is a pet stat that pets use to heal themselves during a battle in the Battle Arena. This is most helpful, especially against super strong enemies. Harpy will reward your pet for their Magic stats.

Where can you get Magic stats?

You can get your pet magic stats from the Ice Caves, Computer Repair, Genie, and Eleka Fountain. (But as Eleka is evil, there is a good chance that the pet may just get really unhappy and sick.)

What about Magic items?

Health Tonics can be used to heal your pet, however they cannot be taken into the Battle Arena as they will easily break.

When these sturdy Magic Staffs run out of magical charges you can always use them to bash your opponent over the head.

Oh em gee!!! My Magic training is disabled!

Well, it's because the maximum level of the amount of magic you can have is 5 times your level. So if your pet is level 20, it can have 100 magic.

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