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Marapets Description: Pets are an important part of the Mara Pets Game. You cannot even play without owning one pet. Each person can own up to 13 pets. This page will try to help answer a lot of your pets related questions, and we have attempted to list everything on the site that is pet related - but there are tons more, so you will need to Explore the site to find them all. If you need Currency to pay for stuff for your Pet, you should play some of our great Games!

Pets on this virtual pet site are just like the pets you would find offline - they are living and need to be cared for. You need to feed your pet when its hungry, give it a drink when it's thirsty, put it to sleep in a bed in your house when it is tired, cure it back to health when it is sick, etc. Failing to care for a pet for an extended amount of time is neglect, and the pet could die and go to the Undying Woods graveyard, where it will become a Zombie and any other player can become its new owner.

Pet Sources:


Extra Pet Giftbox

Extra Pet Giftbox - Use this item and you can gain one extra pet storage forever! You can use a maximum of 87 of these Giftboxes.


Pet Selection

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