- August 7th 2004

  • In the beginning... The founder of Marapets, Ian, was just 14 years old when he built what they call a "guild" named "Maraqua" in Neopets. A guild is sort of like a club, and members had no plans on making another pet site. He built a help website for Neopets called, which had forums, play hints, items and pets release news; and eventually all members of the Maraqua guild were regulars in The guild's members totaled over 700, and counted with approx. 5 admins who tried their best to keep it clean and safe.

It is unclear how, or if, whether what Neopets claims was a "link" pointing to a commercial site in the guild's page (or the chat page) is true. The guild was frozen without warning. After that, had no use, even though a new guild was built called "MaraquaV2". Faithful members remained regulars in the Maraqua website. Maraqua's team counted with many talented users (one of them was Marapets co-founder Laimay who was 19 at the time), who could create wonderful looking pet graphics related to Neopets, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc.


August 2005

  • While still offering to help anyone who'd visit the site, Ian (the founder who by that time was already 15 years old) had lost hope for the old Maraqua guild to be forgiven and brought back. Everyone thought, if they could indeed run a help site for Neopets, surely running a pet site wouldn't be too much of a problem. Indeed it was, because by the time Marapets was one year old, members totaled 148,111 and page views 146,087,030 [1]. By 2 years old member accounts had totaled 751,719 [2] and by 3 years old, members accounts had totaled 2,099,087 [3].
  • 15th - Marapets turns a year old! Lots of Celebrating and fun things to mark this special occasion.
  • 21st - The Terms and Conditions to the site have changed. Please read them.

All users over 13 will now have to verify their account with an email address in order to take advantage of certain parts of the site. There is also now a new Preferences page!

A new News system has been introduced and all news from last year was deleted as it was filled with broken images and wrong information.

An Error Book estimated value 600 million +

The site servers experienced a lot of overloads, server errors and slow downs, hence the fact that every-time Marapets is mentioned anywhere, you can hear someone whisper "Server Errors" somewhere in the background. The site team in many occasions found that they could yet not afford the equipment necessary to house up to 2,500 users playing together at any one time [4]; which would happen often when new pets were released, when festivals were in effect, holidays, treasure hunts, etc.

  • 22nd - After such a long time, the Zax and Rainbow avatars have finally been fixed. For the Zax, you need to equip it to a pet of the same colour and view it. The Rainbow avatar is gained by viewing a rainbow minipet equipped to your rainbow pet.

Marapets removed the coloured Chairs and replaced them with a new Broken Table.

A job as a Teacher is now an option, with quite high income too!

  • 23rd - MARAMAIL UPGRADES - As so many people have contacted us asking for an email address from Marapets, we have come up with Maramail Upgrades! We have tried to keep it very cheap, at $2.50 one time donation per 25MB space. For more information, please go to your Maramail inbox.

Marasites, Journals, Image Uploads and Clubs are now back to normal! For security reasons, Marapets had to take them offline but they are fixed. You should also notice the new domains: and that Marapets has added to improve them!

To help continue to improve the site, Marapets bought 10 new Marapets Domain Names and 5 new Fax Numbers:

United States (413) 581-3750

Canada 1-514-372-3311

Germany 49-180-548-20036552

Netherlands 31-84-719-6938

France 33-8-2556-8226

  • 25th - NEW LAYOUT

Oooh.. a Water Avatar!

  • 26th - Ever since the Battle Arena opened on the island, so many Addows have been spotted in Marada that the pet is no longer Limited Edition. You can now create an Addow whenever you want.
  • 28th - The Grint is revamped.

The Murfin has also been re-drawn to look much nicer.

If you haven't already seen the preview this is the new look for the Doyle.

The Paffuto had to change!

  • 31st - The new Fire Account Upgrade has been released. The prizes from June are now retired. As you can see, the Tantua has been given a fresh new look.

September 2005

Rumour has it that this is when the Marapets have the most most revamps. Little did they know what was coming in the future...

  • 4th - The Osafo is revamped.

The Walee now looks like this!

  • 12th - The Bolimo is revamped.

The Clubs have had a new look.

There is now a Profile icon for farm and garage quests.

  • 18th - NEW SHOP

The Illegal Concoctions Shop has now opened up on the planet Enpiah. These concoctions are some of the rarest items that actually restock, and have some very very useful outcomes.

Lots of old Avatars have been revamped along with four new ones for you to find! They are not easy...

  • 20th - Clubs now have new Club Poll and Club Quiz systems. They look much better and work now!

The Firey Fasoro Secret Blog has been introduced!

  • 24th - NEW WORLD

The planet Enpiah has been discovered! Technology in Ziranek is getting better everyday, and now Marapets can fly from Ziranek to Enpiah.

NEW MARAPET - the 25th Marapet has now been discovered on the planet Enpiah! Huthiq is limited edition and should be obtainable within the next few days, as more of the world is released.

  • 25th - NEW FRONTPAGE

This new battle opponent comes from Enpiah. But how do you get this Xor Trading Card?

NEW SHOP - The stars shop has opened for business on the Planet Enpiah. Already, 25 different constellations of stars are restocking. Everyone wants a piece of the Maradan Universe - and now you can!

One of the prizes from Ublish's Lair is this new Furry Costume. This is how the Furry Doyle looks.

There is a new Plushie Costume and you can use it on the Huthiq. You can also get a new Baby Huthiq!

Can you find this new Stars avatar?

Ublish's Lair has now opened in Enpiah!

October 2005

A grand month for the not so good Maradans. Magic and witchery are everywhere this month.

  • 1st - This new battle opponent comes from Enpiah and is with the new upgrades Acne Trading Card?

The new Health Potion can be used in battle to heal to full HP!

DNA MINIPETS - The Laboratory has opened in Enpiah. Dr Yekyll can breed two species of Marapets to become a cool new DNA Minipet! You'll need DNA though...

You can choose one of ten new DNA items with this month's Gold Account Upgrade.

You can also get a rarity 30 Starry Costume that will never restock in the main shops.

  • 3rd - The Leido has been revamped.

There are three new Avatars hidden.. can you find them?

You can also sell items for up to 250,000MP in Your Shop. Shop Sizes have also returned.

Completed auctions and trades are now stored and processed together by the server to avoid any errors.

  • 9th - You can now store upto 1,000 maramails! You can also now Archive mail you need to keep, report mail easily and you can also quickly send mail to your Marapals! There is also a very cool Maramail Search for you to search through your saved messages for the ones you need!

We reached 200,000 Members!!! To celebrate, the second we reached 200,000 members 2 members who were online were randomly sent an Enchanted Chibs Plushie! Congratulations to jofa and mathwiz!

  • 20th - RESTOCK CHANGES - The restock system of the site has been completely updated. Yesterday you may have seen a huge amount of items restock. This was to quickly balance the site from our recent item problem. Restocks are now fairer, less predictable and overall restock more often. Another important change is that you can no longer restock more than one shop at a time and you can no longer remember the link to an item you are restocking. This means that there is nothing other than internet connection speed that will make restocking unfair. We hope you appreciate the changes. 
  • 25th - There are 12 new Jobs now avaliable at the Job Centre. There is now a wide range of different stats and income for you to find a perfect job for your pet. Marapets also released Job Promotions, which means that a new random event will show up for you to move to a higher position than the one you are currently in. However, higher positions require higher stats but also have a higher income. Your pet could start as Homecoming Queen on 90MP a day and after 8 promotions become a Supermodel on 1550MP a day! Remember that you can have up to 8 pets all with their own jobs, so make sure that you are training and attending the school for the highest paid jobs! The Prison has also been released! It is where pets are confined when they have committed a crime. Crimes can range from using illegal items, your pet getting caught having an illegal job or just by not paying our bills - either way, imprisonment is the only way to punish them.
  • 26th - As promised with the release of DNA minipets, Mutant Pets will be available when you use the DNA Minipets Laboratory. There will be a chance that one of the two pets you operate with may turn mutant.
  • 29th - Event Time!

As Halloween is on Monday, starting from today, all week will be Trick or Treating Week here at Marapets. To take part, all you have to do is have a Halloween pet to go tick or treating with. Then every hour, you can go to visit Elger and collect a free gift! Simple as that. You can win anything from 10MP to 10,000MP or some cool new items, such as a Elger Plushie or the new Batz minipet. All items given out by Elger for Halloween this week will be retired next week, and retired items will never be available again.

Don't have a Halloween Marapet? All this week the Halloween Costume will be restocking at rarity 5!


We will also be giving out two Zombie Costumes and two Mutant Costumes a day all week! The server has been set to randomly select 4 different times each day this week to award one of the items to a member that is online! After that, both costumes will be retired.

The latest avatar is for Trick or Treat week here at Marapets. This means it will retire by next weekend.

The Halloween Treats Shop is restocking 10 new items! Most pumpkins no longer restock.

Finally, for those who are going out trick or treating or having their own Halloween parties, we wish you all a fun and safe Halloween!

November 2005

November is here and as always, Marapets has lots on its way. October was a very odd month for us, with lots of downtime and server problems but we managed to get all of the servers we needed and if you were online on Sunday, you would have seen that we managed 15,000 page views every five minutes without any serious problems, downtime or lagging. However, we did have problems with our image server and as we are growing very rapidly, we would like to keep ahead with the hardware so that we never experience the problems of October again. Therefore, this month's Account Upgrades money will be saving for more image servers and two more top-of-the-range servers which host the main areas of the site. We would also like to let you know that this month will definitely see the return of Marahomes and we also hope to have MaraTalk released in beta - however this is still uncertain. On top of that we will have lots more cool stuff we will surprise you with!

  • 1st - The new Account Upgrades are here and this time with a Shadow/Gothic theme. Here is what you can get:

The Sindi is the 26th Marapet! It is limited edition and you will only get this pet through Account Upgrades - this pet is very limited.

There is a Gothic Costume with the Sindi and Tantua now avaliable in this colour. You can also get an Enchanted Plushie to be able to get a Gothic Sindi or Tantua.

There is a new battle opponent named Shadow.

There is also a new Shadow Blade and Schmog minipet!

  • 2nd

The Mutant Huthiq and Tantua have been completed.

The mutant Murfin and Knutt have been completed.

  • 11th - The High Scores system has finally had a much needed revamp.

It seems that a job at the Circus pays more than just MP...

  • 15th - New Survey!

Our first ever Survey has started. It consists of 22 questions which we would like you to answer for us. Already we have found out that 65% of you would prefer to have smaller news updates but much more often. Therefore, from now on we will try to have updates at least every few days, if not every day. Please complete the Survey if you have not already done so, you may win one of 50 new Prison Costume - which will then retire. Please click on the 'Win a Prison Costume' at the bottom left of the site.

The Prison Sindi has finally been completed.


The site has now moved back to the old server set up we had a few weeks ago, which is slower and can hold less people, temporarily until we complete our server upgrades. This is to stop the site constantly going down every time any work needs to be done. The upgrades are to make sure that as the site grows, we do not experience any lag. It is also to prepare the site for MaraTalk. Thank you for your patience. We would like to apologize for all of the current site downtime. Our New Servers have been installed and we should be able to hold lots more players and stay online without any errors. If one of our main servers crashes, we now switch over automatically to another server to make sure the site does not go down. Thank you for all of the support from those who have purchased Account Upgrades. We are currently saving for a new items server which will make restocks run without ANY lag ever. Now not only can you get trophies for high scores but you can also get Awards from specific areas of the site. The first award is from collecting all Glowing Eggs!

  • 22nd - We are pleased to announce the beta release of our new Marapets Email Service. It is 100% free to all members who have email-verified their account with us and are 13 and over. You should have notice the "0 New Emails" added to the top of each page which will let you know when you receive new emails. You will also receive an event, similar to the way Maramail works. You can also send emails from your email account, however this is very basic right now as most of its features have not been completed yet. It may take up to two weeks for it to be finished, as certain parts, such as forward and reply have not been completed yet. You should soon also be able to send attachments. Sending emails is also rewarding, as your referral link will appear on them all, which should increase the amount of members you refer to the site! There will also be some new, unique Random Events soon added that will only appear on the website. Please remember that it is a FREE service and run on donations, so we would like to thank all those who have supported us - and continue to do so - for helping us to make this possible! As you may know already, for as long as we have players donating, more and more features can be added and remain free for everyone.

A new Award has been released for the Most Helpful Member. This award is randomly given to players who we believe have been very helpful to Marapets. This award is only chosen by Laimay and Ian, and as other staff are players of the site too, they are able to win the award too. If we decided someone has been a helpful member, our appreciation will be shown on the news and with this medal being added to their profile. How can you be the most helpful member? Easy - by regularly helping other players of the site when they need it, by following all of the rules and being friendly and polite. Asking for this award will never get you it!

  • 23rd - Aww.. this cute little Fatty is now restocking on the island.

Our latest award is the Best Marasite Award. Judged by Laimay and Ian, this will given to the Marasites we think are really good and have had a lot of effort put into them. Asking for this award will never get you it!

  • 24th - After months of delay, Homes have been released. You can buy up to 5 Homes each from a choice of 8 Houses, add furniture and appliances, paint the walls or change the flooring and browse through other people's houses. As they have only just been released, not all of the special features have been released yet. You should soon be able to sell your house (fully decorated and furnished) in a way similar to trades, create and manage gardens and many other features. It will take a few more days for the furniture and appliances to actually work in the houses, such as beds for your pet to sleep in and cookers to feed your minipets.
  • 27th - The Survey has been completed and all of the Prison Costumes have been awarded. Thank you for taking part, we have some good feedback to look into and help us improve Marapets. Here are the results from one of the questions: 

When MaraTalk, our free instant messenger service is released, will you download and use it? 

Definately! 36%
I'll try it 32%
Maybe 27%
No 5%

Have you looked at the MaraTalk website recently?

  • 30th - December is here and what a month it will be! We have decided not to reveal any dates that we will be releasing our tons of great features, but there is tons on the way this month! 

December 2005

  • 1st - December Account Upgrades are now available. This means that August prizes are now retired. To try something new, this month there are 5 completely different themes rather than 1. You can choose between Old, Camouflage, Checkered, Love and Dark item themes. 
  • 5th - Our latest award is the Best Journal Award. Judged by Laimay and Ian, this will given to the Journals we think are really good and have had a lot of effort put into them. Asking for this award will never get you it! Don't use your Journal? Go to and start using it today!
  • 10th - The 27th Marapet has now been released. The Viotto is limited edition and from Biala. (Pet 28 will not be limited edition.)

A new Mission has been released in Biala. Introducing Blitzen's Grotto. Viottos work for Santa too, and therefore the pet species is limited. If you can help Blitzen and complete his 30 missions he will reward you greatly. Blitzen will give you a mission every day, as long as you haven't already completed an Ublish mission in the same day. You will need to collect a certain item for him within a certain time limit. At level 1, all items asked for will be rarity 1 - up to level 30 where all items asked for will be rarity 30. If you fail to bring any of them, you will have to start again.

  • 11th - Item Rarities have been changed. We have had many rarity changes since we opened and lots of items were either too high or too low, unretired when they should be and it had caused a lot of confusion. Yesterday, all 3001 items we have were edited. Items between rarity 1 and 20 restock in the main shops. Popular shops which are needed more often, such as Stars for example, now have a 25 sec delay between security coded restocks, as they now restock a lot more items. If you never restocked before you should have more chance at getting things now as it is a lot fairer. Rarity 21 to 30 are items that do not restock and were either gained from somewhere else or from Account Upgrades. Items that are extremely rare and very limited are rarity 31 to 50. Items that are retired are no longer available anywhere on the site (but there may come a time where a few more are released, but this is rare). 
    We have added a Mozilla Firefox banner in some areas of the site. All of our staff use Mozilla Firefox as our main browser, because it is much faster and safer than Internet Explorer. You may want to consider trying it one day if you are a shopper.
  • 12th - Marasites have been given a new look, new site, new features and a new server! They had lots of problems before and are finally without errors. It is easier to use now too. We have fixed all errors and activated html codes which were filtered before. Here are some of the features of Marasites: 

Marasite Poll can now be added to you marasite for members to vote on. 

Marasite Quiz similar to the club quiz, has now been added. You can create a quiz with items and load it on your marasite for members to guess. 

Marasite Headers & Footers allow you to add html at the top and bottom of every page on your site. 

Finally, Marasite News is another new feature which allows you to add news entries to show up on your marasite. Members can comment on your updates too! 

  • 13th - Just a reminder to those who are Avatar Collectors that one or two avatars will be released from the Advent Calendar this year which will retire. That means if you miss that specific day, you will not be able to get the avatar again.
  • 14th - We have doubled the amount of Image Servers the site uses. You should notice that images load almost instantly, especially the layout and we will have many backups if one of them ever goes down. When we reached 4,000 online before we had many problems with our images and this should not happen again now.
  • 15th - Today we have some very good news! Our new items network of Servers have finally been set up and are now running on the site. We have 31 servers (to be 32 by Saturday) running on the whole site. You should have already noticed the huge change in speed. There should not be any lag on the site at all, ever - even if there was 10,000 online! The items server network has so far cost $17,000 alone to get so we hope you appreciate it. Thank you to everyone who have upgraded their accounts and helped make this possible. We still need to pay back a lot of the money we loaned to make this possible, so your continuing support will be appreciated. 
    As the Item Servers have been added, restocks are now much better. They are on time and restock with a lot better variety. You should also notice trades, auctions and user shops all loading almost instantly. As space will never be a problem with the new set up, Galleries can now 5 times their size and Shops can hold 3 times their upgraded size! 

    Another Back Up server has been installed, which now means that every 15 minutes a backup of your account is created! This should help us in the very small chance that any data is ever lost. 

    We have some new Moderators on trial to become part of our team of staff. Remember that asking for staff will never get you the position! 
  • 16th - Our 28th Marapet has just been released. It is not limited edition and can be created at any time! Introducing the Ideus...
  • 17th - A strange Ideus has moved to Minipet Island and is now selling Treasure Maps. Why is he strange? He doesn't take MP, BP or Dukka Coins for them. Instead he only asks for RP. To make restocks even more interesting, you now get restock points each time you restock an item. For rarity 1 you get 1 point, for rarity 2 you get 2 points and so on. Can you complete all of the map pieces?

The Minipet Island map has been updated. 

To make restocks run faster and to keep the Treasure Maps fairer, security codes load for all items that restock. 

What do you get if you complete the Volcano Treasure Map? A set of 9 Burnt Items!

The Ideus and the Jessup are the first pets that can wear the Burnt Costume.

Today is the day that Marapets reached the amazing 300 Million Hits since the site opened. As this is such a crazy amount, we have hidden 30 Avatars around the site. They will not be retiring today, except for the Naughty avatar, but that is one avatar for every 10 million hits we have received. Crazy!

To celebrate, the 300 Million Hits Book has been released. Around 3,000 will be released throughout the day at the Pot of Gold. Tomorrow it will be retired.

Finally, ALL Mutant pets have been completed and are now activated at the DNA lab. 

  • 20th - A new Slot Machine has opened in Enpiah to compete with Dukka Town. They only accept Restock Points and you can win anything from 100,000MP to White DNA!
  • 22nd - We have enabled Seasonal Adverts which are loading on the site. You may have noticed them already though! 

With all of the recent changes to the Restocks and Missions, it was time that all the Quests were changed. Elger quests now pay double MP, crystals more often and there is also a chance of getting a Haunted House Stamp. The Farm Quests now pay on average between 1,250MP and 5,000MP but can pay up to 25,000MP! Garage Quests now pay between 2,500MP and 5,000MP but can pay up to 50,000MP if you are very lucky! The Snowman Quests now pay more MP and different items. We have retired all Snowballs and you can now get 1 of 27 pet Ice Sculptures! The Candy Tree pays a lot more MP and you can now win a Chocolate Costume too. Before the chances were set too high it was almost impossible - now it is possible! And finally the Computer Repair now allows you to pick the pet you would like to get the magic stats - making it much better! 

We reached 300,000 Members today!!!! The Anuriah you can get with Account Upgrades until January 1st now come in more colours!


