Marapets Description: The microwave allows you to cook any two items that you have. Combine the two ingredients, cook them for the exact time needed, you may have the recipe for a brand new Gourmet Microwave Food. Every time you complete a microwave quest for cooking utensils, you will earn cooking time. Each recipe will have a required cooking time of between 1 and 60 seconds. When you find the correct recipe, your two ingredients will become a new gourmet food. Otherwise, your microwave cooking time will go down and you will have to try again. Once the recipe has been found, it can be shared with other players.

Microwave av
Additional Comments: You will get an avatar for completing 10 Microwave Quests!


Gourmet Food Item Name Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Cooking Time
American Hotdog American Murfin Photo Plain Hotdog 7 seconds
Angelic Pear Angel Book Pear 10 seconds
Bacon Book Bound Purple Book Bacon Cheeseburger 25 seconds
Bamboo Flute Bamboo Shoot Flute 44 seconds
Brie Mine Candy Heart Brie Be Mine Candy Heart 36 seconds
Bleach Smoothie Bleach Vanilla Ice Cream 59 seconds
Chocolate Almond Tentacle Chocolate Almond Cone Ushunda Tentacle 4 seconds
Cool Beans Stamp Red Bean Cooling Fan 24 seconds
Drumsticks Drum Knutt Stick 51 seconds
Eye Egg Can of Fish Eyes Glowing Breakfast Egg 26 seconds
Fatty Balloon Fatty Yellow Balloon 34 seconds
Flesh Flower White Daisy Sirloin Steak 41 seconds
Foot Fruit Severed Foot Fruity Flakes 40 seconds
Galaxy Bar Milk Chocolate ?? ?? Makeup Dye ?? seconds
Juicy Peach Boot Female Furry Boots Giant Peach 38 seconds
Merant Ant Jar of Mermaid Tail 9 seconds
Meat Pencil Beef Doyle Pencil 20 seconds
Mystery Meat Blooble Ground Meat 13 seconds
Pizza Bagel Half of a Pepperoni Pizza Salty Bagel 54 seconds
Pear Ukulele Pear Ukulele 19 seconds
Polka Dot Meat Spotted Pot Joint of Ham 57 seconds
Polka Dot Scarf Polka Dot Babydoll Hoodie Scarf 55 seconds
Radioactive Fish Fake Radioactive Costume Fish in Foil 19 seconds
Soap Flavoured Gummy Blue Soap Magical Gummy Stars 51 seconds
Spade Shirt Bonus Clothing ?? ?? Candy Spade ?? seconds
Spaghetti Ice Cream Spaghetti Bolognese Vanilla Ice Cream Cone 3 seconds
Stone Apple Stone Cupcake Giant Green Apple 53 seconds
Striped Arm Warmers Pink Striped Glow Worm Arm Plaster Cast 48 seconds
Wooden Carrot Glowing Wooden Egg Carrot 30 seconds
Yunicorn Doughnut Yuni Horn Fresh Glazed Strawberry Doughnut 60 seconds

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