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Since November 2007 the Maradan Chronicles has supplied hundreds of Marapets fans with just the information they were looking for. Since then many things have happened, including the move to Wikia and the merge with Marapedia. We're always hoping to be the best Marapets source of information on the whole internet and hope that you will be part of our community. We are always looking for contributors, thanks for visiting!

Maradan Chronicles Status

The Wiki was created on = 19:59, June 11, 2009
Total Number Of Articles before merge = 280
Founder = Molokaicreeper
Active admins/bureaucrats before merge = ElFoes and Molokaicreeper
100th article Glossary achieved on February 3rd 2010!
200th article Paint Cans Shop achieved on July 27, 2010!
-- (thanks for your help ElFoes)!

Marapedia Stats

Marapedia was created on = February 28, 2008
Total Number Of Articles in the Wiki = 1,602
Founder = RexAndAbby
Active admins/bureaucrats = ElFoes and Molokaicreeper
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Mechanic bank

Uh oh... this can't be good...

Hmm, we certainly hope everyone has a few saved car parts in their marahome's attic, and wish the bogus Fortune Teller would have said something; but we are doomed... Well, the Car Parts Shop owner has gone bankrupt, and car parts being one of the preferred items from the Elger Quest and Simerian Explorer... Well, this can't be good. Rumors that this has also made a huge impact on the Puchala Village's Stock Market mean that things will be nasty for car owners in Marada for a while. There's talk about a new plot and all, what could it all mean?

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