January 2006

  • 1st - Happy New Year from everyone at Marapets! As you have already seen, we released our new layout and one of the latest features of the site. You now have to create a customisable character you will be in the game. The character is you as you play the game and as you are the owner of now up to 12 pets. As always, it is only new and is still unfinished. Some of the new features for characters include brand new profiles where you can adjust your mood for your character, showing different expressions, new shops such as male and female clothing, funny costumes, jewellery, shoes and much more for you to dress your character with. Your character will soon also load with your Maramails and in the upcoming MaraTalk. Even though 2005 was a great year for Marapets, 2006 will be even better! Thanks for playing! 
    To celebrate 2006 in style, you have the following to look forward to all this week. 
    The Slot Machine in Dukka Caves will have 2,000,000MP added to the Jackpot everyday this week. 

    It is Half Price Week for the rest of the week in the main shops! 

    Everyday this week 5 Enchanted Sindi Plushies are being awarded randomly to a member who is online. But this time, the five will be divided up fairly into age member groups so that it is both old and newer members who get the prizes! 

    The Slot Machine in Enpiah will have 1,000,000MP added to the Jackpot everyday this week. 

    The January Account Upgrades will be released later in the week, most likely tomorrow.
    December Trophies have now been awarded. This means the Arcade scores have been reset and this month quests highscores are different as they reset each month too! 

    And possibly the best news of all, the Raffle is no longer daily but weekly! This means that annoying Raffle news will only be once a week for a huge jackpot of 100,000MP. Great for only 5MP a ticket! 
  • 7th - With a slight delay, the Armoured Account Upgrades are now available.
  • 10th - We are scheduled to have 6 new Servers installed tomorrow. If they are ready in time, you may experience some minor problems such as Server Errors around the site for a few hours. After that, profiles, search, maramail and the forums should load much faster. 
  • 11th - Do you know about some of the great prizes you can get with our Referral System? Show your support for Marapets and help us to grow by adding your Referral Banner to your own website, blog, signatures at other sites or even your email address. Lots of members use MySpace and similar websites so why not add your referral URL and refer some new people to Marapets? You could even tell people on your msn or your friends at school to join using your referral url. For more information, please go to Dukka Caves and read about the referral system. Help Marapets Grow! 
  • 12th - One of the six new Servers is now set up and running on the site, making profiles and the search load much better. The other 5 will be set up this weekend. 

    We have updated the Server Error pages on all of our different servers, colour coding the font on each one so that you can report errors to us much easier. But more importantly, they shouldn't load as often and you can refresh them now if they do!
  • 15th - The Pet Exchange has finally been released on at Mini Pet Island. The Pirate Yakubi has recently been seen in Dukka Town. Your Characters now have their very own Wardrobe where you can collect clothing. Once clothes are added they cannot be removed, but you can change your character's clothes any time you want. If you want to change your character's features, the default rags will return. The Female Clothing store has finally opened on Mini Pet Island.
  • 21st - The Male Clothing has now opened on the island.
  • 26th - The 29th Marapet has been discovered! Poera is now avaliable as a pet but it is limited edition. How can you get this pet? You'll find out this weekend...
  • 29th - A new mission has been released, this time in the City. Tarquin's Library allows you to complete 30 missions for different prizes. Whats different about this mission is that you need to collect books for Tarquin and read them to one of your pets! It may seem hard but if your pets read all of the books, you cannot fail!

February 2006

  • 4th - February has started a little late on here, as it took a lot longer to do than we expected and I have been ill all week. The Cheese Account Upgrades have now been added. You can purchase them now, but they will not be awarded until midday marapets time. A rarity 26 Cheese Costume that the Poera, Fasoro and Murfin all look, taste and smell great in!And finally, you get six (or maybe seven if you are luckier) random pieces of the Fishing Treasure Map. Collect all of the pieces and you receive a lifetime licence to fish in Jenoa....

You can now fish every three hours as long as you have a licence. You could catch anything from fish that your pets can eat, to Fish Minipets that you cannot gain any other way!

  • 12th - The Drinks store in Slater Park has announced that it will have a new image and will be selling new drinks. All of the old Marapop drinks are being revamped and lots of new drinks are going to be released, with diet versions too. A new job is available for your pet as a Pop Star, if you can get promoted enough..
  • 13th - Another new Job is available. How well would your pet be as a computer programmer? Collecting wages has also now been fixed. Another new Email Newsletter will be sent out soon, most likely next week, with another free item to be claimed from it. This time you will have to actually read the email before you can claim your gift. We therefore suggest that every member updates their account email address with a valid account and verify it. If you are not able to receive the verification email, you will not receive the newsletter email either so you may need to fix this in time.
  • 22nd - NEW GAME - Our brand new Games arcade has been released, with our first ever Marapets Flash Game. Murfin Chase can be played 3 times a day and you can earn up to a maximum of 1,500MP per play! There will also be a high scores list activated later in the week and bonus item prizes you may win from playing! If we can afford it, we will soon be releasing one new game every week!! Thanks to all those who have purchased Account Upgrades that have made this possible.
  • 24th - NEW GAME - Our second flash game has been released. Biala Tetris can be played 3 times a day and you can earn up to a maximum of 1,500MP per play! We would like to apologise for the problems we had with the release of the first game, it was randomly logging people as cheaters. This has been fixed now.

March 2006

  • 7th - Welcome Back! Marapets is now back online with its brand new network of servers. We would like to apologise for the downtime, but it was essential and will have a lot of long-term benefits for us. You should have already noticed the change in speed. We will continue work for the next two weeks, without any downtime, to fix all problems. Network sites, such as Marasites, may take up to 3 weeks to return. 
    Restocks, trade and auction processing and the online count have now been fixed. Games also properly reset at midnight. 

    NEW GAME - Our third game has been released. Dukka Trove is released in beta for testing. However, we have had some feedback telling us that there are a few problems with it. We will release the final fixed version within the next few days if there are any problems with it. Another major change is that 48 Hour User Protection and Account Penalties have finally been properly introduced. You can read more by following the link at the bottom of every page. 

As part of our new start for the site, MP Verification is currently happening. We are taking the time to check over every account to make sure you all have what you should have. It could take anywhere between 5 minutes and 72 hours for your MP to be verified. Please be patient and to save a lot of time, be honest! 

  • 18th - We have just started Referrals Month, which will give you tons of extra rewards for referring new members to us. Up until April 18th, for each member you successfully refer to us, using your referral link, will get you a random gift from us, as well as the rewards from the Referral System. Gifts will be anything from 100MP to 500,000MP, Crystals and Dukka Coins to DNA, Enchanted Quell, Sindi and Chibs Plushies! You may also get extra pet stats, extra upload space or even $1-10 credit on your account to be used to purchase Account Upgrades! 


Each referral you get from now will send you a Maramail with you free gift inside. The more you refer, the more gifts you will get! You can refer by getting your friends or family to sign up with your referral link, using your referral link on signatures at forums on other sites, emailing people about us, placing a referral banner on your site or many other ways. If you need help understanding how referrals work, please go to the Help Forum. 

To celebrate our fast new network, we are giving away Melted Glowing Eggs to randomly to those online, playing Marapets. There will be between 1 and 10 a day rewarded for the next two weeks. Make sure you are online for a chance to get one! They might not be released again for a while...

  • 20th - Even though they are a little late, we decided to release March Account Upgrades. There are four different gold accounts for march, but no bronze or silver. You can pick the one you would like from each of them. You can purchase the upgrade now, but please allow up to 24 hours for it to be rewarded from this news update. After then it will be back to the average of 6 hours wait. 
    We have a new limited edition pet. Introducing the Ercuw...Each upgrade has a different colour potion or enchanted plushie you can get. There is a one in three chance of you getting an Fire, Mermaid, Wizard or Baby Ercuw, instead of an Ideus, Knutt, Newth or Zetlian.
  • 21st - To help you get more referrals, Referral Cards have been introduced. Simply click on the card you would like and a page of 12 cards is generated, automatically with you referral URL. With the cards, your username is hidden so you can refer anonymously! Just print them off and give them out to friends or family, or to your parents to give to their friend's children. You may also want to hand them out randomly to people you do not know, or post one of them into a neighbor's house. You can then earn more referrals and more prizes from the Referral System! We are also running another fun Contest for you to send in your photos of the funniest use of your referral card! The best ones we receive will be added to the site and will win a blue, green, yellow or red Ercuw Potion that is not avaliable from upgrades or restocks. There will only be a few of this item on the site! Send in your photo to Don't forget to include your username and remember that if you don't want it shown on the site, don't send it in!
  • 22nd - Just to clarify, the new Contest is NOT to design your own Referral Card. The current contest is to print off and use one of the ones we have right now, and send in a photo of the most creative and funniest way that you have used it to refer members. Shops and Galleries have been updated. You no longer need to upgrade them to hold more items, it is just for you to show up higher on the list of shops/galleries and on the Shop Search. We have also added a new Price Checker feature which will allow you to price items in your shop really quickly, as it gives the market value and the lowest price and the average price on the Shop Search! 
  • 23rd - The Frontpage has been updated now. We are gradually updating pages around the site to match the new-look Marapets, as some pages are still our old green or difficult to use with fonts being too dark. We should have the whole site completed in a couple of weeks. 
    The Create A Pet link has been moved to the view pets section.
  • 24th - The Stock Market has been updated. It now works properly and has a few changes since the last version. Shares that you buy automatically sell for their current price after 7 days from you buying them, if you haven't already sold them. They also load a lot faster and there is no more redirects when you buy or sell shares.
  • 26th - The Clubs are back online after a couple of weeks of maintenance. They have been totally recoded, with faster and more efficient coding and from our testing they are glitch-free. New features have also been added, such as Club Ranks for members, Club Permissions for you to allow members to have more power, such as to change the layout, quiz or poll and Private Clubs. We have also improved all of the previous features clubs had. Changing to the new clubs system may have caused a few odd problems, such as you being a member to the wrong club, but it should only have affected a few people. Please just leave the club and join the one you should be in. We hope you like our new changes, as soon as we are happy that they definitely work without any problems, we will continue to work on more new features planned for the clubs. The clubs artwork will also be updated this week.
  • 29th - We have changed the way that Games Trophies are rewarded. Now you get bronze when you have played 250 games, silver when you reach 1,000 and gold when you reach 2,500. There is no time limit and those who tried this month for the arcade highscore table will still receive the trophies on Saturday.

April 2006

  • April Fools 2006 - To start April in style, we have released a new pet. We have had tons of requests for a pony type pet so we have released the Gonk. It is a limited edition pet, but 500 can be created today!
    39816 139821619388765 5529048 n.jpg
    Go get one of these cute, extremely rare pets today quickly!! From tomorrow, you will only be able to get one of these from April Account Upgrades.

The whole site fell for our little trick and tried to get the new pet. We will retire the avatar as soon as the new pet is released some time this week. Due to its popularity, we will be releasing it as a non-limited pet. It may not have the tooth but we will keep its current name. That means that the new pet is not actually part of this month's upgrades, sorry, that was a lie too! We do however have an upgrades set for this month - which is smaller than March's because there was too much for you and for us last month. Please remember that when they are first released, it can take up to 24 hours for you to receive them, as it takes a while to prepare them. Once our bills have been paid this month, extra money will go towards more flash games, MaraTalk and an extra server to run the new highscore tables/trophies/awards system due to be completed this week. 

We have an Angel Costume that can be used on the Fasoro, Azul and Murfin!

  • 4th - We have doubled the amount of Image Servers we have and tripled the number of servers loading our Layout. You should notice much much faster loading times and a layout that actually loads properly. Sorry for the problems we've had recently with images. 
  • 6th - Clubs have all of their bugs fixed. We have also add a new feature to allow you to ban and unban certain members from your club. 

Your Attic now has a search feature to help you find things quicker!

We have recoded Maramail. It now looks a lot better, has no annoying redirects and you can block certain players from mailing you! 

  • 7th - The fourth Marapets flash game has been released. One of our favourites, Undead Billiards can now be played three times a day with a maximum payout of 1,500MP per go! Give it a try! Please also note that it is in beta release so report any problems with it to us please. 
  • 14th - NEW WORLD - A new world has been discovered in Marada. Baspinar's Castle has been released. This world is home to King Baspinar of Marada and you can only use your BP currency in this world. Please note that it is just released and a lot more features and places will be added to the map later. Sword in the Stone is the newest feature outside the Castle. You can play once every 10 minutes for only 25BP! If you are lucky enough to pull the sword from the stone, you can either keep the amazingly rare sword or keep the Jackpot MP offered by the King.
  • 15th - NEW PET - The 31st Marapet has finally been released. Originally as an April Fools joke, by popular demand we have released the Gonk as a non limited edition pet for anyone to create!

NEW DAILY - The Tombola has opened in Baspinar's Castle.

EASTER EGG HUNT - Every year, our week long event begins on Easter Sunday. This year there are 24 levels. At each level you will be told where the next Easter egg is hidden - but you will first have to work out what the clue is saying as it is shuffled. Once you have completed a level your egg will be added to your Basket, which can be found in Candyland. Once the event is over, which should be in the news next Sunday, you can go to your basket and collect your prizes! Those who complete all 24 levels will get a set of prizes shown below and one of each of the Easter Eggs. Those who do not manage to get all 24 will just get to keep the eggs in their basket. Good luck! The first clue is mSap uAmlbt

  • 30th - NEW FORUMS

The forums have been changed to keep up with the large amount of active players we have online. A SPAM forum has been set up that pays no mp and does not increase your post count. This is the only place for chat speak, short posts, random topics, signature and/or font testing, etc. The other boards all have to remain on topic. New members cannot use any forums other than Newbie Chat for their first 24 hours on the site, so please watch over this forum to welcome and help new members. Bumping topics is banned - all replies must have a valid point. Posts with the word "bump" in them will not work. You can also gain access to other forums when you are a player for one month and then again at three months. The same forum rules apply - press the report button if you see any posts/topics that do not follow the rules.  

May 2006

The City of Marada has decided to start to tackle the problem of Global Warming by becoming the most sustainable city in the world. It has started by opening a Recycling Centre. All of those Marapops that are being given out from the Marapop event are being dumped and now the City is offering incentives for you to recycle them instead! For every can that you recycle, you will receive points that can be used to redeem cool prizes! You can get great prizes from a Recycled Costume to the Glowing Recycled Egg that has been on the top of most of your wishlists for months!

The rarity of all Marapops had been changed to rarity 8. 

  • 12th - We have just released a new system for you to help Promote Marapets. Its simple to do and rewards you weekly. You basically copy and paste a html code onto a website, or you copy and paste a forum code to your forum signature on other sites and you can start gaining the rewards. Unlike the Referral System, you do not need to refer new members to the site to get a prize. All you need to do is add the code to a site to get prizes. Its works by recording the site you have placed the code onto and each week calculates how many Cool Prizes you should get by the number of different sites it shows on! Prizes can even be Account Upgrades credit, DNA or a limited edition minipet!
  • 18th - After spending the last few weeks of testing, we have found the best way to position the site's Layout and how to make the site easier to use. We have taken down the advert at the very top of the page and replaced it with new buttons, making the content of the site higher up the page for you. We have also removed all adverts that have been positioned in confusing or annoying places. We also discovered that one of the main problems was finding pages that were not major sections, such as the Editorial. To fix this problem, we have added 'Also Try...' links at right side of the page in most of the site. They list pages we believe are related to the page you are at, and should help you to navigate the site much better. If you do have any more suggestions for improving the navigation of the site, please submit it to the Editorial. The actual design of the site is being redesigned for the summer! 

The Plushie Machine has received a very much needed make over. It looks great now!

  • 20th - NEW MISSION

The Troll is the latest mission, this time for Musical Instruments. Like Tarquin's Library, the Troll wants a pet that has learnt a certain instrument. The difference is, the Troll is only available every other hour, during the night at the Castle. Also, each time you complete his missions, the level required for the instruments will increase. Remember to check the time on the site before you start the mission!

Changes have been made to Baspinar's Castle. Every hour, the map changes. At even hours (02,04,etc) it is night time and at odd hours (03,05,etc) it is day time. During the night the inside of the Castle will be closed, the bridge will be up and you will be able to visit the Troll that lives under the bridge. During the day, the Troll will be unavailable and the inside of the Castle will be open. 

The Rotten Costume is one of the Troll's prizes.

NEW PET - The 32nd marapet has been released! The Oglue is limited edition and you can only get one from a potion, from the Troll missions.

June 2006

  • 2nd - June is here and we've started the summer with a brand new look for the site. One of the biggest problems of the site was that we had so much content and it wasn't organised well enough. It has taken a while but we have reorganised the whole site, with 'Also Try...' for similar content and more consistent, organised colours for sections of the site. We also realised that the layout lacked character and colour. We have redesigned it to be much nicer for the variety of users we have on the site. You are currently seeing the 'Day' theme of the site. By the end of the week, at night time MST, you will see the 'Night' theme. Also they are both summer versions. For the autumn, the leaves will fall and in winter, it will be frozen. As the year changes on Marapets, so will the layout. Even if you are not a fan of the changes, as we realise how some people do not like major change, we have tried not to move or reorder buttons unless we really had to! Please also note that it has taken a very long time to get it like this but it is not completed. We still need to add a text link of how many maramails you currently have, changes to random events and notifications and fixing the problems some browsers are experiencing. The layout has been optimised to work best with Mozilla Firefox. If you would to change browsers, here is how you can:
  • 3rd - NEW GAME

Its been a while since we've had a new game but Bounchy has been released. It has replaced Funky Pong as our 5th flash game. You can also see a preview of the new pet, Xoi, in the game!


We've finally managed to get Account Upgrades automatic. You now buy credit by typing in the amount of US dollars you would like to spend and buying this with Paypal, or by sending cash/check. You will also soon be able to buy credit for other people. If you buy with Paypal and the payment is instant, the credit will be added to your account straight away. It may take a few days until your payment clears with some payment options. You can also save the credit on your account and spend it on whatever upgrade you want, whenever you want, at the click of a button!
The June Account Upgrades are now here. Similar to what we did in May, there are two themes but only avaliable as a Gold Account. They will not come in Bronze and Silver, but will also not go up to $20 in two months time. Here are some of the prizes you could get...

Hobo Chibs or a Fairy Chibs with these new costumes, or if you manage to get the potion!

  • 12th - NEW GAME

This week, we have released Marapet Keeper.

  • 13th - NEW PET 

The 33rd pet has been released. Introducing the Xoi, a non limited edition pet you can now create.

There has been changes made to the Trading Post. Trades now process a lot more often. You can also now offer on trades with RP and BP too, making trading much more interesting! 

This is how the Cheese Sindi looks. Don't eat it!

  • 15th - We have released Smuggling in Dukka Caves. Certain items are now only avaliable from smuggling, which are marked at the Wishlist's item categories. At random times each day, on average 4 times a day, items will be avaliable for a certain price in Dukka Coins. The items avaliable for Smuggling will change regularly.
  • 16th - NEW GAME

A new game has been released for next week. It has replaced Paintball as our 7th flash game. Shoot the Fatty is in a testing stage, so please let us know of any bugs or errors you find in the game.

  • 18th - The Clubs Donation has been changed so that now you can only donate to a Club you have joined, and direct linking has been blocked. Thanks to our Account Protection Policy, our logs managed to log the few people who donated sone MP to a club yesterday by following a direct link and it was quickly returned. Also, a quick thank you to the low lifes that spent most of yesterday looking for a way to hack Marapets - we've had the most page views on a Saturday ever, with 7,345,817 hits yesterday! 
  • 24th - NEW GAME

We have released another new game for this week. That is 3 weeks in a row that we have managed to keep releasing a new game every week and we hope to be able to continue permanently doing so! It has replaced Snow Boarding as our 8th flash game. Addow Ride is in its testing stage, so please let us know of any bugs or errors you find in the game. Yay! The plushie machine Newths have been working overtime and have declared that it's Plushie Day in Marada!

  • 27th - The rules for the site have been updated. By being on this site you have agreed to obey them at all times. If you are under 18 please make sure that your Parent or Guardian has read and accepted them before you play the site. Failure to follow the rules at ANY time will result in Account Penalties or permanent loss of your account.
  • 30th - The Inside of Baspinar's Castle has been released! You can now click on the castle and go inside. Remember that you can't go anywhere inside of the Castle while the King's asleep.

NEW QUEST - A new quest has been released inside the Castle. The Knutt Knight is a battle quest. He'll ask for a Trading Card and you'll need to have it in your battle deck, battle the opponent and win within the time frame! You'll win great prizes - from BP to Diamonds!

