About the Limax

Pronunciation: Lime-axe
Pet Kind or Species: Slug
Date Introduced: 26th January 2016
Description: The Limax is a restricted slug pet who was first spotted eating the mushrooms of Foxfire Forest. You can get one from Account Upgrades. It was released for the January 2016 Nimbus, December 2016 Christmas Tree, April 2017 Cheese, Aug 2018 Safari, and June 2019 Punk AU Sets. The Limax is considered to be the most popular restricted pet as it can wear 110+ costumes (due to when 35 of them were released for this pet).

Trivia: Its name comes from the genus Limax, which literally means "slug". The original Insideout Limax had blue eyes and had its antennae unusually close together.

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Limax (No. 75)


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