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You're having a nice time on your couch watching TV, until all of a sudden, all the Cartoon pets of yesteryear start to make a comeback. RGRGHGHRHH!! It's CARTOON MONTH... on the Marapets Channel. The retired Cartoon, School & Musical Costumes are respectively from the February 2014, for a time in the Costumes Shop before re-releasing in June 2019 for Band Camp, and September 2007/2016 Account Upgrades. Cartoon pets are drawn with pie eyes, black-and-white colours, rounded gloves, bowties, and hose-shaped limbs (especially the arms). Most are cheery and airy, whereas others might carry a set disposition. Musical pets are grey and themed around a traditional marching band. School pets have the look of a normal student with school supplies, glasses, a bow tie, and full outfit. They also fill the role of the outdated Geeks (also from 2007), of which became Fancy pets in early 2017.
  • Release date (Musical): 2006
  • Retirement date (Musical): April 2008 (On sale in its AU until 31st July 2019)
  • Retirement date (Cartoon): 19th October 2014

Fake Cartoon Costume: SPAM Fairy

Fake Musical Costume: Musical Fairy


A Classic Pet Cast!

Maradan Melodies Influences

The Cartoon avatar, costume, and pets are callbacks to rubber hose animation and golden age theatrical cartoons. Check out our pages on Underwater, Stone Age, Bug, and Anime pets!

However, some Melodical pets appear to have basal designs. If you have knowledge of the artists' intent and can help us improve this page, please let us know!

The Maradan Melodies Catalog

Singing pizza! Movie stubbed potatoes! No Maradan is safe at the Account Upgrades.

Melodical Characters around Marada

Some Melodical Characters featured around the site: Bankrupt, Trixter, the Account Freezer, and Musical Fairy.

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