NEW GAME The game for this week has just been released. Following on from the Baspinar's Castle theme Battle of Baspinar means you'll need to protect the King's castle from enemy attack! Once again it's released in beta version for testing, so please let us know if there are any bugs or errors.

July 2006

  • 5th - The July Account Upgrades have been released. The February upgrades are no longer available, and the March upgrades are now at $20 - they will be gone next month so this is your last chance to get them! If you do not already know, the upgrades system was changed; it's now automatic. Below are some of the prizes for the July upgrades...
    We have an Underwater Costume. The Quell and Ideus are available in this costume.

In other news, we have reached ONE MILLION MARAPETS!! We won't be doing any celebrating for it (the blue stars did the partying for you) but we will for one million members! Thanks for playing!! 

  • 6th - NEW SHOP 

The Pearls shop has been added to the Jenoa map. Most of the pearls are now restocking on the site. Some are in the Pirate Ship, some are only Smuggled, some are at Rapunzel's Tower and at the Recycling Centre in the City.

  • 7th - NEW MISSION 

The Clam missions have been released in Jenoa. This mission is slightly harder than Ublish, but not as hard as Blitzen. Collect pearls for the Clam and he will reward you!

We have a new limited edition pet as the prize for this mission. Introducing the Kronk!

As the theme to the mission is underwater one of the prizes is the new Sponge Costume. The Kronk and Xoi are now available in Sponge!

  • 8th - NEW GAME

The game for this weekend has just been released. We will not be releasing two games this weeks, but from next week we will be trying to get two games out a week. Candy Cannon has replaced Archery.

  • 9th - The three Political Parties have been released inside the castle. Every two months or so Marada has an Election, with the first one starting right now, and the election usually lasts for a month. There are three parties, each with their own Manifesto of changes they will make to the site if they win. Each player has one vote in the election, and at the end the party with the most votes will be in power and the changes they proposed will happen on the site! Use your vote carefully - you cannot change it. You'll also get a cool rosette for the party you stand for added to your profile!
  • 14th - NEW GAME

The game for this weekend has just been released. Sudoku has replaced the Mahjongg game.

  • 17th - NEW QUEST 

A new quest for toys, plushies and sometimes enchanted plushies has opened in Biala. You can now visit Santa Claws and he will reward you for collecting these items.

  • 18th - This is our first week ever that we are releasing two brand new Flash Games. For as long as we can afford to, we will release 2 brand new games EVERY week for you to play. Every Wednesday (we are a day early today because tomorrow we are bug fixing) and Saturday a new game will be added to our Games section! Yakubi Attack is the latest game for you to play. Please remember that for us to be able to keep improve Marapets we need support from our players through Account Upgrades.
  • 19th - NEW DAILY 

The Fruit Machine has just opened in Biala Mountain. You can play it for free once every 24 hours. You can win prizes like Green DNA and 50,000MP from it too!

  • 21st - NEW GAME 

The second game for this week has just been added to our Games section of the site. Introducing...Fruit Harvest! It has replaced Plasma V2.

  • 23rd - NEW SHOP 

The Wallpaper shop has opened at Baspinar Castle with 10 new wallpaper items for you restock. The items have been activated and you can now wallpaper the walls of your houses! Carpet has also been fixed.

  • 25th - The Ziranek map has been updated, with a couple of new places added to it. 
    We have just released the digital clock in Ziranek. It is basically a feature that should make the site much easier for you to play. It has a Countdown for you to let you know how long you have to wait to do something again. For example, it could tell you that you have to wait 12 hours and 35 minutes until you can use the Whirlpool again. Never miss a daily again! NEW GAME Another new game has been added to the games section.... Leido Bounce! It has replaced Mars Rover.

We have added Bonus Prizes to Murfin Chase. Eventually every game will give out 5 unique items which will only be avaliable from these games. Murfin Chase is the first game to have this completed for. When sending score, you may be lucky enough to randomly win one of 5 of these items!

  • 27th - The Gigantic Paradise map has been updated. 
    A brand new game has been added to Gigantic ParadiseWorm Digging is the latest craze! Worms will be very useful soon...
  • 29th - NEW GAME 

We have just released yet another flash game. Ushunda Invaders can be played 3 times a day and you can earn up to 1,500MP per play!

Marapop Event  We have spent most of the day testing all of the previous clues released so far and have fixed any that were not working. Today is your last chance to enter! There are 4 more clues to be released, which can be released at anytime over the next 24 hours. Those who finish tomorrow will receive the full set of prizes and 100,000MP. Those that finish Monday will receive a full set of prizes. Those who finish after this, within the next two weeks, will receive a Can Trading Card, Jacket Potato with Cola and a full set of Marapops. To make it fairer for all timezones, the 1,000,000MP will be given randomly to ten who finish tomorrow. All of these items will then retire (not the Marapops) and this event will FINALLY end to make way for our Plot.

  • 30th -
The Mega Marapoptastic Extraveganza has now Finished

Just a quick apology for how badly this event has been delayed over the past few months, too many more important things took its place. The event will stay active for the next two weeks - but you can NO longer start it. In two weeks time you will not be able to claim any prizes. We hope you enjoyed it and the plot should begin soon... 

August 2006

  • 2nd - NEW GAME 

Introducing our first Two Player Game. This game has a two player version, so that you and another person at the computer with you can play against each other! Football has been added to the games section. It has replaced Quick Shot. We have added a new feature to Trades. Now when you view offers you can check the shop search price! Be sure to use the Price Check forum whenever you need the price of an item to avoid being ripped off! 

A new version of Fruit Harvest has been released. It has fixed all of the bugs that we have been told about. 

  • 3rd - Its a new month at Marapets and the August Account Upgrades have just been released. Sorry for the delay, we have had problems with Paypal which still have not been resolved - but we can actually receive money again now. The official election results will be release later in the week, but we can tell you that Tree Huggers have won by far. We will have the plot beginning sometime this month and we will also have Lush Lake released this month too. This month is dedicated to fixing the whole site, so that all parts of the site are working and updated if they are full of old content. We will also be improving lots of the site, such as new features for Maramail, Trades, Forums, etc. We hope to complete all of this before September. 

The August account upgrade themes were Princess and Robot, but as the Princess Costume is reserved for the Trunx Theatre, we swapped it with a Fat Costume.

  • 5th - NEW GAME 

We have another brand new game for the site. Whack an Azul has replaced the Whack a Penguin game. We may have another game for Wednesday, but after that it will be around two more weeks until we have another game released. We are currently low on funds to pay for the games twice a week and hopefully in two weeks we will have saved up enough to continue doing so.

  • 7th - For the next two weeks I will be without internet access. Therefore during this time, I will be fixing all of the areas of the site that are broken or down, such as highscores, random events, price changes and all of the other sections of the site that will be missing. I will be working offline, and will try and get online as often as I can to release news. This also means that for those who do not receive their account upgrades instantly and therefore have to email us, replies may take up to 5 days instead of 48 hours. When my internet access returns, you will see the release of Lush Lake, more items for characters, highscores and bonus prizes for all of the games and tons of other new content. For now, I have released two new Games for you to play. Fropa Attack and Baterminator are now in the games section, replacing Fish Food and Bombs Are Us.
  • 15th - Happy Birthday Marapets 

Marapets is two years old today! We have acheived so much in the past two years and we would like to thank you all for playing and helping us to grow. We will not be celebrating our birthday, but as promised we will soon be having a huge party for reaching 1 million players. 

You have probably already noticed it, but we have changed the frontpage of the site. Its not entirely finished yet, as we will be adding more to it soon. As you already know, this month is dedicated to improving the whole of the site. Therefore there may be a few errors and glitches. Although the maintenance to pets, items, homes, quests, shops, galleries and missions finished last week, we are still working on the smaller sections of the site. Please let us know of any errors on the site using the Help Forum so that I have a list of things to fix while I work offline.

  • 17th - NEW GAME 

A brand new flash game has just been released. Oglue Lunch can be played 3 times a day with a maximum earnings of 1,500MP per play. We have decided that its time for us to remove ALL of our old games as we have enough of our own games to compensate for them. We will soon, hopefully, be back to 2 games every week released so our Games section will be massive. Laimay is currently completing all of the trophies and bonus prizes for each of the games we have, so we will soon have an avatar, 5 bonus items and a trophy for each game too! Our games section now has the room to expand and should get a complete makeover within the next few weeks, with new features and a new look.

  • 24th - Now that Ian's vacation is over, normal news will return with tons of news planned starting from now. We have a brand new Game for you to play in the games section. Blackjack has just been released!
  • 25th - The Town Hall has been released in the City of Marada. You can now rename any pet that you own as long as you have a Male or Female certificate. This is a sneak preview at the newest pet. This is the 35th marapet, called the Phanty. It is limited edition and will be a mission pet, for a new mission that will be released soon. It will be the last mission we release for a few months.

The Election is now over. The Tree Hugging party won with 6,713 votes! The Easy Money party came second with 4,390 votes and the Snobbish Party came last with only 2,169 votes. The voting has now ended and a new election with a new manifesto for each party will begin later today/tomorrow. The following changes have now happened on the site: 

You can now only disown one pet every 24 hours. 

The fee to disown a pet has changed from 5,000MP to only 500MP. 

In a few months, the Sindi will return to Account Upgrades. 

You now get 60MP per post or topic on the forums, instead of 50MP. 

The portal and whirlpool now change the colour of your pet more often. 

We will have a whole week dedicated to Characters. Character week should begin sometime this week and will have character news daily for 7 days. 

And finally, our new Plot will begin before August ends. This will lead to a war and the dark side's castle. As the Easy Money party came very close to winning we have decided that Lush Lake will also be released. 

  • 26th - NEW WORLD 

A new world has been discovered in Marada! Lush Lake is where every marapet dreams to have a holiday at - but only a few can afford to! Some areas of the map are labelled but unreleased - these will be released over the next couple of weeks. 

We have just released Photo Albums. You can take a photo of your pet at the Photo Parlour in Lush Lake for 1,500MP once every 12 hours. You can then trade/sell the photo item or add it to your photo album! The Aquarium has just been released in Jenoa! The Aquarium fish minipets can only eat worms from the fertile soils of Gigantic Paradise. Whenever these fish are hungry, it will say underneath the fish what worm they would like to eat. If you are quick enough to feed the fish, you will be rewarded. REFERRAL CONTEST We have just started another Referral Contest to boost the Maradan population and see if we can reach 1 million players a little quicker. The referrals have now been fixed, so you can now refer new people with your referral link and get the referral prizes. But for the next couple of weeks, you will also get a free prize with *EVERY* referral you get from now. Prizes include Account Upgrade credit, MP (up to 1,000,000MP can be won), a Rotten CD, Rainbow wallpaper, blue/green/yellow/red Ercuw Potions, Gumball Machine Stamp, Virgo star and other cool prizes. All those who can refer over 25 new members during the referral contest will also receive a shiny new trophy for their inventory! The cd, stamp, star and wallpaper will retire after this contest and will not be avaliable again! For more information about the Referral System please click here.

  • 27th - We have completely changed the way Restocks work. Shops which restock items needed more often than other items restock more often. This should make the School Supplies and Chocolate restock more often, fixing the School and Candy Tree quests.

We have changed Jobs. Wages are now three times higher, meaning that you can easily get 100-250MP per pet, per day just for having a good job! Homes can now break again, making tools useful again. Some of you may not have access to your homes or attics because your house broke down several months ago, when it was broken but random events were still working. You will need to fix it with the proper tool. There are a few Random Events now. More will be added soon, but right now your house can break down, you can gain MP, RP or BP, you can lose MP, RP or BP, you can find items and lose items in your inventory, your pets can gain stats and school stats, you can find Dukka Coins, Crystals, Diamonds, fruit (if you are lucky, maybe a Glowing Strawberry Egg), you can be promoted in your Job, the Avatar Stamp, you can get electricity bills and Purple DNA. 

We have just released the Toolbox. Several people found in the past that when their house broke down, their tools were stuck in their Attic. Now you can store your tools in your Toolbox instead so you can get to them when you need them.

  • 28th - We have just released Awards. They were mentioned a few months back but it has taken a while for Laimay and Ian to decide on the first set of award winners. 
    The Best Club award has been given to Shaggybear, cassonovr, chickibaby611, youbou, bitterswtmems, dotodo83, andrea123, fire_23, saroura1995, Trapper, kooldude13, v1ct0r14, Sindis, niyadragun, Terracota, nn975s2, ladyanadora, courtbren, storyteller, foshizzzzle20, markbatch, lollipop9238, profplaymaker, Aylett, electricbluethunder, Trishie, sheepz. Thanks for all of your hard work with your Clubs - it's a difficult job!

    There is also Helpful Member award for Therian, lilaj378, LadyTath, KevinWP, ck5000, piano_lady, Misty_Bear, Wayaunitsi, dragonasbreath, Rivalae, jarenahardesty, ripzacshair, Notsoswuyd, crowchick, cappygirl, wylie749, pandagirlrules, cartoons. These players have helped out lots of players on the forums - thanks for your help!

    Best Marasite award has also been awarded to Piano_Lady, Shaggybear, indygo, tootpwns, Thissle, sirensong, lilaj378, Quiksilver, valetiff.

    The Referral Contest Prizes and the Promote Marapets Prizes will be given out later today. You will also soon be able to get the Completed Nest award for having all of the Glowing Eggs in your nest. When Journals are re-released in a few weeks there will be a Best Journal award.
  • 29th - To help us to try and pay for the two new flash games each week, we have released Limited Edition items/features which you can purchase for $4-7 each. These can retire at any time from this page without any warning. This could mean that in a week they could go, or they could stay for two months, all depending on the popularity of it. You can also purchase access to an Adult Forum, which is strictly for players over the age of 18. You can be frozen for gaining access at a younger age than this and please do not try, you will not be refunded. Marapets Dying has been activated again. If you neglect your pet, you may randomly get a warning pop up on the page as a random event telling you that you have 7 days to cure your pet. After these 7 days, your pet will die and go to the Gates of the Graveyard, a new place just added to Undying Woods. You have two weeks from your pet dying to save your pet for the last time, before it goes to the Graveyard and becomes a Zombie, where *ANY* player can adopt the pet. At the Gates of the Graveyard, it will cost you 50,000MP to save a pet as a Zombie and 75,000MP to save the pet unchanged. The Undying Woods map is the latest world to receive an update. We have moved the Book Shop to Dukka Caves. We have starting giving out Referral Contest Prizes now. From now it automatically rewards you with prizes for each of your referral. It is not instant, but it will process eventually. The contest is NOT over and will carry on through most of September! We have also set the Promote Marapets Prizes to be given out automatically and reset every Sunday. The Gonk has had a revamp. It looks much more like all of our other pets now. You may need to refresh a few times for the changes to show.
  • 30th - This is just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the last day you can purchase the April Account Upgrades as it will be retiring. The May Account Upgrades will also be changing from $15 to $20. 
    A rarity 15 Ghost Costume has been spotted restocking in the Costume shop. Already the Poera, Phanty, Walee and Yakubi are avaliable in Ghost!
  • 31st - September is now here and it will be another very busy month for us. As planned, August was a month of repair, maintenance and revamping most of the site. We have completed all of our aims for August and also released a lot more than we had originally planned for, however the Plot has been delayed by about a week and the first installment should start next weekend. August saw our traffic rank increase by 12,000+ places and we've also had the most amount of players online for any month this month - with the user count reaching over 1,700 at one point. We hope that this month we can return to 2 new games a week, release new content for Lush Lake, release the upstairs of Baspinar's Castle, bring back Highscore tables and release lots more content for all of the other worlds. Our main aims for this month is to have lots of Character, Marahome and Battle related news too. We also want September to be the first month without any major delays with releasing new content, downtime or errors/glitches. September shall be another great month for us and we hope to see you all here in October! The September Account Upgrades have just been released. This month we've decided to have a Funky theme! We've also not released a Bronze or Silver upgrade set for this month.

There is a Funky Costume which can be used on the Sindi, Bolimo and Addow.

September 2006

  • 2nd - Some new prizes have been added to the Referral Contest. You can now get a White Checkered Dress, White Disco Pants or a Black Disco Shirt. These will retire when the contest is over. We will also be giving away one Ercuw Potion and 25,000MP to the top 10 referrers, as well as randomly for each referral you receive. Its taken a long time to bring back but Gallery Ordering is back. It was really difficult to bring it back without it causing unnecessary strain on the servers because of the large collections of items some members actually have. We're pleased to announce that it is back and its here to stay. You can now order your Gallery exactly how you want, or it will be the default of alphabetical.
  • 3rd - We have just added a new flash Game for you to play. Rofling Gold can now be played 3 times a day with a maximum payout of 1,500MP per game. This will be out last week without 2 new games being released. From next week, we should hopefully have a new game released every Wednesday and Saturday.
  • 4th - The Forums have had many changes. We reorganised everything so that every type of topic that is allowed to be posted has its own forum. With the amount of players online recently, our old forums were becoming too crowded and difficult to follow topics. You can also add your favourite topics to a list which is easily accessible. There is also links to your latest posts and topics at the top of every forum so that you can easily follow topics you are chatting on. We hope you appreciate the changes, even if it takes a while to get used to them!
  • 5th - We have just started Character Week. As promised, we'll have a whole week dedicated to Characters. This will include the release of shoes, jewellery, new hair styles, new clothes and lots more related to characters! 
    We have changed the Forums and News Comments. It now shows your character when you post. We hope you like the changes.
  • 6th - Day 2 of Character Week is here, with a new shop opening in Lush Lake. Hair Dyes has just opened with tons and tons of hair dyes. 50 different colour hair dye items are already avaliable, so you are bound to find the perfect colour hair for your Character!
  • 7th - Day 3 of Character Week is here, with another new shop opening in Lush Lake. Lipsticks have just opened for female characters with 50 different colour lipsticks already avaliable. Change the colour of your character's lips!
  • 8th - Day 4 of Character Week is here and there is a new world! The Upstairs of Baspinar's Castle has just been released! Just like the inside of the castle, you will need to wait until the King is awake before you can enter. 
    The Barbers have opened in the upstair's of the Castle! This means there are 10 new Hair Styles for male characters to get! All you need is a Free Male Haircut Coupon free from the Tombola.
  • 9th - Day 5 of Character Week is here now. The Salon have opened in the upstairs of the Castle! This means there are 10 new Hair Styles for female characters to get! All you need is a Free Female Haircut Coupon free from the Tombola.
  • 10th - Day 6 of Character Week is here now. Today we have changed both Random Events and your Alert Events so that your character talks to you. These also happen more often and even more often if you don't adblock (adblocking is not the same as popup blocking). We have also started Half Price Week! All shop items from now are 50% of their original price. Items are also restocking more often.
  • 11th - We've reached day 7 of Character Week and it seems that there is just so much for us to get out for characters that we've extended it by a few days. Day 7 brings the release of the Contact Lenses shop in Lush Lake. You can use these one use items to change the colour of your Character's eyes.
  • 13th - NEW GAME 

We have great news for you all. From today, we are back to a new flash game twice a week. One on Wednesdays and one on Saturday. Today's new game is a card game - Spider Solitare.

  • 14th - The Lush Fountain has just been discovered in Lush Lake. You can now make your Character totally unique from everyone else by changing the colour of your clothing and shoes (which are coming very soon) for a small fee of 100MP per change. For every Glowing Egg in your nest that you have hatched, you will have unlocked 3 new colours. If you have a full nest, that's 150 different colours for your character's clothing! This change means that there will be a few changes happening to the clothing items we have on the site right now, but we'll let you know more about this in a few days.
  • 16th - NEW GAME 

The second game for this week has just been released. Protect the Egg can now be played three times a day, with up to 1,500MP avaliable to win per play!

  • 17th - GAME UPDATES 

We have changed two of the games. First, Marapet Keeper has been revamped with new graphics and a new look and yesterday's game Protect the Egg has been edited so that it's slightly harder. 

This is a sneak preview of the Princess Costume which will very soon be avaliable with the new Phanty mission coming in a few days.

This week is Double School Stats Week! Every lesson that you complete in the School this week will give you double the normal amount of stats for the same normal cost!

