortoise
Date Introduced: 15th August 2004
Description: The Leido is a standard Testudine pet that was the 2nd Marapet created on June 30th, 2004, and released as "Marapet No.2" in the Maraqua forums by Ian, as part of beta testing (scroll down). Later that summer, it would be brought over to Marapets where it would be used as an official pet. You can also see it here. It was eventually revamped on 29th January 2017, gaining a more tortoise-like build.

Official Description: Leidos are the slowest pet but their laid-back attitude to life makes them one of the most popular. They can be found lounging Maradan gardens sniffing the flowers and watching the world go by.

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Leido (No. 2)

Leidos around Marada

Leidos featured around the site: Vegetables Shopkeeper, Walk of Fame Celebrity, Meltin John, and Slop.



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