Marapets Description: Every Level 18 or higher player can create their own FREE website with Mara.Pages. Start with the home page and if you need more pages, create extra pages. Content must be appropriate for all ages and cannot have political, religious, or sexual content. They also should not feature gaming sites similar to Marapets or contain any paid advertisements or chat features. (You cannot code your layout to cover the advertisements on the page. Marapets is only free because of the adverts.)

How it Works: You can use our new Page Builder to create your own website without having to know any HTML coding! Create a new page and then use the Page Builder to drag and drop your own grid. Once you have the grid how you want everything to be positioned, you can drag and drop links, images, buttons, or your own HTML Code. We only recommend you using the page builder for new pages.

Marapage builder

When our new Mara.Pics image upload service is launched later this year, you will be able to upload photos easily at Mara.Pics and then they'll show at the Page Builder, allowing you to click and drag these into it!

If you just want to make a simple page, you can use our new Default Editor. It works similarly to how you would send an email or use a program like Microsoft Word, allowing you to format and position the basic features you need to make your page. You do not need to know any coding to work this!

Marapage default

For those who do know how to use CSS/HTML, you can use the brand new HTML Editor for Mara.Pages! It works just like a proper HTML Editing program - it'll automatically colour and format your script for you, help predict and hint with the code you are writing and automatically check for any errors. If you make a mistake, it'll give you hints!

Marapage html



Mara.Pages: Introduced on 15th May 2020, replacing MaraSites

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