  • 18th - NEW LAYOUT

 Marada is now in the season of Autumn and therefore the layout has been updated with the new Fall version of the site. We also noticed only a week ago that for some computers the site's layout was too wide and therefore caused a side scrollbar at the bottom. Sorry we never noticed this before, both of us have widescreen laptops. But we have noticed the problem and made the side bars less wide and therefore the whole site should be perfect for everyone. The layout is also smaller in size for downloading, so should load faster for those with slow connections. We have only completed the Night version - the Day version will be released in a couple of days. Also, an Email icon has replaced the Addow on the layout, which sadly passed away at the end of Summer. 

  • 19th - The Day version of the Autumn Layout has now been activated. 
    We have finally released the new Restocks system on the site. We have fixed all rarities and edited every item and shop on the site so that the rarity of an item is actually what it should be. We had a few week's were rarity 7 items were more common than rarity 2! This has now been fixed and we hope you like the changes. 
  • 20th - Today's new Flash Game has just been released. However, we have been sent it without send score working. We've decided to release it today on time anyway for those who wish to play/practice without earning MP until it is fixed. We hope to get the fixed version released within the next 24-48 hours. We hope you like Klondike Solitaire!

The Account Upgrades system has been improved. Recent figures show that as many 94% of payments are being processed instantly. For some reason, Paypal doesn't process the remaining 6% instantly but we now guarantee that if you do not received it, you can email us and we'll process it for you within two working days. More information is sent to you now via Maramail as soon as you upgrade. Upgrading should now be much easier for you and we apologise for any problems some of you may have experienced in the past. However, the upgrades for the network sites are currently unavaliable but will be released very soon.

  • 21st - The bonus prizes for the Shoot the Fatty, Bounchy, Candy Cannon, Sudoku, Leido Bounce, and Football games have just been added.
  • 22nd - NEW GAME 

Today's new Flash Game has just been released. It is the second game for this week and can be played 3 times a day with a maximum payout of 1,500MP per game. Sindi Slide can be found at the Games section. 
Klondike Solitaire will now send score and earn you MP.

  • 23rd - We have sent out 3 Promotional Maramails today. You can gain 2,500MP from checking them out and if you are interested in them, you will be helping us out. You can opt out of receiving promotions like this in the future by going to the Block Maramail page.
  • 24th - This week is Double Missions Week! This means that instead of waiting 12 hours before you can complete another mission, you only have to wait 6 hours!
  • 27th - NEW GAME 

Today's new Flash Game has just been released. It is the first game for this week and can be played 3 times a day with a maximum payout of 1,500MP per game. 21 Blitz can be found at the Games section.

Today's new Flash Game has just been released. It is the second game for this week and can be played 3 times a day with a maximum payout of 1,500MP per game. For Sale can be found at the Games section and this game has instructions included this time - because it's quite confusing at first!

October 2006

  • 1st - This week is Double Games Week! This means that instead of sending 3 scores per game per day, you can send 6! That means there is 9,000MP to be made from every game for every day this week! JESSUP REVAMP 

We have redrawn the Jessup to have a nice and fresh new look. We hope you like the changes. You may need to press the CTRL and F5 keys together on your keyboard for the changes to show up.

  • 2nd - REESE REVAMP 

We have redrawn the Reese to have a nice and fresh new look. We hope you like the changes. You may need to press the CTRL and F5 keys together on your keyboard for the changes to show up.

  • 4th - NEW GAME 

Today's new Flash Game has just been released. It is the first game for this week and can be played 3 times a day with a maximum payout of 1,500MP per game. Free Cell can now be found at the Games section. 

  • 7th - NEW GAME 

Today's new Flash Game has just been released. It is the second game for this week and can be played 3 times a day with a maximum payout of 1,500MP per game. Memory Pets can now be found at the puzzle games category of the games section. 


We have spent several days this week redesigning the games section. It has been organised and improved so that you can find the games that you want. We have added top 6 games, 5 newest games, game of the day, game of the week, browse by category and sort through all games. We have also used the games section as a way for you to find quests, missions and non-flash games. We hope you like the changes. NEW SHOP SEARCH & PRICE CHECKER We have improved the shop search & price checking sections of the site. We have purchased a brand new, very fast server to run these sections. At peak times, the shop search/price checker functions were being used 97 times a second, lagging other areas of the site - it caused 12 minutes of server errors yesterday in many parts of the site too! You shouldn't notice anything different, other than the increase in speed in these areas of the site. Searching for a One Dukka Coin took 3.9 seconds before, but with the new search took only 0.8 seconds. The Price Checker also loads instantly too, with no delay. The only noticable change is that items in your shop will not show up on the shop search if no changes have happened in your shop for 14 days. This means that if no items have been added to your shop, or no prices have been updated for 14 days, all items in your shop will no longer show up on the Shop Search. This shouldn't make much of a difference, but it will keep the speed of the shop search fast by removing overpriced items from inactive accounts. Thank you to Account Upgraders for helping us to afford this hardward upgrade.

The Feliz has had an update. The shape hasn't changed much, but it has been redrawn and recoloured!

  • 9th - The Promote Marapets section of the site has been fixed and improved. You now will definately get your prizes every week! If you haven't used Promote Marapets yet, you should check it out now! Simply add a small code on as many other websites, forum signatures, other website profiles, etc and the more sites you place a link on, the more prizes you will received *EVERY* week! NEW GAME 

We have a new, non-flash game that has just been added to Card Games! The game of Snap! is free and can be played once every 10 minutes. Prizes are MP, BP or Blue DNA! This means that now, *EVERY* DNA item is avaliable somewhere on the site, making Blitzen possible. There will be no more blitzen resets.

  • 10th - The Promote Marapets section has been improved again to avoid the confusion and problems some people have been experiencing. Check out the new page, by going to the 'Cool Prizes' link under the site search. There is tips on how to easily add your code on other sites for free without breaking any rules, there is the status of all of the sites your link is currently on, a list of all of the sites your code is on and new codes for those who have problems adding the current ones.
  • 13th - NEW GAME 

Today's new Flash Game has just been released. It is the second game for this week and can be played 3 times a day with a maximum payout of 1,500MP per game. Moon Racoons can now be found at the strategy games category of the games section. Sorry its a little late, it was supposed to be released on Wednesday, but because of its size, lots of work had to be done to the new games section just for it to fit!

  • 14th - NEW GAME 

Today's new Flash Game has just been released. It is the third game for this week and can be played 3 times a day with a maximum payout of 1,500MP per game. Simon can now be found at the strategy games category of the games section. It's a little later than usual, but the October Witch Account Upgrades have just been released. This month we need to purchase a few new servers and we want to release three new flash games a week instead of two!

  • 15th - We are currently having server problems with our avatars server. To stop any lag of the site trying to connect to this server, we have disabled it. This means that your avatars will not show up, you will receive avatars around the site you already have and any avatars you try to get right now you will not actually receive. This also means that trophies & awards are not showing on profiles. We had predicted that this would happen very soon so have already ordered the new hardware to prevent this from happening again. 
    In other news, yesterday was our record for the most ever players online at once, the most page views and the most unique visitors! Yesterday we reached 2,197 online, we did 5,114,210 pageviews and had 82,420 visitors! Hopefully today will beat these records! 

    We are quickly approaching 1 Million Players! Laimay and I have started preparing for our site party, where will have a week of great site updates, giveaways and fun events! Make sure you are around this week as it should only be a few more days to go!!!
  • 19th - NEW MARADA MAP 

As we are quickly approaching 1 million members, you may have noticed that most of the site has been revamped. The Marada Map was top of the list, as it hadn't been redrawn since we opened, other than to add new worlds. Its taken weeks of planning, sketching and reorganising, but we have managed to release the new map with every world we have on there and also include all of the 7 new worlds we have planned for the next year. We hope you like the change. This is the first version, so therefore it will obviously have more work done to it soon.

  • 21st -

The whole of the second network on marapets is currently down and as it holds most of our database servers, most of the site is unplayable. There is no reason for it to be down, we had no warning and its been down for 4-6 hours so far. We are waiting for it to be fixed but as its out of our control all we can do is wait. The Forums & Clubs are actually working so you can use them if you are lucky enough to already be logged in. We will keep you updated with any information we find out, but as I've already sent 25+ emails to every email address I could find for the server company, there isn't much else I can do ^_^ 

  • 24th - Marapets reached 1,000,000 members today!! This is a huge milestone for us and as promised, we will be having a huge party to celebrate. But as the rest of the month is dedicated to Halloween related news and events on the site, our party will be in the first week of November! Thanks for everyone who plays the site - without you we wouldn't have made it!
  • 27th - NEW FLASH GAME 

Today's new Flash Game has just been released. It can be played 3 times a day with a maximum payout of 1,500MP per game. Mahjong can now be found at the puzzle games category of the games section. We have retired the Wild Back Wallpaper from the limited edition items at the Account Upgrades page, and replaced it with the Two Hundred Dukka Coin.

  • 28th - The Snowman has taken halloween a little too seriously this year! He is only asking for halloween treats and he is giving out new prizes, such as the Ghost Costume and Pumpkin Gumballs! As Halloween is getting closer and closer, now every time you play a game, you will get a random Halloween Treat! The chances of getting a Halloween or a Ghost or a Witch pet have tripled from at the Portal - and it's 10 times more likely at the Whirlpool! Halloween Week has just started and so has Trick or Treating! This is the only week of the year that Elger has a break from giving her quests, for pets who have dressed up in their witch, Halloween or ghost costumes for this special ocasion. Every 20 minutes you can go to visit Elger for a trick or a treat. This year's treats include the Ghost Pearl, Halloween Stamp, Trick or Treat DVD and Graveyard Dirges! There is one thing you may need to watch - there is a small chance that your pet will change into a Ghost or Witch (or Halloween in a couple of days) Phanty! This is your chance to be one of the first to own one of these Limited Edition pets!
  • 29th - A new Halloween Event has just started! As well as all of the other fun halloween activities happening all week, the Pumpkin Hunt is also taking place. This is a new event to the site but if its a success, we hope to bring it back every year - like our Easter Hunt. While you are playing the site as normal, there is a chance that a Pumpkin will show somewhere on the page in an orange box. It could be anywhere on the page so you will need to look out for it. When you find the pumpkin, you click on it and you will receive a prize. This could be one of these 5 new halloween Candy Dispensers, a Halloween Book or MP. You can only get these items from this event and they will retire in a week's time. The more pumpkins you find and collect, the more prizes you will receive. At the end of the week, a Halloween Costume and 100,000MP will be rewarded to the 25 players who have found and collected the most Pumpkins!

November 2006

  • 1st - Halloween may now be over, but we've still got new Halloween Minipets for you. The Twree Stamp that was on the limited edition account upgrade items page has now been retired, being replaced by the Pumpkin Ed minipet. He is avaliable to purchase with your upgrade credit for the whole of Halloween Week and then will retire - but as it's been released later than planned, it will actually retire November 9th.

Today's new Flash Game has just been released. It can be played 3 times a day with a maximum payout of 1,500MP per game. Domino can now be found at the puzzle games category of the games section. We would like to introduce the 36th pet to Marapets! This pet is a limited edition pet and is part of the November Account Upgrades. Here is the Mordo and its first eight colours...

  • 4th - NEW FLASH GAME 

Today's new Flash Game has just been released. It can be played 3 times a day with a maximum payout of 1,500MP per game. Muffin's Bricks can now be found at the puzzle games category of the games section.

  • 6th - NEW MISSION 

The long awaited Theatre has opened upstairs in Baspinar's Castle, by a Phanty called Trunx. This mission should have the same difficulty as Tarquin, as Trunx asks for CDs that your pet has listened to. Complete all 30 missions for prizes such as a limited edition pet Phanty Potion, a Princess Costume, Musical Pearl, Trunx Plushie, Theatre Stamp and more!

  • 12th - They are a little later than usual, but the November Account Upgrades have been released and are now available. The theme of this set is Devil. You can get a Devil Costume which can be used on these pets.Our Network Sites have all had their maintenance completed. We would like to apologise for the problems you may have had recently, with Marasites, MaraJournals and MaraUploads. They are all working as normal now and you should notice that they are loading faster than before. All three sites will have more improvements later this week. A new Emo Costume has just been released and is restocking at the costume shop!
  • 16th - It may be a little early, but it's now Winter on Marapets. The day winter layout has now been completed and you should see it on the site. We will have the night time version released in a couple of days. We hope you like it!
  • 18th - The Pumpkin Hunt results have been maramailed to everyone that took part. Congratulations to punkin61, CanadasBabe, spudmoo, mummyali, Nomesy, imwright33, Silverash014, lynnzz, luv2win1949, norcalesm, jofa, tootpwns, victoriairene, Odysseus, Spongebud88, smiledaxe, kathyjuly, Momma2Be06, Kiyetay, cyberkitty, dreamlover11359, badgirlxxx, WonkyZooky and KellyKins who each won a Halloween Costume and 100,000MP.
  • 19th - A few weeks ago, Marapets reached 1 Million Members and as this is such a huge goal for us, we are having a weeklong party this week to celebrate! Everyday this week, up until Saturday, we will have fun news relating to the million members party, avatars only available this week and lots of prizes to be won! 
    The party is starting with our week-long Five Minute MP event. Every five minutes that you are on the site, you will randomly gain MP. This can be anything from 1MP to 1,000,000MP! There will be a guaranteed winner of the 1,000,000MP everyday this week!! Carrying on our party for this week, we have released a Millionaire Costume. You will soon find out how to get one. These pets are available as millionaires...Today's winner of 1,000,000MP is steshii! Congratulations! 
  • 21st - Continuing the millionaire theme, the Millionaire's Lodge has opened in Jenoa. This shop sells rare items for millions of MP. New items include the Millionaire Costume and the One Thousand Dukka Coin!
  • 22nd - The Account Upgrades are back to normal now. Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you while its been unavailable. The Pumpkin Ed minipet has been retired and replaced with 'Christmas Treasure Map 6'. You can also buy some more pieces to this new Treasure map for RP at its island shop. When completed, you will gain access to the Biala Cave where you will get pet stats and/or MP every day for free.
  • 25th - A brand new pet has just been discovered! The Renat can now be created! And yes, finally, its not a limited edition pet!!
  • 26th - If you didn't know already, Laimay is getting married next week and will therefore not be around for the next two weeks. As this is very special event for her, something that she has been saving up for months, I have released a Ball Dress Female Costume and Tuxedo Male Costume in the limited edtion account upgrade items, where a percentage of the revenue will go to Laimay for her honeymoon! If you would like to give Laimay a gift from us all, you can purchase one. There is also a new Seasonal Pearl.
  • 28th - The December Account Upgrades have now been released. They are following a Christmas theme and are now available at the account upgrades page. If you would like to send someone some credit as a gift, email us to arrange it before you purchase the credit. Here are some of the rewards: 

There is a new Elf Costume and four pets are already available in this colour!

December 2006

  • 3rd - Is that reindeer bells I can hear in Biala? No, it's not Blitzen having a tantrum, it's this year's prizes being delivered to the Advent Calendar!
    We apologise for the late start, but the advent calendar will continue until the 2nd of January to make up for it so you won't miss out :)
    Don't forget to visit every day this month to pick up a special advent item, mp, or other prize. The prize changes every day and they will all retire at the end of December! 

  • 5th - The elves here on Marapets are all getting a little overexcited, and will be giving away rare items over the next couple of weeks to random people who are showing signs of holiday cheer! We'll be warning you in advance in the news of what they're looking out for, so make sure you check...
    Tomorrow (6th December) 10 Glowing Seasonal Eggs will be given away randomly to people who are online and have any christmas, snowy, or icy item in their gallery!
  • 6th - Congratulations to kitties555, xiangying, girlflower388, puppiespawz, drew22, Tahu1SuperMission, dannygrunder, magical_sea_faerie, Drag0nCharm, and seababy323 who all won a Seasonal Egg! Look out for the next giveaway in a day or two...
  • 7th - Today the elves are on the lookout for members whose character is wearing red and/or green clothes... 10 lucky people will win a retired Frozen Advent Wreath!
  • 9th - Congratulations to ronozoro, ShootingSky9, AirForceMomma, goodwrinch, whitemerlin, jessicamz95, freakysuzy, xrosebud, ObviouslyInsane, and LaurenElizabeth who won a Frozen Advent Wreath! Another giveaway will be coming soon...
  • 10th - Our elves seem to be slightly confused today and think they're fairies as they are granting wishes! They'll be turning 5 pets on the site into any seasonal pet. If you want to be considered then write on your profile which pet you'd like them to change into what - for example "I wish the elves would change Fluffykins into a seasonal chibs" 

There will also be lots of small Christmas/snow/icy items given away by the elves all week at random to anyone they notice with something festive about their account (maybe christmas items in your gallery or shop, or a festive looking character, or using a christmas av, or a wintery siggy etc) Congratulations to idunnowhy, Aliyah, Dev0na, Firstborndragon, and chickflickgal who are now the lucky owners of their choice of seasonal pet!

  • 14th - OK, own up - who has been running around Marada shaving the pets?! This poor Fasoro and Sindi were found shivering in the woods. We hope you have central heating in your marahome if you decide to get one!

    Today the elves are on the lookout for people who have a seasonal picture in their forum siggy. Perhaps a christmas or other winter festival picture, or something icy or wintery... 10 random people who have one will win a retired seasonal or christmas tree stamp!
    If you are under 13 and do not have access to the forums then don't worry - there will be a giveaway just for our younger members soon...
  • 19th - Our elves are having a special giveaway for our younger members today... As its been harder for people with an under 13 account to participate in some of the other giveaways, 20 random under 13s who our elves spot online today will win either a Christmas costume or one of the enchanted christmas plushies! Congratulations to the following members who won a seasonal or christmas tree stamp!

lilaj378, alezma2, CanadasBabe, moka1973, maradev, gota15377, Dangelica, x0Dante, mrkite, and cyberkitty 

Finally, has your club got a holiday layout? If so then tell your club leader to send an invite to our Chief Elf! (her username is "Elf" ). Ten of the most festive clubs will be getting a rare seasonal item to use as a club prize! (Please note - clubs must be active to participate in this giveaway and only ONE invite per club should be sent)

  • 20th - We'd like to apologise for the advent calendar not working today. 

As some of you may have heard on the forums, our Christmas Newths who pack the calendar prizes all went on strike demanding more pay! Ian has been negotiating with them today, and after a promise of paying them in salmon rather than pilchards they have agreed to go back to work. It doesn't seem fair to let it only run for a half day today as some members would miss out, so it will be working from midnight mara-time and continue for an extra day at the end to make up for today. 


January 2007

  • 4th - Happy New Year 
    It hasn't been a great start for 2007 so far for Marapets, but we would like to let you know what has been happening for the past few weeks. As Laimay was getting married in mid December, we decided that both Laimay and I will have the whole of December off for a break, so that she can get married, have her honeymoon and move into her new apartment and so that I can go on holiday. While we were gone, the site was run by the great team of blue stars staff and I managed to keep the site without any downtime for the whole month. 

    However, what we didn't know was that our main database server had been installed wrong over 6 months ago, and that the disks on that server were quickly been filled up, not from our data but from server error logs which we not noticeable. A few days ago, the server ran out of disk space to save new data. This meant that new items, pets, members and a few other things were acting odd as they couldn't be saved. To stop the server from crashing, we had to quickly shut the whole of the site to try and fix the problem. This was not easy and it has taken a team of us the past few days to fix the problem, which was very close to losing us lots of valuable data, such as items and pets from the December. Luckily enough, we managed to catch the problem in time and fix it, but would like to apologise to you all for the lack of warning and notice for the downtime. It has cost a lot of money to get this fixed, and we hope that you understand how serious this maintenance was. The problem has been fixed and cannot happen again. 

    We will be continuing with small maintenance this week while the site is open, with much overdue glitch fixing and we will be returning to normal with regular news. 

    You may also like to know that in a few days, a new and unexpected visitor will be returning to Marada, and she may even be declaring WAR.... 

