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The articles in Marapedia are not made up, they were gathered upon extensive research that took YEARS to accomplish. At least 40% of this information was found in the web archives for the Marapets website:

Another 40% based on existing Marapets News:

The other 20% is by game experience, I myself (molokaicreeper) have spent two active years in Marapets. I have adult forum access and have verified a lot of things that appear in this Wiki. PLEASE use either the discussion page or the specific article discussion page to discuss anything that should be looked upon or improved, I (molokaicreeper) am willing to look upon any discussions from the Maradan Chronicles Wiki.

Please DO NOT erase any of the written information before investigating first. That WILL BE seen as vandalism and if you do it 5 times or more, you will be blocked for at least 24 hours.

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