Foreword: Back in 2004 when MaraPets first launched, players needed a way to upload the images they use for their profiles, signatures, clubs, MaraSites, etc so MaraUploads was launched. Even though it was very basic and only gave each player 1MB of space, providing that to thousands of people for FREE was both expensive and a lot of hassle. In November 2009 we finally discontinued MaraUploads - there were much better FREE options on the internet and it simply did not provide us with good value for money.

Fast forward to today (ten and a half years later!!) and Mara.Pics has opened today for beta testing!

We believe once again that MaraPets players needed a quick and easy service to upload their images for FREE and will explain how and why in this news post.

Marapets Description: Unlock Mara.Pics access at Level 18
Upload it. Crop it. Tag it. Share it.

How it Works

We have worked hard to make sure that Mara.Pics is very quick and easy to use and will explain some of its features below:

Drag & Drop

There are several ways to upload an image - we only accept PNG, JPG, and GIF images. You can press the Browse button to upload multiple photos from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. You can also select files from your computer and simply Drag & Drop them into the grey area that says 'Drop your photos here'.

Camera Upload

Level 30 and higher can take and upload photos directly from their mobile, tablet, or laptop's camera - or webcam if they have one.

Marapics news

Mara.Pics: (originally MaraUploads) Relaunched on 17th May 2020 (beta testing)

Paste Upload

If you are working on graphics from many programs, like Photoshop, GIMP, etc you can copy any image directly from this program and simply Paste It (Ctrl + V) into the Mara.Pics upload page and it will automatically upload what you have copied!


Once uploaded, you can view your Photos in order of most recently uploaded or use the Organise section to move, rename and organise your photos into different folders. We even made each photo preview look like the Photo items on Marapets!

Marapics pics

Free to Use

Even for those who do not have any images to upload or feel they have no use for this service, we've added one very useful feature! If you have an error or glitch around MaraPets that you want to report to us at the Help Forums, you can now very easily upload a Screenshot! Simply press the 'Prt Sc' button on your keyboard (or the screenshot buttons on your mobile/tablet device) and then when you get to the Mara.Pics upload page you can Paste It to automatically upload it!

Marapics share

Crop & Resize

Upload just one image at a time and it will automatically give you the option to Crop & Resize. We have also made it very easy for you to use any image that you upload - with quick copy and share buttons for MaraPets and social media!

Marapics cropit

Mara.Page Builder

Using the new Mara.Page Builder? The images you have uploaded to Mara.Pics will automatically be loaded into the page builder allowing you to simply drag and drop images into your Mara.Page directly from Mara.Pics!

Marapics builder

Multiple Upload

Level 22 players can upload 3 images at a time
Level 27 can upload 5
Level 32 can upload 7
Level 36 can upload 10
Level 41 can upload 15
Level 56 can upload 20

As your level increases, so does the amount of features and space you can use. Players can currently receive as much as 1GB (1,000MB) of FREE space, with lots of plans to increase and improve the service in the future.


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