    You may all be sick of looking at the maintenance error page, but the Burnt Chibs is now available!
    Chibs burnt.gif
  • 6th - We have just released a brand new game/feature in Lush Lake. This was supposed to be released as part of our million members party but that week was so packed full we never got around to releasing it. One in a Million is a FREE game you can play every 90 minutes. We have fixed quite a few bugs and glitches around the site today and will carry on to do so all week. This has included updated all of the world maps, except for Dukka Town, Slater Park and Gigantic Paradise, for bigger versions with the new style of labels and new profiles with counters that were missing before. 
    We know you are all looking forward to our Plot/War so I will let you know a few more things about it. In a few days the plot will begin with a news release. The plot itself will be quite short, with most of it being user involvement. The war IS NOT JUST battling - there will be many other ways for you to take part. And finally, war points that you gain for the side you are fighting for will be redeemed in the war redemption shop to be released on mini pet island. You will be able to spend these points on items only released during the war and bonus prizes which will be added - which include X Box 360, Ipod Nano as well as many other great prizes available. The whole event will also last several months, ending in time for the annual Easter Hunt.
  • 7th - The Price Changes has returned to Dukka Caves. It has been down for almost 15 months now and was totally forgotten about. Its been recoded and restored now. 
    Pot of Gold Glitch Notice 
    There has been a glitch with the Pot of Gold for a while now which we have only just found out. When you donated one item by itself, it never actually made it to the Pot of Gold. Over 78,000 items were lost to this and were floating around in the database. 16 of these were missing Flayees for the avatar! We have fixed the problem and all of these items have been returned to you, in your inventory. Sorry for the problem and we hope you appreciate our efforts to return them - even if you are now flooded with total junk you thought you had gotten rid of!
  • 8th - The Random Events have been recoded and are now back. Pets can finally Die again.

Below, events of Minipet Island War have the "MIW" prefix.

  • 9th - MIW: Part 1 - Dark times may be ahead for Marada... There have been many worrying events in the last 24 hours, which we feel we cannot keep hidden any longer. However frightening it is, you, the Maradan public have a right to know. The first sign of trouble was when the residents of the Undying Woods were woken in the early hours of the morning by Elger having a fit. One of the newths (a very brave one!) was sent to find out what the trouble was this time and reported back that Elger was 'extremely displeased' (that's not the exact words she used, but we have to keep things clean) that she was no longer the most evil being in Marada. The newth then stuttered something about 'Queen Eleka' and ran away crying before we could get any more information from him. As a few of you may know if you've been reading the Maradan encyclopedia set, Queen Eleka once ruled the dark side of Marada. Legends of the horrors of her reign are still told today, tales of a dark castle where nightmares can become reality, tales of a queen so beautiful and so evil that Marada has never again seen the like in a thousand years. For it was one thousand years ago today that the good King Baspinar the First finally defeated Eleka and banished her from our lands. Naturally, mention of Queen Eleka concerned us greatly, and so several more newths were sent south from Dukka Caves to investigate the ruins of the Dark Castle. Unfortunately, although 24 hours have now passed, we have not heard back from them. We can only hope that they have run in terror and have not met some terrible fate. Of course by now I'm sure you are wondering why, if all this has been happening, there has not been some proclamation from our King, Baspinar XII, to reassure us of his protection. We regret to have to inform you that an hour ago we were contacted by a palace aide who told us that Baspinar has now been missing for over 12 hours! The castle and grounds have been searched thoroughly, and the search is now widening into Puchala Village and the foothills of Biala.We would like to assure you that there really is no need for panic at this time. Although the King's location is not yet known, it is possible that there may still be some simple explanation for all of this. We'll keep you updated on any new events as they happen.
  • 10th - NEW FLASH GAME 

Today's new Flash Game has just been released. It can be played 3 times a day with a maximum payout of 1,500MP per game. Newth Box can now be found at the puzzle games category of the games section.

  • 11th - Site Maintenance 

We'd like to thank you all for your patience while the site went down for maintenance. The downtime was actually longer than planned because it was more successful than we had hoped, allowing us to get more done while the site was down. The site has now moved to its new network, which you should by the end of the week notice has helped to improve the site's reliability. Its still not 100% complete because we're still testing and monitoring results and recoding to keep improving performance. Our network sites, like MaraUploads will not be on the new network yet, so if you change your password it will not change on these sites. These will be updated soon though. If you find any errors or glitches that are new, please report them right away. 

The Forums have been updated too. We hope you like their new design!

  • 17th - A brand new Flash Game has been released in the Strategy Games section. You can play Hexxagon now!
  • 18th - The Trades are now back! Sorry that they were down for so long, but they have been totally changed to run much faster. Thanks to account upgraders, we have bought a new server for the Trades system and I've spent two days recoding the trades to work better. The old scripts were not good enough for the amount of players online and the amount of use trades get, with trades sometimes taking as long as 8 seconds to load and 59 seconds to search. This has been totally changed, and you shouldn't see any part of trades take more than 1 second to load, unless the whole site is experiencing problems. There is also a Trade Refunds link at trades for you to get back your mp, rp and bp you had offered on people's trades before trades were closed. We have now fixed every broken Avatar except for Uploads and Journals, because those are not on this website and are being done later. We have decided that we will not be bringing back the Marapets Email service and have therefore decided to change the @ Avatar to something different. We have also released all three of the email upgrade items in the Limited Edition Account Upgrades Items page. You can now buy those for a limited time. Please note that the Seasonal Pearl will be retiring for good from next week.
  • 23rd - MIW: Part 2 - Breaking news! The day we've all been hoping will never come is here.... Queen Eleka has returned with this message... I, Queen Eleka, have returned and thus proclaim myself the only and supreme ruler of all Maradan Lands South of the River, including Minipet Island and Jenoa. These lands, which have been rightfully mine since time began were falsely claimed by the tyrant Baspinar I who despicably placed me under a spell of Banishment so he could steal my realm and my property! ''

I am disgusted to see what has become of my formerly proud realm, and shall shortly be bringing the Dark Side of Marada back to it's former glory. Too long has it been forgotten about and reviled! This must change! 

I demand that all 'light' Marapets vacate my territory immediately! Especially Angel Murfins. Ugh! I will not tolerate goodness and light where I might accidentally see it. 

Dark marapets are to prepare to report to my castle in order to serve their Queen. Together we will build an empire that will outdo any that has come before. We will bring Marada into a new age! So powerful and great that our enemies will quake before us like the snivelling worms that they are! Prepare, Marada, for our glorious future! 

As all Maradans are aware, the search for our King, Baspinar XII continues. Maradan police report that they are following up all leads but as yet have no definite information as to his whereabouts. A statement was issued this afternoon that they are looking into rumours of a diamond trade that occurred yesterday. It is alleged that several distinctive diamonds which may have been the famed 'Baspinar Diamonds' (originally imported from far away lands and set into the royal crown 400 years ago by the late King Baspinar IX) were noticed passing through the trades. 

We would also advise that everyone be particularly watchful of their marapets at this worrying time. Reports are coming in of many strange disappearances in the area south of Dukka Caves. Several angel murfins have been reported missing with no trace, and also one burnt chibs (though we think that one may be a hoax and now in hiding after it changed into a yellow xoi during a small accident with the portal) 

Finally we must ask that all Maradans now help us in a vitally important task - we need YOUR help in searching for the King. Search your marahomes, look around you as you travel... The King must be found, and with every Maradan working together we cannot fail to succeed!

  • 24th - NEW WORLD 

With Queen Eleka's return and the strange disappearance of King Baspinar, it was possible for Queen Eleka's Castle to reopen. Its really deserted right now, but as the Queen gets more settled, I'm sure more will be happening there...

  • 26th - NEW FEATURE 

You can now complete the Christmas Treasure Map at the new Ice Caves in Biala! These caves can then be visited for free once every 18 hours by one of your pets. You can gain magic stats, MP and your pet can also be fully healed!

MaraUploads have now been fixed, allowing you to login and out, upload and delete your images and we have also now re-released MaraUpload Upgrades. They have been down for several months and are now fully automatic, with you buying them with your Account Upgrade credit.

  • 29th - MIW: Part 3 - A proclamation has been issued this morning from our new King: 
    My fellow Maradans, I bring to you this morning the sad news of my brother's death. He is believed to have met his end at the hands of evil minions of the false Queen Eleka. This dreadful witch is sure to bring nothing but harm to our peaceful kingdom, and we do not recognise any claim by her to the Southern lands! 

    The question now remains as to what shall be done about this threat to Marada. As I believe in modern methods, and fairness for all our subjects, I have decided that the question of action against this traitorous interloper should be handled by the Maradan parliament rather than by myself. All Maradans are therefore called immediately to vote at the castle in a special referendum on the subject of war! 

    You can now vote in the Election inside the castle for what should happen next.
  • 30th - The most requested thing of the whole of 2006 has just been released! The Female Shoes has just opened in Puchalla Village. There are currently 13 pairs of shoes avaliable and 12 of these are restocking now! The Seasonal Pearl has also been retired and replaced at the Account Upgrades page with this pair of Female Suede Boots.

February 2007

  • The January Account Upgrades have now been released. They are following a War theme and are now available at the account upgrades page. We know we are exactly a month late, but we wanted to release them anyway. There will be new ones for February out in a week or two.

There is a new Eleka Costume and four pets are already available in this colour!

  • 5th - NEW GAME 

We have a brand new Flash Game for you to play. Rofling Stamper has been added to the Arcade category of the games section.

  • 6th - NEW PET 

We have a brand new, non-limited edition pet for you to create. The Kidlet is the 38th marapet species to be discovered!

  • 9th - NEW GAME 

We have a brand new Flash Game for you to play. Phanty Quest has been added to the Strategy category of the games section. We are also going through a major recode on all of our games fixing all of the known bugs on them and increasing the loading times for all games. We will let you know as soon as its been completed. NEW PET This is the new limited edition pet, which will be available within the next few days! The Lati is the 39th marapet species to be discovered!

There is a new minipet, named Jacko which is now restocking.

  • 15th - The February Account Upgrades have now been released. They are Love themed, just a few days late for Valentines - sorry! They are now avaliable at the Account Upgrades page. Here are some of the rewards: 

There is a new Mini Pet, the Valentine and a new Valentines Day DVD, a Love Music CD and a Valentine Book to entertain your pets and give them sweet dreams.

  • 21st - NEW SHOP

 Now than Queen Eleka has returned to her castle, a new shop has opened just outside it. Voodoo Dolls are now on sale there. Who knows what these dolls will eventually do....

  • 28th - We have given Dukka Town a total revamp. This map hasn't ever been changed since it was first released a really long time ago and really needed to be redrawn. We hope you like the new map, it gives us a lot more room for new places!

March 2007

  • 2nd - To improve the efficiency and security of Quests, there is now a six digit code before completing them.
  • 5th - MIW: The Election results are in. The Snobbish Party has won, receiving 76% of the vote. Already in power, they have decided that they will declare war on Queen Eleka. This means that the war will start within the next couple of days! Keep checking the news for more updates.
  • 7th - We had another important upgrade to our site today, with all of our application servers receiving a lot of work. We have improved the loading times of the site by over 2,000% by optimising our php servers to full work how we need them to. We still have a lot more work happening on the site, which you will really start to notice happening soon. We are upgrading the RAM on all of our servers with 1GB or less of RAM. We have spent over $12,000 on RAM upgrades this week to make sure each server will, from Friday, have 4GB of RAM to work with. This will also help the site run a lot better, allowing us to cache a lot more data. Then from next week, all of our flash games are moving to their own network so that they can be optimised fully to load a lot quicker and to remove their lagging of our php servers. Thank you for your patience for the last few weeks, and for all of those who have purchased account upgrades, as they have helped to fund a lot of this. 
    SLATER PARK has received a much needed makeover. As with the server upgrades around the site, we treated Laimay to a new $250 drawing tablet for her artwork on the site. She's had the same tablet for 3 years, since we started the site and really needed one that still worked! This map is the first piece of artwork shes used it for..
  • 9th - We will be retiring a lot of Account Upgrade items next week. You will not longer be able to purchase the July and August upgrades, the Ball Dress Female Costume, Tuxedo Male Costume and Christmas Treasure Map 6. This will be one the last chances for you to get a Quell, the Whirlpool Treasure map or the Certficates to rename your pet!
  • 11th - MIW: WAR HAS STARTED! 

It is finally time for our war to start. You can now click on the shields on the site layout, under the logo, and it will allow you to pick which team you want to join. You can only join one team and cannot change it once it's been chosen. For the next three to four weeks, we will have our war event which will keep you all busy! It will include quests, restocking and of course, battling! You will find out more soon, but for now its time to pick your teams...

  • 13th - With the teams almost chosen, the War Redemption Shop has open in Mini Pet Island. This new shop will be open through the whole war, allowing you to spend your war points as soon as you earn them. This shop will have limited amount of stock for each item, and they may not restock again! There will also be lots more added to the shop all of the time, including real prizes!
  • 14th - MIW: With the news of the War reaching Queen Eleka today, she responded by closing *EVERY* shop in the dark side of Marada from light siders! That means if you joined the light side you cannot restock in any shop on the light side of Marada! The King quickly retaliated by closing all of his shops to dark siders!
  • 15th - MI WAR - Stage 1 

With the Light Side now banned from shopping on the Dark Side, King Baspinar has noticed a few problems with his economy. To try and fix these problems, he will be awarding 2 war points for every rarity of an item that light siders restock from his shops. This means that if you restock a rarity 10 item, you will receive 20 war points. 

Queen Eleka responded quickly deciding to do the exact same for the Dark Siders. She realises that she has much less shops on the dark side than the light side has, but the dark side will have the advantage on the next stage!

  • 17th - The latest map to get a revamp is Ziranek! We hope you like the changes as much as we do - Ziranek was another map that had not been redrawn since it was first released.MI WAR - Stage 2 
    With the dark sides shops closed for all of the light siders, the ongoing war is causing huge economic problems for the light side, which relies on many of the goods on sale in places such as Ziranek and the goods smuggled from the Dukka Caves. To help give his troops the goods they need to fight this war, King Baspinar is giving out quests for items that are sold in the dark side. If you bring them to him, he will reward you with War Points. If the light side is to win this war and save Mini Pet Island, we need YOUR help! If you are on the Light Side you can visit King Baspinar now! With the King now giving out quests, he has decided to open the castle 24 hours a day. This means that the Troll can no longer have any guests visiting while the castle is open - you will have to wait for the war to finish! With the light side shops closed for all of the dark siders, the ongoing war is causing huge economic problems for the dark side, which relies on many of the goods on sale in places such as the City and the food grown in Gigantic Paradise. To help give her minions the goods they need to fight this war, Queen Eleka is giving out quests for items that are sold in the light side. If you bring them to her, she will reward you with War Points. If the dark side is to win this war and capture Mini Pet Island, we need YOUR help!
  • 24th - MIW: The Queen randomly decided today to allow the Light Side to shop in her shops. The King also did the same for the Dark Side. Little does the King know, that Queen Eleka will attack tomorrow.... be prepared for the battling stage tomorrow! The Mini Pet Island shops have also reopen.
  • 25th - MIW: The War is on! Queen Eleka foolishly thought she could win just by shutting her shops to the light side, but as that didn't work, shes sent 100,000 Swondors to attack the light side! The King has responded, sending 100,000 of his Muskit troops to fight the dark side! You can go to the Battle Arena now to fight for your side. You will gain War Points for each battle, which is a random amount between 1 and the difficulty of the opponent. There will be lots more opponents in the war, with more on the way this week. The Restocking stage of the war is now over.

April 2007

  • April Fools' - MIW: Part 4 
    Happy News! 

    We bring good news today, on a rather unexpected outcome to a secret peace conference that has being occuring to discuss the war. During their attendance at the conference, it is rumoured that King Baspinar XIII and Queen Eleka had been conducting private talks on the future of Maradas ecology in respect to the large number of Muskits and Swondors that have been killed as a result of the war. 

    It was announced today that during these talks the two rivals fell in love and were married in a secret ceremony several days ago! We also bring you the happy news that Queen Eleka is already expecting their heir to the throne. The happy couple have revealed that they intend to name their first-born Princess Laimay III (we just hope that it turns out to be a girl!) The Laimay will be our 40th species of Marapet, and will be the rarest of all the limited edition pets. We are not quite sure when it will arrive, as Eleka has declined to comment on the due date. 

    Obviously, the ongoing war is now cancelled, but there will still be plenty of changes happening to the site as Eleka's castle is to be immediately vacated, and work is commencing on Baspinar's Castle to "bring it out of the dark ages and make it fit to live in" as Eleka tactfully puts it. War points will soon also be spendable in a new nursery shop that is opening soon.
  • 2nd - Queen Eleka and King Baspinar's first child has been born! Introducing... Princess Laimay IIIBut as it's not April Fools' Day anymore, we can actually tell you that this is the 40th Marapet and is non-limited edition, so you can go and create one now! This is actually a Crindol. The war is still on and there will be more war related news soon!
  • 8th - We're just going to let this one speak for itself...
    Newth in the News.png
    MIW: The second attack is on! Head over to the Battle Arena now to fight either a Kevadra or a Wizadrip. Because of the ongoing War, it is too unsafe for Easter Eggs to be hidden around Marada - the Easter Bunny was even kidnapped! The war should be finished by next weekend, so we can start the Easter Egg Hunt then.
  • 22nd - This year's Easter Egg Hunt has 40 levels for you to complete. There are 40 new Easter eggs hidden around the site and you have to follow the clues to find them. These will be hidden for at least a week, maybe longer if we have to, so everyone should be able to take part. There is an Easter Egg Hunt Forum where you can all work together to solve each clue.
  • 23rd - Lots of the Account Upgrades items have been retired. We have also just released a new Bronze Account and a new Silver Account that you can upgrade to. The April Gold Account will be released in a few days.
  • 26th - A little later than planned, the April Account Upgrade has been released. We have had the Dark theme before, so this time it has a Light theme!
    You can use this new Light Costume on these pets:
  • 28th - NEW LAYOUT 

You probably already noticed, but we have a new Spring Layout. Although the war is still on, we wanted to release the new layout early, as the site is finally back to normal. We have completed all of the major maintenance around the site now and you should notice that the site is running much better because of it. We will still have the occasional upgrades in certain areas of the site but it won't be longer than a couple of hours. You may of also noticed that we have added a few new links to the layout. We are working all week to improve the navigation around the site, introducing the new Currency and Pets sections, which will soon be information and quicklinks to places like the Pet Exchange, the Pound, Create a Pet, the Bank & ATM, etc. Thanks for your patience all of this month while we took our major upgrades to the site. We are back to normal now and stay tuned for some great new updates to the site in May. The Candyland map has had a revamp. Its much bigger now, like most of the other maps, using the new labeling system. We hope you like the cleaner map, it has a lot more room for us to add new places soon!

May 2007

  • 3rd - NEW FEATURE 

We are pleased to announce the return of MaraJournals! The new Blogs have been released in a basic version on your profiles. The blogs link is at the top of every page near the online count and you can post new diary entries on your profile to let the rest of Marada know your latest news! Found a new avatar? Achieved a new goal? Won a competition offline? Selling something new? Post a blog entry! Soon your Marapals will also be able to comment on them and many more features will be released over the next few weeks. We hope you like this new feature. Many of you have been gaining more entry space with your account upgrade purchases for over a year now, so you can finally use them!

  • 5th - NEW PET 

Our 41st marapet is called Yuni and is a limited edition unicorn-gone-wrong pet from Eleka's Castle. It will be a mission pet, part of a new mission soon to be released in Eleka's Castle! Here is a sneak preview of the pet:

  • 6th - The Fasoro has finally been revamped. We will be revamping a few more pets soon, but the Fasoro was one of the only pets that hasn't changed since we first opened and is becoming more and more difficult to do new and interesting costumes for. We hope you like the change, and if not, there's 40 other pets to choose from!
  • 7th - Here is another sneak preview of the new Mission that will be released soon! The Voodoo Costume will be the costume available, and here are 3 of the freakiest looking pets on the site wearing the costume! Definitely from Eleka's Castle...

We have finished our work on the Account Upgrades system and if you haven't already noticed, there has been a lot of changes. We have changed from US dollars to UK Pounds because we are a UK website and its easier and cheaper for us to us UK Pounds. We have also changed to Google Checkout! You can make an account there in 2 quick and very easy stages which will take only a few minutes and then buying Account Upgrades will be much easier than it was with Paypal. We have currently disabled Paypal payments for improvements. However, when Paypal returns, you will not get the 20% extra credit you receive with Google Checkout. Paypal is also a lot slower to process than Google, so we hope you will choose Google Checkout instead, because it is much much better in our opinion! 

