Limited Edition pets are a type of Marapet that are rare and limited. You cannot create a limited edition pet but you can earn them through the game. Therefore, they are usually difficult and quite expensive to obtain. Currently, more than half of the pets available on the site are limited edition.

How to get an LE

There are many different ways of getting an LE pet. Some, such as the Viotto and the Huthiq, can be gained by completing Missions. Some pets are available through buying Account Upgrades, though the pets available here tend to change every so often. Some LE pet potions restock in the Potions Shop, but you have to be extremely quick to get one. Another way of getting a limited edition pet is by statting a non-LE pet, and trading it for an LE pet with another player. You can also get an LE by completing the Transmogrification Temple in Simeria. The temple allows you to change your pet into any pet species, with the exception of the Restricted pets. There are also LE pet potions available in the Referral Shop and games such as Sewer Struggle.

To recap, these are the ways to get a Limited Edition pet:

  • Statting then trading.

Limited Edition Pet Types

Currently, the following pets are limited edition:

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