The Mega Marapoptastic Extravaganza was a 2006 event in which players were obliged to follow clues to get sodas.

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16th March 2006

Level 2: Diet Blueberry Soda

Clue: 'Just stamp on this item and the price will change!'

17th March 2006

Level 3: Banana Flavoured Soda

Clue: 'Not Taurus, not Virgo and definitely not Libra...'

Level 4: Diet Orange Soda

Clue: 'Have you lost your house?'

18th March 2006

Level 5: Sweetcorn Soda

Clue: 'Five a day will keep the doctor away!'

Level 6: Diet Pepper Soda

Clue: 'There will be more soon, the hydrogen pump is just slow.'

19th March 2006

Level 7: Musical Soda

Clue : '56 + potato + 88 + fish'

Level 8: Diet Love Soda

Clue: 'Completely level with Minipets'

20th March 2006

Level 9: Coffee Soda

Clue: 'It just has to be purple'

22nd March 2006

Level 10: Diet Radioactive Soda

Clue: 'Kick It!!'

Level 11: Strawberry Soda

Clue : '35 minutes past'

24th March 2006

Level 12: Diet Lime Soda

Clue: 'But when A Leido Dances..'

27th March 2006

Level 14: Tomato Soda

Clue: 'The Doyle is sick!'

28th March 2006

Level 15: Grape Soda

Clue: 'This could be your lucky day!'

Level 16: Diet Mango Soda

Clue: 'Feel fighting fit'

Level 18: Diet Avocado Soda

Clue: 'Don't slip on the ice'

29th March 2006

Level 19: Cranberry Soda

Clue : 'Are you there?'

Level 20: Diet Coffee Soda

Clue: 'Sent in a different way'

10th April 2006

Level 21: Lemon Soda

Clue: 'Don't be scared to ravage differently'

Level 22: Diet Papaya Soda

Clue: 'Small and green but not peas'

Level 23: Diet Grape Soda

Clue: 'You're never too old!'

Level 24: Lime Soda

Clue: 'It's quite useless really'

Level 25: Avocado Soda

Clue: 'He gorged a user bin!'

Level 26: Mango Soda

Clue: 'Money for nothing!'

11th May 2006

Level 27: Diet Cheese Soda

Clue: 'Picks loads up, since he is experienced'

Level 28: Diet Cranberry Soda

Clue: 'A really big task'

Level 29: Diet Tomato Soda

Clue: 'Mmmmm protein and vitamins all in one'

12th June 2006

Level 30: Diet Sweetcorn Soda

Clue : 'A + B = C'

14th June 2006

Level 31: Orange Soda

Clue: 'More expense less time every day'

22nd June 2006

Level 32: Cherry Soda

Clue: 'Forming new band - vocalist wanted'

3rd July 2006

Level 33: Diet Lemon Soda

Clue: 'I'm watching you watching me'

4th July 2006

Level 34: Radioactive Soda

Clue: 'This used to be extremely rare now you see it everywhere'

7th July 2006

Level 35: Diet Banana Soda

Clue: 'Falling through the rainbow'

28th July 2006

Level 36: Blueberry Soda

Clue: 'Shoot!'

29th July 2006

Level 37: Diet Musical Soda

Clue: 'I can't decide!!'

30th July 2006

Level 38: Diet Cherry Soda

Clue : '1290'

Level 39: Love Soda

Clue : 'HSUS'

Finale & Prizes

Stamp marapop
The Mega Marapoptastic Extravaganza has now Finished

Just a quick apology for how badly this event has been delayed over the past few months, too many more important things took its place. The event will stay active for the next two weeks - but you can no longer start it. In two weeks' time, you will not be able to claim any prizes. We hope you enjoyed it and the plot should begin soon...

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