Google Checkout Promotion! With every Google Checkout payment you make, you will receive 20% extra credit FREE until September 7th! 

Also, get a free Billy minipet with your first ever purchase with Google Checkout!

  • 9th - Now that Account Upgrades are back and working as they should be, we have decided it was time to fix the old Marasite & Journal upgrade items which are no longer available. These items are now limited edition items on sale at the Account Upgrades page until further notice. If and when we do re-release the Marasite & Journal upgrades, these items will not be part of it anymore, so this may be your last chance to get them.
  • 10th - NEW GAME 

We have a brand new Flash Game for you to play. Newth Snowboarding has been added to the Strategy category of the games section.


We have just released King Baspinar's Loyalty Programme in Baspinar's Castle! This new feature rewards members for their loyalty, by giving them a new prize for every month that they have been playing! You get your first prize after 5 days of being on the site. Remember that it is one account per person, and we are heavily logging all activity for this feature, so cheaters will be automatically banned from the site when caught. You can go inside the castle now to see the full list of rewards!

  • 14th - PETS PAGE 

When the site's layout was redrawn a few weeks ago, you all noticed a few extra links added and wondered what they were for. The Pets link on the side bar has now been released as a new section, which is almost everything to do with pets. Pets link at the top is now the pets you already have. We hope you find that this new section makes the site a lot easier to navigate - we will be doing the same to the dress up characters, shopping and the currency page.

  • 16th - NEW GAME 

We have a brand new Flash Game for you to play. Dagger Throw has been added to the Sports category of the games section. We hope you all like this game as much as we do!

  • 19th - The May Account Upgrades have just been released and the September upgrades have just been retired. This month the theme is Chibs and Toddlers! The new Toddler Costume is available on three pets already..
  • 21st - NEW SHOP 

We have a new shop in Eleka Castle for you to restock! This evil shop sells Cooking Ingredients which are in fact parts of pets! This is also the first non-MP restocking shop, as this shop sells items for RP!

  • 25th - NEW GAME 

We have a brand new Flash Game for you to play. Gumball Machine Madness has been added to the Strategy Games category of the games section. We hope you all like this game as much as we do! We hope you all enjoyed our National Maradan Holiday yesterday. The server Newths went on strike and caused chaos on the site!

  • 26th - We have just updated Eleka's Castle map with tons of new places that are coming out soon! 
    A new RP Shop has just opened in Eleka's Castle. The shop sells expensive Poison! It's dangerous, deadly and should not be bought - and certainly not given to a pet to drink! Eleka's Castle is an evil place, so don't be tempted...
  • 30th - We have redrawn the ATM in Ziranek!

June 2007

  • 1st - It's June now and this month will be a great month for Marapets. Now that our maintenance has been completed, the site will be quickly returning to normal. We have been busy the past couple of weeks going through the whole site recoding, fixing and tidying up every section of the site and we should be finished in a couple of days with most known glitches. By the end of June, we hope to have returned to our exciting daily news again, have everything that's currently broken fixed - including Marasites/MaraUploads, everything unfinished finished - including the war, monthly checklist, etc and we also plan to have tons of new features released this month. Thanks for your patience with our long, boring maintenance work we have been having the past few months, but now is when we can start to gain the benefits from it! 
    We have a brand new Flash Game for you to play. Plasma Wars has been added to the Shooting Games category of the games section.
  • 3rd - We have just added the Eleka Fountain to Eleka's Castle map. One of your pets can visit the fountain every 5 hours, throw in 50RP and see what happens! The fountain was enchanted with the magic of Queen Eleka, so your pet may gain some magic stats from the fountain! But as Eleka is evil, the pet may just get really unhappy and sick.
  • 4th - MIW: The final stage of the War is now on. 75,000 from each side is now attacking. This will be your last chance to get War Points, when these are gone, the war will be over, so we can finally move onto some of the great new events we have planned for the summer. Once the war has ended, the War Redemption shop will restock a few more times for you to spend the rest of your war points.
  • 5th - NEW MISSION 

We have just released the new Mission Game in Eleka's Castle. The Fates are three evil Maradan goddesses who control the fate of every mortal and immortal marapet, from their birth to their death. The fates are willing to put you to the test, by giving you an evil mission for either Cooking Ingredients, Voodoo Dolls or Poison items. They have 30 different missions for you, each harder than the last. You will need to find items and bring them back to them. If you fail to bring any of them, you will have to start again and they will also punish you and your pets! Completing this mission will get you a limited edition Yuni pet!

  • 6th - NEW QUEST 

The Gigantic Paradise Leprechaun arrived nearly 500 years ago, after getting on the wrong flight from Ireland. Ever since he has lived at the end of the rainbow, giving out quests for items that he needs. If you can bring him the items that he needs before his deadline, he'll reward you with RP from his pots of gold!

The Treasure Maps shop on Mini Pet Island is now selling the Whirlpool & Fishing Treasure maps for RP. NEW SHOP  We have a new shop in Baspinar's Castle for you to restock! This shop sells Sunglasses which are one-use items for your characters! This is also the first restocking shop that sells items for BP!

  • 7th - A Charity Shop has just opened in Puchalla Village. This old Reese restocks the charity shop every 5 minutes with random items, selling them at half the price of the normal shops! It restocks 1 minute before all of the other shops on the site.
  • 8th - NEW GAME 

The Eleka Tombola has just been released in Eleka's Castle. Similar to the Tombola in Baspinar's Castle, but instead of BP, it gives out RP and instead of Hair Cut coupons, it gives out evil Plastic Surgery coupons! There are also lots of other new prizes from this game. You can play once every 8 hours for FREE.

  • 10th - NEW GAME 

We have a brand new Flash Game for you to play. Item Collector has been added to the Arcade Games category of the games section. NEW FEATURE We have just released a new feature to the site which we have been developing for a long time now. Pet Trades has just been added to the Eleka's Castle map. Pet Trades works like the Pet Exchange, but instead of sending a pet to another player, you trade up to 5 of your pets for up to 5 of someone else's pets. You still both have to pay the Pet Exchange fees for trading pets, but this should provide you with a safe way to trade pets! Plus, as an added benefit for those who do not trade pets, all pets that are in Trading cannot gain random stats! This is a new feature so if you spot any mistakes or errors with it, please let us know right away on the bugs/errors forum.

  • 11th - NEW FEATURE 

We have just released Plastic Surgery on Planet Enpiah. This planet is famous for releasing content which is illegal in the virtual world of Marada, but because Planet Enpiah is up in space, the same rules do not apply. Plastic Surgery is an illegal operation you can perform on your characters for a different nose. The operations are dangerous and very risky and should not be used. It can have horrible results...

  • 12th - NEW GAME 

We have just added Grave Robbing in Undying Woods. Every 3 hours, the grave keeper who guards the graves falls asleep, allowing you to dig up a grave and rob what you find! Its both evil and illegal, so if you get caught, all of your pets will go to prison! You can find MP and Bones. These bones are of prehistoric Undying Minipets. NEW SHOP A new shop has just opened up on Mini Pet Island. The shop sells Minipet Food, which is not to feed the minipets you have equipped to pets, but to soon feed the starving minipets at the Eleka Prison which will be out really soon.

  • 14th - We have just released the June Account Upgrades. Hold your stomach! This month has a.. gross theme... Much of the rest of the month will be spent on Undying Woods and we'll also have a new annual event called the Undying Festival. This month's upgrade is themed after Undying Woods. Here are some of the... interesting... items available this month! 

For starters, we have the Insideout Costume! These pets were turned insideout and still look freakishly cute..


Wondering what the bones from Grave Robbing are for? Wondering what the blood in the Account Upgrades is for? We have just released a new feature in the Undying Woods called Undying Minipets. Undying Minipets are a different type of minipet. Undying Minipets are minipets that have been brought back from the dead in Undying Woods. A Murfin called Franken can perform the resurrections in Undying Woods if you bring him the correct bones and some blood. Every Undying Minipet has five different bones, and each bone comes in a different colour. You will need to bring 5 of the same colour and species bones and a blood item of the same colour as the bones to Franken and he will perform the resurrection for you.

  • 15th - NEW MAP 

Now that Eleka's Castle is almost full, the next few weeks of news will be mostly based around Undying Woods, leading up to the Undying Festival sometime in July. We have redrawn the Undying Woods map to make it look a lot nicer, more organised and to make room for some of the cool new stuff for this world!

  • 16th - NEW QUEST 

The Eleka Prison has just opened in Eleka's Castle. Minipets inside this prison are not fed and need to be fed Minipet Food. If you manage to feed one of them, you will be rewarded with RP and a Circus Ticket which will be important soon, when the Circus opens in Slater Park.

  • 19th - A new DNA Minipet has been discovered. You can now breed a Chibs with an Xoi to get a Choi.
  • 20th - NEW PET 

Our 42nd marapet is called Zoink and is a limited edition pig from Undying Woods. It will be a mission pet, part of a new mission soon to be released in Undying Woods! We have a couple of new pets also planned for the next few weeks that won't be limited edition! Here is a sneak preview of the new pet:

  • 21st - A new DNA Minipet has been discovered. You can now breed a Crindol with a Feliz to get a Fendol.
  • 28th - NEW HAIR 

There are now two new Male Hair Styles and two new Female Hair Styles! The chances of getting a female haircut coupon from the Tombola has also been increased, because the prices for those has increased rapidly. Seems that there's more females and they change their hair styles more than the male players! This should lower the prices a little, and cut down on the number of females now using male dress up dolls. A new DNA Minipet has been discovered. You can now breed an Ercuw with a Renat to get a Renuw.

July 2007

  • 4th - A new DNA Minipet has been discovered. You can now breed a Yuni with an Ercuw to get a Erni.
  • 6th - We have changed the way that Sunglasses now work. They are no longer one use items, but instead are added to your Wardrobe. We have also added new Limited Edition Account Upgrade Items. There is a pair of male sunglasses, a pair of female sunglasses and an Inside Out Potato!
  • 9th - NEW MISSION 

We have just released the new Mission Game in Undying Woods. Trotter is a skeleton Zoink who lives alone in Undying Woods. Its really difficult for him to meet any new people and make new friends, because most pets in Undying Woods are dead. So he spends his life in front of his LCD tv, watching DVDs. Trotter has 30 different missions for you to complete. He will select one of the many dvds in Marada that he has watched before and you will need to show him that you have watched it with one of your pets... that way you will have something in common with Trotter and he can feel less lonely for once in his life! If you do, you will move on to the next level. If not, you will fail and will have to start again. Completing this mission will get you a limited edition Zoink pet!

  • 16th - NEW FEATURE 

The Elite Gym has now been released in Lush Lake. The Elite Gym is where you can pay to train your pets for the Olympic Games coming to Lush Lake this year. You can train in coordination, stamina and balance. All payments must be in diamonds. The training courses and rates for this fitness gym are in the table below. These stats will be important for the new Battle Arena and the Marapets Olympics. You can now use all of those Diamonds you've saved up! A new DNA Minipet has been discovered. You can now breed a Gonk with an Oglue to get a Goglue.

  • 17th - The July Account Upgrades will be released any day now, which means you have only a few more days to get the December Upgrade and most of the Limited Edition items. We will be retiring the Royal Costume, Marasites/Marajournal items, Dukka Coin and Suede Boots from the AU page this week. The new upgrade will feature a new limited edition pet, called Snookle...
  • 18th - A new DNA Minipet has been discovered. You can now breed a Gonk with an Mordo to get a Gordo.
  • 19th - The new July Account Upgrades are now on sale! This month has two different themes - Pixie and Skater. Remember that if you have any questions or need any help at all with Account Upgrades, please email us at Each set has the chance to get the new limited edition Snookle pet too! Here are some of the great stuff available if you upgrade this month.... 

You can get either a Snookle Potion or a Renat/Newth potion. Its a 50-50 chance which one you will get.

  • 21st - The annual Undying Festival has just started in Undying Woods. With 60 clues for you to solve, each revealing a new letter and 12 of them giving out a prize! Here are some of the great prizes you can get through solving the clues..

Ready to start? The First Clue is: 

To find the game that's the same but not
Visit this place again and see what you've got
  • 24th - Marapets reached an amazing 2 Million Players today! We do have lots of fun things planned to celebrate, but we honestly didn't expect to reach this many registered members until August, so we'll start our celebrations soon enough! Thank you so much for everyone who has helped us become what we are today, and make sure you make good use of our Referral System so we can start celebrating 3 million members really soon!

August 2007

  • 8th - After a long time with MaraUploads not working for a big percentage of the site, we can now announce that our new MaraUploads network has allowed us to provide a MaraUploads account to every single Marapets player for free again! Sorry for the long delay for those who have been without it for so long!
  • 10th - Marapets is 3 Years Old today! Since we turned 2 years old, exactly a year ago today, we have had 18,438,866 unique visits by 5,423,960 unique people from 219 different countries and 13,607 different cities from EVERY continent in the world... and altogether we did 1,005,153,687 page views!! All of the staff at Marapets would like to say a huge thank you to every one of our players for making this possible - over 1 billion page views in a year!! Stay tuned for birthday celebrations later today... To start off the 3rd Birthday celebrations, we have just re-released Marasites! They have been down for work for almost all of the 2nd year of Marapets but we finally have them back, and they'll be staying up for good now. You can find them at the very top of this site, and at the Ziranek map. Every player gets their own free Marasite, which is your own free website to do whatever you want with! Right now it's still basic, as we'll be adding tons more features to it over the coming weeks. Time to start updating!
  • 11th - Remember when Marapets reached 2 Million Members almost 2 weeks ago? We're already almost at 2.1 million members! We didn't forget to celebrate reaching 2 million members, so to celebrate, this week we have released a Two Million Minipet that will be found by Random Event while you play the site this week. There is also another new Random Event for this week only - you may also find 2,000,000MP!
  • 14th - We have a new Account Upgrades Payments Option! For all of you players who do not have a credit card, you can now buy Account Upgrades from Marapets with your mobile or cell phone! This is available for players living in the United States or the United Kingdom only right now, but we'll add more countries later. You can buy £1 credit for £1 in the UK or $1.99 in the US, and £5 credit for £5 in the UK or $9.99 in the US. Just go to our Account Upgrades page and hit the 'Pay by Mobile' button. You will be sent to the SMS payments site. Simply enter your cell phone or mobile phone number, which is 100% safe to do and they will text you a PIN number. Tell the site the PIN number you received and then save that number. You will need to use that number every time you want to buy Account Upgrade credit! After that you can buy as much credit as you want, whenever you want with your phone!
  • 15th - We've just updated 7 Pet Colours: Zombie Equilor, Tantua, Yakubi, Prison Kronk, Reese, Oglue, and Mutant Reese. Some were missing and some are just revamped pet colours.
  • 16th - NEW FRONTPAGE 

We've been working hard for the past few days on the new Marapets homepage. We've completely changed it so that new players can instantly see some of the great stuff they can do here. We hope you all like it!

  • 17th - MIW: The War has finally ended with the defeat of Queen Eleka and her dark side. The light side won on the restocking and battling stages by far, but the Dark side did get the most points from Quests. Overall the light side had more people, stronger pets and lots more points per person. Queen Eleka has been locked up in her castle planning her return...
  • 18th - Those who already have their Vault Code can now head over the the vault to claim your prize. You can use the code to claim 10,000-100,000MP, £1-£25 Account Upgrade credit and Rabid Fasoro Trading Card.
  • 22nd - The Female Clothing shop has started stocking a brand new brand of clothing, Outasight! This marapets-original brand of clothing currently has 17 brand new items of clothing all restocking at great prices!
  • 23rd - The Fast Food store in Slater Park has started restocking some new Burgers & Chicken Burgers! The old Hamburger and Cheeseburger items have also been redrawn.  

A new world has just been released! It hasn't been added to the Marada map yet, but it will be added in front of Lush Lake tomorrow (you can still click to go there now though!). Lowlyhood Boulevard is famous for its fashion, entertainment and celebrities. If you hadn't guessed already, the next couple of weeks we will be working on our Dress Up Doll Characters. A lot of the new stuff for characters will be on this map... although there is nothing released on there now, there will be TONS of new stuff released for this map over the next few days and weeks!

  • 24th - The Female Clothing shop has started stocking a brand new brand of clothing, Hotcha! This marapets-original brand of clothing currently has 21 brand new items of clothing all restocking at great prices! After the success of Hotcha and Outasight Clothing lines, a new brand of clothing has started to sell their range in the Female Clothing shop. There's now 20 new female tops restocking from the Jump clothing brand! The Undying Festival has been added to the Undying Woods map. You can now go there to check what level you are at in the event and if you've completed it, go there to claim your 100,000MP and limited edition Daisy pet! If you don't get it now, you might have to wait a whole year to get this ugly cow! Not another brand of new Female Clothes!!! This new brand is called Hawt and there's 21 different items now restocking! We know there has been a HUGE amount of clothes released recently, but don't worry, they are all fair trade clothes... Laimay hasn't been replaced by cheap sweatshops!!
  • 25th - This Foxy brand of clothing has just been released! All 18 of these clothes are now restocking. NEW GAME 

And the tombola franchise continues! A new Tombola game has been added to Undying Woods. It's free and can be played once every 8 hours. Prizes include a ticket to soon to be released Tanning Salon in Lowlyhood and MP.

  • 26th ->
  • 27th - Ever wondered what pets live in Lowlyhood? Well its Skinny Pets of course! Everyone knows that nobody in Lowlyhood eats! This new Skinny Costume is now restocking.The Fast Food shop is now restocking 25 junk food items to try to help bring these skinny pets back to a healthy weight! The new brand of clothing is called Sparkle and there are already 20 new items restocking!
  • 28th - A new brand of clothing, Twinkle, has just been released. Its mainly coats and jackets, and there are 20 of them restocking at the Female Clothing store! We've been so busy this month that we ran out of time for the August Account Upgrades, so instead we've released Giftboxes. We've been talking about releasing these for months but now they are out. They are items you can buy to sell or use. Each one you use will give you a "service" on the site. Remember you can buy them by credit card or debit card no matter what country you live in and by mobile/cell phone if you live in the US or UK! The Clam missions have been changed. The lower levels now ask for Sushi and the other levels continue to ask for Pearls! We've also adjusted the MP prizes for all of the levels of the Clam. For example, instead of 100,000MP for completing the Clam, you now get 250,000MP!
  • 29th - We have a brand new Flash Game for you to play. Sokoban has been added to the Strategy Games category of the games section. We have just added a Vending Machine, filled with new clothing that does not restock, to the Slater Park map. Before you can use the Vending Machine, you need to collect all 16 pieces of the Vending Machine Instructions and put them together here. After that, you'll be able to use the Vending Machine once every 22 hours to get a random piece of rare clothing and MP for free! The September Account Upgrades have just been released.. and for the first time ever its actually early! Remember that anyone in any country that has a credit or debit card can buy them with Google Checkout and anyone living in the UK or US can use their cell/mobile phone to buy them too! We also accept cash/cheques/money orders that you can send to the UK or to Canada, whichever is easiest/cheapest for you! If you need any help with anything related to Account Upgrades at any time, just email us at and we'll be happy to help. 
    The School Costume is part of this upgrade set.

September 2007

  • 2nd - A new brand of female dress up clothing, Chill, has been released. All 50 items in this brand are now restocking at the female clothes store!
  • 8th - NEW SHOP 

Lowlyhood has just opened its first shop! There are 4 new Wigs restocking at the new wig shop. You can add these wigs to your wardrobe and they work on both male and female characters!

  • 10th - NEW FEATURE 

We have just released the first Dress Up Game on the site. When we released the virtual world of Lowlyhood, we mentioned that it will be filled with celebrities and fashion. We will soon releasing a Walk of Fame on the Lowlyhood map where we add celebrities to the world of Marada. Each celebrity we add will be a Doll Maker, where you can dress up one of the dress up character dolls on the site to look like that celebrity. We have just added Zac Efron doll to the dress up games page. It has hair styles, clothes and shoes for male characters on the site which we have arranged for you to dress up one of our dolls to look like Zac Efron. All of these shoes, clothes and hair styles are also available on the site for your male character, so if you like the items you put on Zac, you can get them on the site for your character too! More of these dress up games will be added in the future for different celebrities.

