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MaraTalk Chat Room: Rehauled on 13th July 2020

Marapets Description: MaraTalk is our instant messenger and was first started in 2005. We were ahead of our times in many ways, giving players many different ways to communicate, with a maximum of 6 players per group chat. Those who like to chat in a slower, simpler way have MaraMail, Forums, Club Chat and those who prefer fast, shorter instant chat has had MaraTalk. If you want to chat with the whole site in the MaraTalk instant chat room below, you will have to pay a one-off 100,000MP fee to gain access. The new MaraTalk is an upgrade to the way that these chats happen - they are not a replacement of the old way! This is an ongoing project and we have many, many exciting changes and additions to come but now is the time to announce some of the changes made so far...

The new MaraTalk has many new features but the main improvement is that Group Chat works again (it was closed for several years) and it is all 100% mobile-friendly, fast, light on data and works on all devices. As MaraTalk really is only useful for those who like 'instant chat' we have made it faster, easier to switch between MaraTalk, Adult Chat, Group Chats, Private one to one chat and your Club Chat. They all use the same system and you receive real-time alerts, sounds and notifications while you chat. You can open this full screen or in a new window - as its fully responsive, you can resize the window to the size and shape that works best for you.

• New Addow and Bolimo themed Emojis and the full emoji dictionary (with every single skin tone)

• GIFs can be added to chat in one click, showing the current GIFs trending worldwide

• You can easily search the internet to find the GIF you are looking for

• The browser tab/window will flash New Message Alerts or make a sound when you receive a new message. You can control this setting for each chat

• A new organised Inbox keeps track of your conversations. You can hide these from your inbox and they will still show in your Talk History

• You can see who is currently online and inside each chat. Any messages you post will have 2 ticks and when these both turn yellow your message has been Seen. In a chat with more than one person, you can click this to see who saw your message and when!

• Each chat is much more "instant" showing you who is currently Typing a message and the time since a message was posted updates in real time

• You can create different Group Chat and add any players (who allow you to contact them via MaraTalk) to join your own private chat room

• You can @ Tag players with any of their usernames in each chat. Doing so in a Group Chat automatically adds them to the group

• Youtube video links (and a few other major video hosting sites) can now be shared in the new MaraTalk. The issue before was the unmoderated comments sections but videos you share now are processed here and you can watch the video direct from MaraTalk. You can even drag the video around the screen to the position you want it to be while you chat!

• BBCodes still work but you can also now easily share links. MaraPets approved safe links will automatically become links. All others can be clicked but this can take a few seconds to process, while it creates a screenshot preview of the site before you visit

• Mara.Pics is linked with each chat. Simply press the Mara.Pics icon (the paperclip) and you'll be able to browse each of your folders and images. Simply press 'Share' and it will be added to any conversation. The upload icon also redirects you to Mara.Pics, automatically logging you in, to allow you to upload images with ease.

We have also integrated the site Alerts into the new MaraTalk system. This new system is not a replacement, it's in addition to the current Alerts system. The new system means you will not miss any site alerts while you are chatting. All alerts are grouped together by type and each can be viewed in order like a MaraTalk conversation. The benefit of this is that you can Mute Specific Alerts - this is especially useful for those with lots of pets being inundated with Fairy Rewards!!

There are also new alerts that appear inside of MaraTalk conversations. Club Chat will tell you when a new player joins the club, leaves the club and close to 500 more messages in the club. MaraTalk will tell everyone when a Random Event prize is won inside that chat and when a player is about to hit another 1,000 message count goal.

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And finally, the way that Feeds work has been improved. To replace the old feeds feature (which allowed you to subscribe to a certain player's trades, topics, blogs, etc and be notified whenever they used these), there is now an Activity Log on each player's profile. It's a page that puts together some of the public features of Marapets, like your topics and blogs with a few other things you achieve, such as complete a goal, find an avatar, complete a mission or take a selfie and shows this in a timeline. Feeds are now a News Feed based on what your friends are doing and what you subscribe to. You can now click on the friendship icon on any player's profile and change the settings for each player. You have total control over what shows on your News Feed. You can click on any friend from your News Feed or click on the Friendship icon on any player's profile and change what you follow, what you don't, if they can contact you or not and many other options. You can allow or block them from contacting you from certain features and you can also subscribe to their activity, just like before. By default, what your friends are doing will show on your News Feed. You can hide the time/date on your Activity Log so that it only shows for your friends or best friends (or no one if you set it to best friend and have none of these). Add your friends to your Friend list for quick access to their profiles and username suggestions when sending items or mail. Best Friends will show on a quicklist for sending mail and items, you can limit the MaraTalk chat feature and your auctioned items to only your best friends and your best friends will always show at the top of your Friends list - both on profiles and on the homepage. Players on the blocklist cannot contact you or offer on your trades. You can click on any friend from your News Feed or click on the Friendship icon on any player's profile and change what you follow, what you don't, if they can contact you or not in case you don't care or don't want to see these. You can do the same for comments on your Blog and comments on your activity, which is coming soon. You also have much more control over each player contacting you. You can click on the friends icon on any player's profile and change the ways that this player is able to contact you. For example, you could have your default MaraTalk setting at 'Best Friends Only' but still visit the new 'friendship' page on a player's profile to always allow or always block a specific player from contacting you. There will also be more options to allow any player, just friends (or totally disable) comments on your activity. This is a brand new feature and is obviously very complex. If you have any issues, please report them so that we can fix and improve this right away. Once we're happy this all works as it should, we will start to add more features to it. What is the point of the new News Feed? Our Maramail/MaraTalk features allow you to contact players in private and our Alerts keep you notified of any game-related notifications. News Feed is and will be for more social parts of the site. If you create a topic, notifications will go here rather than popup and bother you as you play.

One of your best friends just started a mission and has 30 minutes to go and may fail. You will see this on your news feed and you may have the item they need to be able to help them pass.
A new Hidden Avatar is released - 4 or 5 of your friends have found it. You can see this now on your news feed and ask them for the solution. Or a friend finds an avatar you've been stuck on - you can see this and ask to borrow their pet.

There are many different benefits (or not for some people) to these new news feed to see what your friends are doing. If you don't care or don't want to see these, you have total control over what you see or don't miss! As Feeds are designed to be instant like MaraTalk, they have been integrated into this new system and follow a similar design. Feeds will update automatically in real time whenever you have this feature opened. It can be opened in full screen, a new tab or resized to suit your needs. There will be lots of new features and improvements coming to feeds in the future too!

IMPORTANT - this is for CHAT only. No SPAMMING, advertising, etc.
As of 31st March 2019, you will now receive 50MP per post.



Card maratalkchibs

MaraTalk Chibs is a Battle Arena enemy. When you place its Trading Card on your battle deck you can go directly to the Battle Arena to battle it.

MaraTalk's Specifications:

  • Base Health: TBA

MaraTalk Chibs

If you're lucky, you can get this card from using MaraTalk.
Click Here to Go Back to Battle Deck.

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You get this from paying 100,000mps to use the MaraTalk feature.

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