  • 12th - NEW FEATURE 

We have just released the Clothing Rack, at Studio 5 in Lowlyhood. Studio 5 is where Lowlyhood celebrities come to film their movies, music videos and have their photo shoots! When the celebrities are done filming, the clothing they used are no longer needed. The Clothing Rack inside this studio get so full that all of the used celebrity clothing is given away for FREE. You can visit the Clothing Rack once every day to get a free piece of Celebrity Clothing! These are the clothes that we use in the Dress Up Games. If you dress up doll is currently male, you will get a free piece of male clothing. Female dolls will receive a free piece of female clothing.

  • 13th - NEW RULES 

Please take the time to read over the site's terms and conditions. The link is at the bottom of every page. We have changed the rules about pet trading and anyone who breaks these rules after this news post will be punished. We have 25 new Female Shoes restocking. You can now get some of these Neptune shoes from the Female Shoes store!

  • 15th - Finally, the Male Shoes shop has started selling stuff! The Corrupt Shoes brand of footwear is restocking 25 different shoes for guys! The Lush Fountain has been improved. You can now preview what the colour changes for your character will look like before you pay 100MP for the changes. Also, if you do not select a colour for tops, bottoms or shoes, it will remain the colour it was already at - before you had to change the colour of all 3 at once! It has also been fixed so that the changes to your character are updated site-wide instantly without any delay. It has also been improved so that its much easier to understand.
  • 16th - Both of the Slot Machines, in Dukka Town and in Enpiah, have been fixed and improved. We have added 3 million MP to the jackpot of both of them too! Another brand of Male Shoes is restocking. 25 Arazzi shoes are on sale.
  • 18th - NEW LAYOUT 

While we hope you have all already noticed, we have just released a new Marapets Layout. We started this layout at the same time as the new Frontpage and have put weeks of work into making sure it looks great, improves navigation and loads faster. We decided to change the order of the links, add a few new links and remove some of the links that are barely ever used. The layout isn't totally finished yet - we will carry on working on it over the next few days now that we have lots of your feedback. We also haven't completed the layout for the bottom of the site, which needed a lot of work!

  • 19th - Another brand of Female Shoes is now restocking. 25 Shine shoes are on sale.
  • 21st - Continuing to improve the overall navigation of the site, we've just added a new Currency page. The link to this page is at the top of every page of the site and the page features everything on the site related to the Marapets Economy and Currencies. Its similar to the pets, games and dress up sections of the site - information and listings of all content on the site releated to these sections. We hope you find it useful.
  • 23rd - A new brand of Male Clothing has been released. These 30 new Raw clothes are restocking.
  • 25th - A Community section has just been added to the site's layout. Now that we have this section, every single page of the site has its own category to be listed in. You can find everything on the site from either the Dress Up, Currency, Community, Games, Shops or Pets categories listed on the layout. Most features of the site can also be found on one of the many virtual world maps we have too. This means that there's now more than one way of finding every page on the site. Hopefully it will make the site much easier for you to find stuff you are looking for now!
  • 29th - A new Account Upgrade for October will be released within the next couple of hours. This month's theme is Nefarious pets. The January Account Upgrade will be retiring. We will also be retiring the Sunglasses and Character Costumes from the limited edition items. You have until October 1st to get them! This costume DOES count as a Halloween Costume and can be used to take part in the trick or treating event in October.

October 2007

  • 1st - This Ghost Tales Book is randomly being added to the Pot of Gold for the rest of October. Keep an eye on the Pot of Gold if you want to grab one for free!
  • 5th - NEW FEATURE 

We have just released the first of a brand new type of Games feature on the site. Its similar to Mission Games and Quest Games, called Goals. Goal Games are themed after each virtual world in Marada. At every level you have a new goal to complete related to Undying Woods. Each level gets harder to complete but you will receive a prize for completing each level. Unlike quest and mission games, you have unlimited amount of time to complete each goal level and you can only complete them once.New levels will always be added to the Goals in each world. Prizes include rare items only available from goals, MP, BP, RP, Dukka Coins, Account Upgrade Credit and stats for your pets. The Undying Woods Goals is the first world to have goals and currently has 11 levels for you to complete. New levels will be added in the news to these goals all of the time, each with a brand new prize.

  • 22nd - The old Limited Edition Account Upgrade items have now been removed, retired and replaced with Halloween items. These will all retire by November 5th 2007!
  • 26th - A new Pumpkin Hunt has just started for 2007! It will last 3 weeks, starting 27 October. As you browse and play the site as normal, check out every page for a Pumpkin in a box. When you find it, click it and you'll get a prize! 
    The 250 different players who collect the most pumpkins will receive 1,000,000MP and a limited edition RIP Trading Card

    25 lucky players who have collected more than 100 pumpkins will also be randomly selected to win a retired Halloween Costume!
  • 31st - All of the Halloween Events are now running and will continue until 5 November. We hope you have enjoyed Halloween this year and we should have even more fun for Halloween in 2008! Also, remember that the limited edition Halloween Account Upgrade items will all retire on 5 November so this will be your last chance to purchase them! From now until the 5th November, we'll be adding new prizes to all of the Halloween Events but this is the last news update we will have related to Halloween! We have so much great stuff planned for November too.. here is a preview of the new pet, Rusty which will be available from a brand new mission!

November 2007

  • 9th - The new November Account Upgrades will be out tomorrow. Here is a preview of the new limited edition pet that will be part of the new set of Account Upgrades. We have also decided that once the Chibs and Quell potions in the current Account Upgrades retire, they will not be released again through Account Upgrades for 12-18 months! This is the new pet, Dakota...With the cold weather coming to the world of Marada, the November Account Upgrades have a snow/ice theme! The new costume will be the Ice Fairy Costume. These 6 pets will be the first to wear the new costume. The November AU will be on sale tomorrow. The February AU will retire tomorrow too, with no more Lati potions for another 12-18 months too!
  • 14th - It took us longer than we thought it would to do the November Account Upgrades, but they are finally released! Once the November Account Upgrades retires from the site in a couple of months, it will be another 12-18 months until you will be able to get a Dakota pet from Account Upgrades again!

December 2007

  • 4th - December is traditionally a short month in Marada and this year has proved to be no exception, however it has finally arrived and we are pleased to announce that the Advent Calendar is now open!
  • 13th - MARAPETS IS BACK!! 

Welcome back everyone! Marapets suffered from a very very bad hardware failure which nearly lost us a lot of data! Luckily we had a backup and its taken us the past couple of days to get everything reinstalled, tested and restored! We are really sorry for the lack of information, but we really didn't know how to fix it, how long it would take and even if we could fix it all. But several days of very hard work later, everything is back to normal (well... normal for marapets anyway!) and as soon as stuff have recovered from the long long hours for the last few days, we'll have some great news updates for you all! We have just released a new Goals Game. At every level you have a new goal to complete related to Biala. The Biala Goals is the second world to have goals and currently has 26 levels for you to complete. New levels will be added in the news to these goals all of the time, each with a brand new prize.

  • 15th - NEW PET 

A brand new, non-limited edition pet has just been released! You can create a Speiro pet now.


We have just released a new shop in Puchalla Village. Canned Food now restocks 20 canned food items. Who knows what they will be needed for...

  • 24th - Instead of December Account Upgrades for this month, we have released some Seasonal/Christmas related limited edition items on sale at the Account Upgrades section. These items will be on sale for at least 3 weeks, maybe longer, but we'll give you plenty of warning before we retire them! Some of the item images saved pixelated and blurred but will get fixed within the next few days - sorry about that!


January 2008

  • 1st - Happy New Year from all of us here at Marapets! We have some great things planned for 2008 and to start things off our Plushie Machine Newths have been given a pay rise. They're so happy with it that they've put lots of new Limited Edition Enchanted Plushies into the machine!
  • 14th - NEW FEATURE 

We have just released a new Goals Game. At every level you have a new goal to complete related to Baspinar's Castle. Each level gets harder to complete but you will receive a prize for completing each level. Unlike quest and mission games, you have unlimited amount of time to complete each goal level and you can only complete them once. New levels will always be added to the Goals in each world. Prizes include rare items only available from goals, MP, BP, RP, Dukka Coins, Account Upgrade Credit and stats for your pets. The Baspinar's Castle Goals is the third world to have goals and currently has 30 levels for you to complete. New levels will be added in the news to these goals all of the time, each with a brand new prize.


We have made more changes to the Restocking System on the site, editing rarities of items, the way certain shops restock and now certain rare items over rarity 20 will restock too!

February 2008

  • 1st - QUEST UPDATE 

The Santa Claws quest games now also ask for Balloons, Flash Game Reward items and Murfin Madness Gift items!

  • 7th - NEW FEATURE 

We have just released a new Goals Game. At every level you have a new goal to complete related to Eleka's Castle. Each level gets harder to complete but you will receive a prize for completing each level. Unlike quest and mission games, you have unlimited amount of time to complete each goal level and you can only complete them once. New levels will always be added to the Goals in each world. Prizes include rare items only avaliable from goals, MP, BP, RP, Dukka Coins, Account Upgrade Credit and stats for your pets. The Eleka's Castle Goals is the third world to have goals and currently has 30 levels for you to complete. New levels will be added in the news to these goals all of the time, each with a brand new prize.

  • 9th - A few days later than planned, but to celebrate Chinese New Year we have released a new cd, costume, dvd, book and minipet that are restocking.
  • 11th - NEW MISSION 

We have just released the new Mission Game in Gigantic Paradise. The Rubbish Dump The Rusty Twins live at the Rubbish Dump in Gigantic Paradise, scrounging for food. They are poor and hungry and will trade bones and canned food for some of the better items people throw out at the Rubbish Dump. If you do, you will move on to the next level. If not, you will fail and will have to start again. Completing this mission will get you a limited edition Rusty pet!

  • 13th - Happy Valentine's Day to you all! For a limited time only, these new items are available around the site! Some restock, some are on sale elsewhere, some are from random events, some are being donated at the Pot of Gold and the others you'll have to find yourself! They will retire within the next few weeks without any warning.

March 2008

  • 2nd - We have 3 brand new Costumes that are soon to be released! You'll find out within the next couple of days exactly where they are coming from but we do have an amazing March Account Upgrade set coming out soon and all of the Account Upgrades currently on sale at the upgrades page will retire!
  • 3rd - Here is a brand new limited edition pet we'll be releasing really soon! It's the prize of a brand new mission. Introducing the Troit...
  • 4th - NEW SHOP 

The 60th shop in Marada has just opened in Eleka's Castle. The Charms store has opened restocking rare 20 charm items. You'll find out soon what they're for...

  • 8th - NEW MISSION 

We have just released the new Mission Game in Eleka's Castle. If you collect all 16 pieces of the Fugunzel Treasure Map you will be able to complete Prince Fugunzel's Tower missions! The missions only ask for Charms and completing this mission will get you a limited edition Troit pet! You'll find out really, really soon how to get the map...

  • 9th - The new March Account Upgrades have been released! Its been a long time since a new set off upgrades have been released, so we decided to do two themes - Enpiah and Lightning! All other Account Upgrade items have been retired and we will change the Bronze and Silver later this week!
  • 22th - Easter Egg Hunt; There are 36 new easter eggs hidden around the site and you have to follow the clues to find them. These will be hidden for two weeks, maybe longer if we have to, so everyone should be able to take part.

April 2008

  • 3rd - We have improved the artwork and page designs for lots of sections of the site. The Shop Search, Site Login, Inventory, Server Error and Game Error pages have all now been updated.
  • 13th - NEW FEATURE 

We have just released a new Goals Game. The Jenoa Goals is the fourth world to have goals and currently has 12 levels for you to complete. New levels will be added in the news to these goals all of the time, each with a brand new prize.


We have completed some major changes to the Restocking of the shops in Marada. We no longer have restock times, each shop restocks independently at a random time. Some shops restock more often than others, and the rarities of items have been changed so that higher rarities of items actually mean that they are rarer! The new setup is also running much faster than before. It may take time to perfect every shop as we continue to get feedback, but the change is definitely a long term improvement.

  • 15th - NEW FEATURE 

We have just released a new Goals Game. The Dukka Caves Goals is the sixth world to have goals and currently has 12 levels for you to complete. New levels will be added in the news to these goals all of the time, each with a brand new prize.

  • 20th - The new April Account Upgrades have been released! There are 2 different themes - Punk and Cotton Candy!

June 2008

  • There is a new mission being released in Slater Park in a couple of days. This Balloon Costume is one of the prizes and here are some balloon pets. Can you guess what items the mission will ask for?
  • 10th - 3 more levels have been added to the Biala Goals Games in Biala. You win a Biala Wig and MP!
  • 11th - We are changing the way that all of the Mission Games work on Marapets. The first mission to be changed is the Clam. The mission is now do-able, a lot easier to do, the pearl prices should actually make sense now and the prizes for finishing the mission are better!
  • 12th - The Tarquin Missions have been changed. The mission no longer asks for retired books or books won in the Goals. We have updated lots of books that should of been retired a long time ago. Tarquin will ask for rarity 1 to 30 books that are not retired. Account Upgrade books will be asked for only until they are marked as retired.
  • 12th - The Ublish Missions have been changed. The mission now gives more MP for the higher level, with the last level now giving 500,000MP. The rarity and amount of stars asked at each level has been updated to make more sense now. The Virgo star has been added to the Millionaires Lodge and the weird delay of you actually receiving your MP prize from the mission has been fixed.
  • 12th - Trunx and Trotter missions have also been updated. They no longer ask for retired items and have had the same changes to them as Tarquin.
  • 12th - The Troll Missions have been changed too. The higher levels can now also ask for a Piano instrument. There are 2 new Oglue Potions as prizes, and the MP rewards have increased a lot! The last level will now give you 500,000MP!!
  • 12th - The Fates Missions have changed. The cooking ingredients won from Goals are no longer asked for. It no longer asks for retired items and the MP rewards have increased a lot on most levels! You now get 750,000MP on the final level!!
  • 13th - Introducing the 49th species of Marapet. The Zoosh is limited edition and will be available from the new mission in Slater Park!
  • 13th - The Blitzen Mission has changed. There are 5 new Viotto Potions and the amounts of MP have been increased on almost all levels by a lot! The final level now rewards 1,000,000MP! We have also been really busy updating the hundreds of items that Blitzen should and shouldn't ask for. From now on, whenever an item is released, it can instantly be asked for by Blitzen. Also, as soon as an item is retired, it is instantly NO LONGER asked for by Blitzen. Please be aware of both of these before starting a level of Blitzen missions - we will not reset if it asks for an item that has just been released and there is limited or no supply of the item. Resets are only ever granted as a result of a glitch or error.
  • 13th - NEW MISSION 

We have just released the new Mission Game in Slater Park. The Slater Park Circus has been entertaining visitors and tourists for years. The clowns that own the circus are overworked and need your help. They have 30 different missions for you, each harder than the last. You will need to find balloons, plushies, fast food, soft drinks or pizza and bring them back to them. If you fail to bring any of them, you will have to start again. Before you can start any level of the mission, you must first gain entry to the Circus. Entry can be gained with a Circus Ticket.

  • 14th - NEW FEATURE 

Are you ready to change the colour of your skin? The new Tanning Salon has just opened in Lowlyhood! Its a completely safe, painless spray tan which will permanently change the colour of your character's skin. All you need is a Tanning Salon Ticket.

July 2008

  • 2nd - SITE UPDATE 

To improve the site for the future and to limit any lag, downtime and server errors, we have been making hundreds of changes to the site which has consisted of starting again with major sections of the site and changing the way they work! This has and will cause some minor disruption for the next couple of weeks but you will very quickly notice a huge change in the stability of the site, its loading times and with most glitches on the site being fixed. We also have tons of great new stuff coming out this month - including the Olympics and the Undying Festival! We also have a brand new World being discovered in Marada! All we ask is for your patience for the next few weeks. We will keep you updated in the news with all of the major changes around the site as we complete them!

  • 14th - SITE UPDATE 

As some of you may already know, to help upgrade the site and move it to our new faster and more stable system, we had to completely reprogram a site! It has taken the past 3-4 months to literally start again with the site and code over 3 year's work again. I'm happy to say that the vast majority (approximately 80% of the site) of this has been completed and is now online and running on the site. You may of noticed that as sections of the "new" site were added, these sections had lots of new features added and quite few old ones removed. The main benefit is that they are a lot faster and more stable than before but its also allowed for us to add new features. Auctions can now be for marapals and club members only. Search around the site is a lot faster and we managed to bring back the very useful Attic Search. Blogs can now be commented on. Signatures/fonts/avatars can now be different in Forums, Maramail and Clubs. These are just a few of the many changes that have been made - there is too many to list!

  • 15th - We have just released 2 brand new Games - Thunder Card and Uno! These new flash games are in the Card Games category. They cannot send score at the moment but this and any other games that have bugs are being worked on now.
  • 16th - The King's Loyalty Prizes have been updated. The King now tells you the exact date and time you joined Marapets and he is rewarded players up to 3 years now!
  • 16th - A new set of items has just been released! Boosters are one use items that you can use on pets to gain stats. There is a time limit for using them, based on the level of your pet, using the same hourly time limits as the Gym. You can gain between 1 and 6 stats from each booster. The Magic Booster is one of the new Loyalty Prize items and the other 5 boosters are in the new limited edition Account Upgrade items.
  • 16th - Its Election Time again in Marada and YOUR vote counts! Go to Baspinar's Castle, check out all 3 parties and vote for your favourite! At the end of the election, the party with the most votes will be elected and will make all of the changes they promise in their manifesto!
  • 18th - The Dukka Caves Goals now has 19 new levels!
  • 20th - NEW WORLD 

A brand new world has just been discovered in Marada. The Lost City of Simeria has just been released. Expect a lot of awesome new places to be added to this map really soon...

  • 21st - NEW QUEST 

A brand new quest, the Simerian Explorer has just been released in the Lost City of Simeria. The lost city of Simeria is in ruins for an unknown reason. Only recently discovered, the world has so much undiscovered history. Why was the city destroyed? What happened to the rest of the Simerian tribe? There are so many questions to be answered! That is why explorers spend so much time in this world.

  • 21st - Who likes the new Light Fairy and Explorer costumes?
  • 22nd - The new July Account Upgrades have been released! There are 2 different themes - Explorer and Light Fairy!
  • 28th - A new feature is coming to Simeria soon and you'll be able to get Mummy pets! Here are 5 Mummy pets...
  • 29th - The Jenoa Goals now has 19 new levels!

August 2008

  • 6th - NEW DAILY 

The Simerian Statue was built thousands of years ago, before Simeria was destroyed. It has survived all of the wars and has watched thousands of years of history develop around it.

  • 8th - NEW FEATURE 

An ancient Temple has just opened for you to explore in Simeria. Its very dangerous, so you can only send in one pet at a time and while the pet is inside the temple, you cannot trade or exchange the pet. Make sure you are prepared - the temple has many obstacles, 30 levels some say, but not many have made it all the way to the treasure deep inside! While inside the temple, your pet will see ancient symbols on the walls or floor which will help him safely proceed to the next level. But you will need to use Runes to help translate.

  • 14th - NEW DAILY 

A new daily game has been released in the Lost City of Simeria. Archeology can be played once every 24 hours.

  • 16th - NEW SHOP 

With the increase of tourists and explorers since the rediscovery of Simeria, these collectable Mummy Dolls are being sold at increased prices. Who would pay this much BP for a doll? They must do something really cool...

  • 17th - NEW FEATURE 

We have just released a new Goals Game. The Ziranek Goals is the seventh world to have goals and currently has 16 levels for you to complete.

  • 18th - NEW SHOP 

The 61st shop in Marada has just opened in Ziranek. The Batteries store has opened restocking 40 battery items. You'll find out soon what they're for...

  • 18th - NEW FEATURE 

This ancient Temple has been opened for you to explore. Its very dangerous, so you can only send in one pet at a time and while the pet is inside the temple, you cannot trade or exchange the pet. Make sure you are prepared - the temple has many obstacles, 30 levels some say, but not many have made it all the way to the treasure deep inside! While inside the temple, your pet will notice many closed, locked doors while can only be opened with a special Key. Some doors even need several keys!

  • 20th - NEW FEATURE 

The Simerian University is where pets can be sent for advanced education, by ancient Simerian explorers who have centuries of experience in Simeria and around ancient Marada. There are 8 different courses you can take part in at the University and after each session, you gain a level in this course. Each course requires Scholarships. The courses are modern but as the tutor is not so modern, he sometimes teaches your pet ancient Hieroglyphics which can help you in a new Simerian Temple...


Marapets is 4 Years Old!! Ok, so we are a few days late for our birthday but there was so much more interesting news to release instead, and we were waiting for confirmation before giving you this awesome news! You all probably know that the sites had a massive hardware problem causing us to crash everyday. We could of paid to replace the broken parts of the server, but that would of required us to close the site, backup everything, fix the server, reinstall and configure everything and move the site back to the fixed server. But we decided not to do that, because even if everything went well, we'd have a minimum of 7 days downtime and thats way too long - especially when we don't know for sure if that would fix the server, there could be more broken on it. So instead, we decided to deal with these annoying errors and downtime for a couple of months to save up for a bigger and better new server and system for the site, which we need for the future growth of the site anyway. This was finally bought and is shipping in 5 to 10 working days!! This means that by the end of next week or at the start of the week after that, we will have approx 3 hours downtime while we move to our new system. This will give us a stable site that will be much faster, can hold more players on and we won't crash all the time with stupid server errors!! It also means that all of the broken & disabled features around the site can start return and with less errors and problems for us, the more time we can spend improving the site!

  • 21st - NEW FEATURE 

We have just released a new Goals Game. At every level you have a new goal to complete related to Minipet Island. Each level gets harder to complete but you will receive a prize for completing each level. Unlike quest and mission games, you have unlimited amount of time to complete each goal level and you can only complete them once. New levels will always be added to the Goals in each world. Prizes include rare items only avaliable from goals, MP, BP, RP, Dukka Coins, Account Upgrade Credit and stats for your pets. The Minipet Island Goals is the eighth world to have goals and currently has 15 levels for you to complete.

  • 22nd - NEW FEATURE 

This ancient Temple has been opened for you to explore. Its very dangerous, so you can only send in one pet at a time and while the pet is inside the temple, you cannot trade or exchange the pet. Make sure you are prepared - the temple has many obstacles, 30 levels some say, but not many have made it all the way to the treasure deep inside! While inside the temple, your pet will see ancient symbols on the walls or floor which will help him safely proceed to the next level. But you will need Hieroglyphics to help translate.

  • 23rd - NEW FEATURE 

The Simerian Sundial is where time was first invented. The Light Fairy realised that the light from the sun gave her all of her magical powers, and that she could tell what time of day it from the position of the sun in the sky. At midday, when the sun was at its highest, she had the strongest power. Ever since Ziranek was invented, everything went digital and Maradans forgot all about her and the Sundial she invented. She slipped into a depression and now takes out all of her anger by killing innocent pets. You can sacrifice your pet to the Light Fairy if you have a Mummy Doll that is the same species as your pet. She'll happily kill it and when shes done, she'll mummify your pet for you to stop it smelling so bad! When shes done, you'll have a Mummy Pet. It might just be a rumour, but if you are really, really, really lucky you may catch her in a good mood and she'll give you a Light Fairy Doll too...

  • 24th - NEW FEATURE 

The Voodoo Doll items have finally been activated. You can now use one to curse a pet. You can curse your own pets, or curse another person's pet. All you need to do is have a doll in your Inventory, visit a pet's profile and curse them. When you curse a pet, it becomes sick and unhappy. Don't want to get cursed? Hire a Witch Doctor! The Witch Doctor has just been added to the Eleka's Castle map. For 25RP per pet, you can hire the Witch Doctor to protect you against any curses!

September 2008

  • 4th - NEW SHOP 

Simeria has just open an Antiques Shop. The Simerian Antique shop sells rare and expensive antique items. All items for sale in this shop are sold for at least 10,000,000MP. Any of these items could retire at any time without warning - I have limited stock and will never reveal how much of each item I am selling! When they run out, I usually can't get anymore of them! Check back regularly for new items, I am always finding new artifacts and antiques around this ancient lost city.

  • 5th - NEW QUEST 

The Robot Repair has just opened in Ziranek. Old Robot Minipets here are being sold for parts because they are broken. All they need is a new Battery to repair them! If you manage to repair one of them, you will be rewarded with MP and you may even be lucky enough to get to keep the Robot that you repaired!

  • 7th - NEW FEATURE 

The new Dentist has just opened in Lowlyhood! For just the price of Dentist Ticket you can have a brand new smile!

  • 7th - We are also still releasing the August Account Upgrades early this week. It will be 2 themes - Simerian and Earth Fairy. Who likes these Earth Fairy pets??
  • 10th - The new August Account Upgrades have been released! There are 2 different themes - Simerian and Earth Fairy!
  • 14th - NEW QUEST 

The real Biala Santa likes to give out gifts at Christmas, but cannot afford to do this all year around. To help Santa Claus to afford this, he gives out quests for you to send items to players. He will select a random item, as a christmas gift that you will need to send to the player who last completed one of his quests. But if you were the last person to complete his quest, he will select a player at random who is playing right now. You may also receive an item from someone else when you complete a Secret Santa quest.

  • 17th - NEW FEATURE 

The Marapals system has been upgraded. The new Friends feature plays a much bigger part of the site now. Your friends list is also now on profiles, with your Best Friends showing at the top of the list. Your top 32 friends also show up on the a list when you send items or mail and you can also set up Auctions just for your friends to bid on. Also, when you view your Avatars Collection you can now select an avatar to show on profiles and on the satellite search. The Friends feature will have a lot more features added to it as we develop our Community section of the site - which will soon include new Forums, Clubs and Maramail updates.

  • 20th - NEW FEATURE 

The Referral System has just been re-released. You can now once again refer new players to Marapets. If you refer enough players with your referral link, you will be able to win awesome prizes such as Rofling Potions and a Mugen minipet! Visit the referral system at the Dukka Caves for more information. You now receive also an alert when you have referred a new player.

October 2008

By 2008 they had gathered enough money to equip themselves with what Ian described, as a server system which could accept up to 50,000 members playing all at the same time.

  • 7th - Marapets is the place to be this weekend, with the Undying Festival starting on Friday! Follow the clues for great prizes and a limited edition Daisy pet if you complete the challenge!
  • 9th - The new September Account Upgrades have been released! We know its late, but we are trying hard to catch up with the Account Upgrades so they can be out on time! There are 2 different themes - Geek and Fire Fairy!
  • 10th - The 2008 Undying Festival has just started! There 42 levels to complete. Win great, including MP, BP, Account Upgrades credit and new items that will retire after this event. If you complete all 42 levels you will also be able to turn one of your pets into a Limited Edition Daisy pet and receive a new hidden avatar!

    Undying Festival

  • 17th - We have added PayPal once again to our Account Upgrades payment options. This is a trial return and may be removed at anytime in the future. Anyone who wanted to buy an Account Upgrade but couldn't use Google Checkout can now pay with PayPal - but those who could use Google Checkout should continue to do so because you will get extra credit.
  • 19th - NEW PET 

A new limited edition pet is about to be released. The Nino...

  • 25th - The new October Account Upgrades have been released! There are 2 different themes - Goblin and Undying Fairy! They both count as "Halloween themed" costumes which can be used during the Halloween Events starting this week!!
  • 29th - Can you find the Halloween Snowman 08 avatar we have hidden? It'll be too late to get it soon...

November 2008

  • 10th - UPDATE 

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Laimay was sick a few days before Halloween which meant that a few things were missing for the Halloween Events to start on time. By the time I received them, I got sick and spent the week in bed! To make things worse, the Shop Search and Gallery Search completely crashed and showed up a lot of potential problems we could run into with it in the future. It took a lot of time to fix, but the good news is that they both now work perfectly and will not have this same problem again! As we prepared most of the Halloween Events before all this happened, it will be a shame to not use them so we WILL carry on with the events, even though Halloween is a distant memory to most of you now. But who cares? It'll still be lots of fun! And we promise, Christmas Events will be better AND on time.

  • 10th - A new Pumpkin Hunt has just started for 2008! It will last 3 weeks. As you browse and play the site as normal, check out every page for a Pumpkin in a box. When you find it, click it and you'll get a prize! 
    The 250 different players who collect the most pumpkins will receive 1,000,000MP and a limited edition Hot Dog Trading Card! The next 250 will just get a Hot Dog Trading Card. 25 lucky players who have collected more than 100 pumpkins will also be randomly selected to win a retired Halloween Costume!
  • 30th - Its that time of year again when things are afoot in Biala! We've had our elves standing over the advent newths bribing them with fresh fish to make sure they work hard and as a result we are pleased to announce that the Advent Calendar is now open! 
    You can visit the calendar once a day all through December to claim a free gift - it could be an advent item, some mp, or another prize. The prize changes every day, so make sure you don't miss out!

December 2008

  • 3rd - As some of you have already noticed, our Christmas Elf is back in Marada this year! Elves get very excited about the holiday season and whenever the advent newths are working well and she has some time to spare the head elf loves to wander around Marada looking for signs of festive spirit and giving out presents to random members. Look out for her on the forums (her account name is Elf) - if you have a festive doll, siggy, or avatar then you might get lucky! As well as random small presents there will be giveaways in the news for rare items and some very festive LE pets.
  • 22nd - The new December Account Upgrades have been released! There are 2 different themes - Gingerbread and Snowman!


January 2009

  • 28th - The new January Account Upgrades have been released! There are 2 different themes - Vortex and Space Fairy! We have also added Canadian SMS Account Upgrade payment options. Thanks for supporting Marapets.

February 2009

  • 1st - NEW SHOP 

A new shop has opened in Minipet Island. The shop restocks Seeds which you will soon be able to plant in the Garden of your Marapet Houses. Each seed pack could grow into a rare Organic Minipet!

  • 2nd - A new Trailer Costume is about to be released.
  • 3rd - New limited edition Account Upgrade Items have been released. These Mordo Potions will get you a limited edition Mordo pet and the new Certificates will rename your pet. These are very limited and only a specific number will be sold.
  • 6th - NEW WORLD 
    A deadly vortex randomly appeared one day and completely destroyed the friendly town of Hicksville. Emergency aid was distributed to the displaced victims of the vortex, but after two hundred and seventy three years with the vortex still at category five storm strength, the town has since been abandoned. All that is left is a temporary trailer park filled with poverty, trash, crime and violence.
  • 7th - NEW PET 
    The 51st species of Marapet has just been released!!! The Arinya is limited edition and will be avaliable from a new mission in Vortex Park really soon! What items will the mission ask for?
  • 9th - NEW QUEST 
    The Travis Truck quest has been released in Vortex Park.
  • 11th - NEW MISSION 
    We have just released the new Mission Game in Vortex Park. Vortex Park has a serious problem with crime. Crime rates in this world alone are bigger than all of the other Maradan worlds combined. The Vortex Park Penitentiary state of the art detention and correctional centre handles hundreds of high risk criminals from around Marada.​​​​​​​
  • 11th - It has been a while since we had any Limited Edition items that randomly show up on sale at the Account Upgrades page. We now have a pearl, cd, dvd, book, minipet, 750 Dukka Coin, Trading Card and Pizza on sale! These will all RETIRE in the first week of March, along with the Mordo Potions and the old Account Upgrades - when we release the March Account Upgrades.
  • 11th - NEW GAME 
    Jenoa now has its own Scratchcards kiosk.​​​​​​​
  • 12th - The Pumpkin Hunt winners have just been released. Congratulations to all of those who were in the Top 500 and received a Hot Dog Trading Card. If you were a winner, you will now have your MP and/or Trading Card, and a Maramail Alert. If you haven't received one, you were not in the top 500 and you did not get a prize. Well done to everyone that took part, and we are sincerely sorry for the delay - our maintenance took top priority!
  • 12th - NEW CLUBS 
    All of the known glitches and errors with Clubs have now been fixed. The new Clubs also have lots of new features and some of the biggest changes are:

Club Item Donations - if you are a member of a club, you can now easily donate any of the items in your Inventory to your club. These items go to the 'Club Items' storage where every member can see what items currently belong to a Club and your item donation is logged and listed on the Donations list for all to see. 

Club Shops - any items donated to a club can be priced by the leader of the club, or by any member who is given permission to price the items. When items are priced, they go on sale in the Club Shop that only Club Members can buy from. All MP from sales of items in the Club Shop go to the Club Till. There is also a Sales History for each club for all members to see. 

Club Poll - the club polls have been fixed and results of the votes now show up instantly. 

Club Quiz - the quiz feature has been fixed and you can now also delete the list of Club Quiz Winners at any time. 

Club Donations - donations and the club till have been fixed and you can delete the list of MP donated to the club at any time. 

Club Chat - club chat is now a lot faster and there is a new feature that allows you to delete all of the posts of a specific club member. This is useful for deleting all the posts of a spammer or a club member who has been banned.​​​​​​​

    Our first event has just started. Love Hearts may randomly appear anywhere on the page at any time while you are playing Marapets this weekend. Make sure you click it - everytime you do you may get a random prize! It could be MP, a Princess minipet or a rare valentines food item! Starting later today and finishing on Monday, all weekend will have Valentines Day events. For our main event, you will need to have a pink, valentines, pixie, love, cotton candy or princess coloured pet to enter.
  • 14th - The new February Account Upgrades have been released! There are 2 different themes - Valentine and Cowboy!


  • 14th - WEBSITES & UPLOADS 
    After a long few months without Uploads and Marasites, we decided to bring them back. We had sadly decided to discontinue these free services we provided for everyone, because of the cost and extra workload managing them was for us, especially at a time when the rest of the Marapets had an exceptional workload all year, to upgrade and fix the whole site and network. Now that the Marapets site is finally manageable, we have decided to bring back these services. MaraSites is now back and running better than it has ever done before. Uploads now has a new website, but will still be unreliable and glitchy like it has been before. It is scheduled to have a big upgrade in a few months to fix these problems.​​​​​​​
    Our second event has just started. The loving Candy Tree has so much Candy and Chocolate that he gives Valentines Day treats to any pink, valentines, pixie, love, cotton candy or princess coloured pets. If you have one of these pets, you can visit the Candy Tree once every 15 Minutes, until the event ends on Monday, and he will be your pet's Valentine. With every visit he will shower your pet in gifts!​​​​​​​
  • 16th - PROFILES & BLOGS 
    We have upgraded Profiles. You can now edit the colour of the text, headings and links on your Profile to a colour you have unlocked with your Glowing Eggs. Blogs have also been upgraded with a new faster server setup, allowing us to add new features really soon to improve the Blogs. We have also changed the way that your Blog posts show on your Profiles.​​​​​​​
  • 17th - NEW JOBS 
    We have improved the way that the Job Centre and Promotions work. We were not happy with the old system and decided a complete overhaul of them was necessary. There are 24 different Jobs avaliable all of the time, if you pet has the correct stats required. Every job has a total of 15 Levels. Each level gets harder to complete in terms of stat requirements, but you are rewarded with more Wages of MP every day. The stats required for jobs are now Gym, Elite Gym, School, University, Books, CDs, DVDs, Spells, Instruments, Charisma and Magic. The Promotions are now random events that are a lot less rare to show up. Whenever you reach Level 15 in a Job, your pet's profile will receive a Trophy for this Job! And, of course, the Job Centre is now glitch free and all of your pet's old jobs have been reset for this new system.​​​​​​​
  • 18th - The Ziranek Goals now has 16 new levels!
    We have fixed and improved the Marahomes. You can now put furniture and applianaces into your home, and actually use them how they are supposed to be used. Minipets and Pets also now get hunger, tired, unhappy, etc. We have also improved the artwork for Marahomes - each home has the artwork for the Gardens that will be out soon. Pets that are sleeping now actually wake up, and pets in the Hotel now automatically leave when they are supposed to. You can also rename Minipets again. Paint, Wallpaper and Flooring also works for homes.​​​​​​​
  • 19th - Our newest Dress Up Game has just been released. This doll maker is Britney Spears.
  • 19th - We have fixed all of the known problems with our Dress Up Characters. All Character Costumes are now treated as clothing, and not hair, so they can be put on properly and changed colour by the Lush Fountain again. Wigs can change colour and they fit male and female characters properly. Broken clothing and hair has also been fixed.
  • 21th - NEW GAME 
    The Trash Fairy is the failure of all of the Maradan fairies. She used to have a high paying city job and a beautiful house near Lush Lake. Her drinking made her lose her job. Her gambling made her lose her house. She moved to Hicksville with the job of protecting it, but was passed out at the dog track when the Vortex hit. She doesn't do alot anymore, but she still loves to gamble - just not for MP anymore.​​​​​​​
    The way that Shops in Marapets restock has changed. We have edited every shop to improve the economy of the site. Items over Rarity 20 have been fixed and restock again. We have improved the quantity of items restocking, so that it better adjusts to the number of players online. Restocks are no longer random, they happen every 5 Minutes. Every shop has its own, different restock time, so essentially there is a shop restocking every minute past the hour. There are also 13 new items restocking in the Bakery and Halloween Treats shops.​​​​​​​
  • 23rd - The Minipet Island Goals now have 17 new levels!
    You can now once again refer new players to Marapets. However, it is no longer automatic. To avoid any possible cheating or referral selling/scamming, we manually monitor every referral from your referral URL and only approve the genuine referrals. Please note that at peak times, it could take upto 14 days for a player you have referred to show on your referral list and for you to receive the credit for it. If you refer enough players with your referral link, you will be able to win awesome prizes such as Rofling Potions and a Mugen minipet!
  • 25th - The Editorial has been reset and all questions asked for the next issue have been deleted. They were all too old and most have already been answered by now. You can now all submit your questions for the next issue that should be soon.
  • 25th - Our newest Dress Up Game has just been released. This doll maker is Lady Gaga.
  • 26th - NEW FEATURE 
    Minipet Island Resort has opened.
  • 27th - NEW GAME 
    The Gigantic Fairy was born a giant in Gigantic Paradise. She was bullied as a child because she was always bigger than the other fairies, so she decided to work out at the Gym every day until she was the strongest fairy.​​​​​​​

March 2009

  • 3rd - NEW PET 
    The 52nd species of Marapet has just been released!!! The Tasi is limited edition and will be available really, really soon!!​​​​​​​

November 2016

    The new Candyland Goals released earlier this week were accidentally uploaded and merged into Biala Goals files. This meant that whenever a Candyland level was completed, the level and prizes for Biala were awarded by mistake. We understand that this error was not your fault, however, many users have abused this not once but many times. As with all glitches, most players are honest and have reported it to us and we are fixing this now. Other players have tried their best to spend/hide/use these prizes hoping that we do not catch them.

    Candyland Goals have now re-opened and can be completed properly. Biala Goals are still down as we manually go through all goals logs of the past 4 days. Anyone who has abused this glitch and reported this to us, we are currently working on reversing this for you.

    Those of you who have not reported this glitch happening to you, now is your last chance to open a Support Ticket to let us know before we re-open Biala Goals. If you send a support ticket please have the Biala Goal items in your Inventory so they can be removed and remember to say if you have used/sold/traded any of them

    Once these are re-opened, it will take us several weeks to manually go through EVERY goals log and any player we find who abused this and did not report it will be frozen. Staff have spent many, many hours fixing this for players who have been honest but we will not waste any more time reversing an abused glitch for those who have gone out of their way to hide it from us.

    If you completed a Candyland Goal level and did not receive your prize you can now visit Candyland Goals to complete as normal

To this day there are lots of artists for the site, and they count with a team of 6 admins and 14 moderators [5].

Lizzy is the head artist that does the unique poses. Nalkaria was the artist before her and DID do unique poses, but the site style totally changed and only now she is getting back into the groove of things and learning to catch up. She does everything by mouse because she has dysgraphia and pens and tablets hurt like heck to use. Just doing simple tweaks like wings and tails take an embarrassing amount of time.

March 2020

  • New games/revamped old games start appearing under 'Games'
  • Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Marapets announced they'd be releasing 'over a year's worth' of updates in April and May
    • They also paused the 'Random Weather Events' that started in late 2019 as a result (as many users apparently find these events troubling/stressing)

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